Bigg Boss 10: Not Amitabh Bachchan, Gaurav Chopra is the first Bollywood actor to work with Leonardo Dicaprio

Everyone knows that Amitabh Bachchan has played a small but important part in The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main lead. But very few know that he is not the first Bollywood actor to have worked with this year’s Academy Award winning actor. That credit goes to television actor Gaurav Chopra, who is now in news for his stint in the latest season of Bigg Boss. If you are a regular watcher of the much controversial reality show you would remember Gaurav saying to one of the contestants that he has acted in a couple of Hollywood movies. He is not exactly fibbing, as he had shared a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2006 film Blood Diamond.

Blood Diamond is a political thriller based on illegal trading of blood diamonds and how the African ganglords carry various atrocities on their people and children while doing so. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a diamond smuggler who finds a local fisherman (Djimon Honsou), who has a blood diamond hidden with him and convinces the man to accompany him and give him the diamond, with the promise of reuniting him with his family. On the way they cross paths with a female reporter (Jennifer Connelly) who is travelling with a group of other journalists to cover the violence in Sierra Leone. Gaurav Chopra plays one of the journalists in the bus in which they are travelling. He is later seen having an argument with Leonardo DiCaprio who even manhandles him for not letting an injured child inside the bus, before Leo and his friends get onto another car. That bus later gets bombed, presumably killing Gaurav Chopra’s character.

Watch the scene here…

Gaurav Chopra is not off to a great start in Bigg Boss 10, as he is one of the nominated contestants in the first week itself. Though I have this feeling that he is a lambi race ka ghoda there… But then, I could be wrong. What say?