Bigg Boss 10 October 18 Episode: Om Swami offends Bani, Akansha Sharma, Priyanka Jagga and other contestants with his DISGUSTING comments

The drama has begun in Bigg Boss 10 and it has only been a day. The commoners will be maaliks and the celebrities will be sevaks who will have to do everything the commoners ask them to do. The celebs will eat, sleep and even use the bathroom only after the commoners have done so. While the celebrities are putting up a strong face and doing what they have been asked to do, the commoners are making sure that the celebs break and feel like a common person. The commoners try their best to be condescending and Priyanka Jaaga even manages to have a heated argument with Bani J prying questions about her age on the very first day.

Though Bani, who has some experience in doing reality shows, maintains her cool and handles the situation calmly. Om Swami amuses the commoners by telling them stories about how he started talking when he was born rather than crying. Swamiji’s hilarious revelations were damn entertaining. He even told the commoners that he cannot stay out in the garden for a long time because he is a brahmachari and there are people in the house whose energies are released and it might affect him in some way. And to no one’s surprise, no one takes Swamiji seriously. Everyone tries their best to either laugh at his revelations or just ignore him. The eliminations took place last night where Gaurav Chopra, Antara Biswas aka Monalisa, Priyanka Jagga and Manoj Punjabi get nominated. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga and Lopamudra Raut get into a CATFIGHT on the very first day)

In the upcoming episode, we’ll see that the entire house gangs up on Swamiji for his disgusting statement on the commoners in the house. After not being taken seriously in the house, Swamiji decided to say something that will get every person in the room riled up. He said, “Aam Aadmi mein gulaami ki DNA hai” which translates to “commoners have slavery in their DNA. This statement does it for everyone to ask the Swamiji to STFU.

Akansha Sharma yells at Swamiji saying, “Aapko kuch pata nahi hota hai toh bola mat kijiye. Har jagah taang adaane ki zarurat nahi hai. Guruji honge aap apne ghare mein”. And she isn’t the only one offended by the statement. Bani, Priyanka Jagga and even the other men in the house take a stand against Swamiji and ask him to watch his words. Oh well, this is just the beginning! Swamiji has so many more ridiculous things to say!

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