Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi create chaos in the house

The contestants in the Bigg Boss 10 house have already started arguing with each other over issues and within just a day. Considering how the first day passed, we know who is going to create the most controversies and make life miserable for the other members. Manoj Punjabi, Priyanka Jagga, Om Swami have already started stirring controversies and picking up fights in the house. Priyanka Jagga had a heated argument with bani prying her age which got resolved eventually but we know she is not going to let Bani get away that easily. Priyanka gets into yet another argument with the ex-Roadie over a mere issue. She even starts crying as she is cribbing about the issue with other members of the house. Om Swami makes not one but most people in the house angry with his comments.

Manu Punjabi, who thinks of himself as the strongest contender, also tries his best to condescend the sevaks aka celebrities. Akansha Sharma, who has been quiet all this while, loses her cool at Swamiji who says that, “Aam Aadmi mein gulaami ka DNA hota hai”. And not just her, but almost everyone in the house gets offended when Swamiji says this. Akansha, however, gives it back to Swamiji by saying,”Swamiji hone aap apne ghar mein”. Though the other members in the house try to calm her down, she keeps giving him a piece of her mind. Lopamudra, too, loses it with Swamiji and tells him that she has lost all respect for him. Swamiji picks a fight with everybody in the house today. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra, Antara Biswas, Priyanka Jagga and Manoj Punjabi nominated – who should be eliminated this week?)

Priyanka asks for an Appy Fizz numerous times and Bani asks her to say ‘Please’ to which she takes a lot of offense. She creates a scene and even starts crying about the fact that Bani asked her to request for the drink instead of taking the orders. Gaurav and Akansha are also seen bonding with each other as he helps her out with manicure.

Check out the videos right here!

Akansha’s lashes out at Om Swami:

Lopamudra loses respect for Swamiji:

Priyanka Jagga’s refusal to say ‘Please’ to Bani:

Manu Punjabi calls the food cooked by the sevaks ‘Vaahiyat’:

Well, the rules are going to change with the luxury budget task and the sevaks might get an upper hand in the house soon. Stay tuned with BollywoodLife for more scoop on Bigg Boss 10.