Bigg Boss 10: Yuvraj Singh’s sister-in-law Akansha Sharma finds GOOD company in Gaurav Chopra

You have just witnessed the drama and fighting bit in Bigg Boss 10 till now. But you will soon see some bonding in the show. We’re talking about Gaurav Chopra and Akansha Sharma who will be seen bonding with each other as he gives her tips to survive in the house. In fact, Om Swami even passes comments at Akansha and Gaurav’s blooming friendship. Akansha lashes out at Swamiji and tells him that he says he is a saint but his actions speak otherwise. Gaurav and other contestants try to calm her down but she makes sure she gives Swamiji a piece of her mind. Gaurav is usually calm and makes sure that the sevaks don’t cross the line with their duties.

Akansha is married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zoravar Singh. The Bigg Boss 10 contestant opened up about her failed marriage in the pilot episode and said that she was tortured by her mother-in-law. She also clarified that she has no issues whatsoever with Yuvraj or Zoravar. Her marriage lasted only for four months and she blames her mother-in-law for her failed married, on the reality show. However, her mother-in-law, Shabnam Singh did not take this lightly and told a leading daily,”First of all, this matter is subjudice and she (Akansha) is not allowed to speak. It goes under the contempt of court. There’s a special petition I had filed. Anyone can understand the agenda here and everybody knows it. We are not allowed to speak on this matter.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 contestant Akansha Sharma will land in LEGAL trouble because of Yuvraj Singh’s brother)

As far as her friendship with Gaurav Chopra is concerned, the latter are seen bonding as he helps her get some manicure done. Obviously, their friendship is going to grab eyeballs even outside the house. Will their relationship culminate into love or will they be best friends or rather ‘muh bola’ sisters and brothers like Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchant? If does culminate into something else, it will be one hell of an exciting twist in the house. They would probably make the first couple in Bigg Boss 10.

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