BIGG BOSS 5: Amar and Sky get into a fight!

Wed, December 21, 2011 7:05pm IST by
Posted Wed, December 21, 2011 7:05pm IST

There are arguments, introspection and laughter on Day 80 in the Bigg Boss 5 house

Juhi Parmar and Siddharth Bhardwaj start the day with an argument. Juhi tells Sid to not splash so much water on to the dance floor when he goes swimming, as it makes it difficult to dance on it, but Sid replies that he did not do it intentionally. Both of them argue for a while and then get back to their own tasks. Later, Sid meets Amar Upadhyay and they both discuss how Sky is very tense about the situation at the house. Sid tells Amar that Sky’s jokes poke fun at the housemates personal affairs, and it is not a good thing to laugh at them, as doing so will only encourage others to crack more such jokes. The two part ways and Amar goes to his room to do yoga. Sunny Leone finds his yogic postures funny. She makes faces, cuddles next to Juhi and both of them laugh at him.

Later in the day, a new housemate enters for one day under the Ek Din Ka Boss plan. The five housemates are happy with this development.

In the evening, Sky thinks aloud that his chances of winning are very hazy. Juhi and Sunny tell Sky not to be so negative in front of the other men, but Sky doesn’t heed their advice. Meanwhile, Siddharth discusses with Amar how the atmosphere of the house has turned from fun and light to gloomy and silent now that only five contestants are left. The two talk about past events and mimic Shakti Kapoor and Lakshmi Tripathi.

Much later, Sky taunts Amar and he taunts him back. The two start arguing and even pass derogatory personal comments, but in the end, they laugh it off. The other three contestants enjoy the drama. Sid later goes to sleep while the other contestants perform their tasks. They make fun of Sid and his tendency to sleep.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • farhan

    juhi has the right to win the bigg boss 5 game because she is playing well and sky is making alot o f mess in side the house

    • anaita

      she should not win as she is the most irritatin person & also she talks about I ME & myself . she totally self centered.

  • Fajal

    BigBoss can be named as Zoo.

  • Ruby

    Why Juhi take side of Sky all the time when he is wrong. When she know that he is the main person who is creating problem amongs each other.

  • ayushi

    bigg boss has given a perfect task to juhi.

  • aditya

    sky should be kikked out of bigg boss.these are the words these days by amar and sid.but bad luck he is not nominated this time.

  • aditi

    none of the member present in bigg boss deserves to be the winner.feelings of the contestants who are out.

  • Mohan

    sky is very bad person, i didnt see ever in my life like this poor n dirty mind person…. he should suicide , f*****g stupid dog.

  • Binukrishna

    SID should WIN….
    I wonder most of us hates sky,juhi and that filthy porn star
    but still sky and sunny are on the top of that like table in the BB5 official site….y its like that…
    if u guys support SID plz ‘like’ him in that page tooo
    even though MEHEK is good(little annoying)its not fare to bring her back….
    This Time Plzzz vote out that motti juhi…..
    then sky…….
    then porn star……..

  • Neebs

    I feel Ammar or Sid shuld win coz sky is messed up he is sarcastic n he does everything on purpose n then laughs his evil laugh thinking its sweet to calm things down but behind his laugh there is so much evilness n that sunny she doesn’t have a mind of her own she just repeats after juhi n juhi is messed up coz she thinks she is a queen at least Ammar n Sid have the guts to stand on their feet n fight alone unlike the 3 musquitiors!