BIGG BOSS 5: Did Shakti Kapoor really tweet nasty about Salman Khan?

We were taken aback when we read malicious comments about the Bodyguard actor reportedly tweeted by someone who doesn’t have the cleanest reputation in B-town

Shakti Kapoor got back into the news after his participation as – albeit briefly – the only man in the latest season of Bigg Boss 5. He was soon evicted from the house, but it seems that he likes to stay in the news, reasons be damned. After being shown the door from the show after merely a few weeks, we hear that he has been bad-mouthing Salman Khan, host of the reality show. While we aren’t sure if it was really Shakti or someone else who wants to jeopardise the character actor’s non-happening career, we read some really scathing comments coming from his alleged Twitter account, just before it was deleted or vanished into the deep blue of cyberspace. One of the first tweets that made us rub our eyes in disbelief read: “Even Salman cud nt save d biggest fraud called BIG BOSS… A person who hits women. gets drunk and drive over people. hunts deers. Shame.” And then came another shocker in: “Mehak is salmans girl. soo she has a big contestant 2 win. big bos is salman”. If this is really Shakti tweeting such controversial stuff, he might get into more trouble than ever before real soon. Of course, going by the fact that Salman and Shakti have done many films together, wethinks it just couldn’t be the aaooo man. Watch this space for more when we get it….