Posted Mon, November 28, 2011 5:33pm IST

Looks like Pooja Bedi revealed not only her own but also the pornstar’s closet skeletons to her ‘good friend’ before she exited the show. Read on to know who is stepping into Pooja Misrra’s shoes on Day 57 in the Bigg Boss house

The day starts with Sky talking to the housemates about nominating Sunny Leone as the new captain. While they debate the pros and cons, Bigg Boss announces that he will choose the captain according to his discretion. Everyone is surprised but they accept Bigg Boss’ decision. Bigg Boss calls the captain first to directly nominate a candidate. After that Bigg Boss calls all the boys to the confession room and asks them to nominate two names for direct nomination. The boys find it hard initially to come to a common conclusion, but after a while, they agree on two names.

After the nominations, the usual blame game begins. The girls feel it was unfair that the boys randomly nominated people according to their likes and dislikes. Things cool down later and Sunny and Sky get into a personal conversation. Sunny tells Sky that he is a good friend and she cannot lie to him about her past. Before she can confess, Sky tells her he knows all about it already and there is no need for her to tell the others. Sunny is taken aback but she smiles happily.

Meanwhile, Shonali Nagrani and Siddharth Bhardwaj confront each other in the green room. Sid accuses Shonali of playing a diplomatic double game with the housemates. He feels that Shonali is very good with changing what she says according to time and place. Shonali retaliates by justifying that she expresses her feelings only to people she is comfortable with. The both argue for a while until Siddharth gets fed up and walks off. Shonali then bitches about him to Juhi Parmar. The duo discuss how Amar Upadhyay atleast admits openly that he is playing games with the others, but Sid does the same thing while pretending to be a nice guy.

Sky and Sid laugh out loud over Shraddha Sharma and her antics. Amar and Sky plot a game plan for next week’s nominations.