‘Bigg Boss 5’ fact file: Siddharth Bhardwaj, chick magnet!

You may not know this one, but the latest entrant to the Bigg Boss 5 house has a track record of scoring with pretty girls

Siddharth Bhardwaj is a new name for many and now that he has made his debut on Bigg Boss 5, everyone wants to know more about him. The handsome hunk is the winner of MTV Splitsvilla 2, a dating television reality show on MTV India, and is a VJ on the same channel. Siddharth won this reality show along with Sakshi Pradhan, taking home Rs 5 lakh. He entered Splitsvilla with eight other participants. After Sakshi joined the show, the two quickly paired up. Siddharth avoided elimination by impressing the queen, Joanna. He then won two competitions and successfully challenged the king, Mohit Malhotra. As the new king he was loyal to his group and he dumped the girls from his rival group. In the end he, along with Sakshi Pradhan, he defeated Mohit and Joanna in a series of competitions that included a dancing contest, trash talking and boxing match to win the series. Presently, Siddharth is a part of MTV Stripped, Gone in 60 Seconds, One Short Plot and Roadies 8.0. The buzz doing the rounds is that Sid has been brought into the house to add a romantic twist to the show, as the two other males in the house (Shakti Kapoor and Amar Upadhyay) are not the kind of guys who would make the girls swoon. We are waiting to see which gal this dude hits upon first. And whether he gets hit in the face or the whatever else if she objects!