Posted Tue, October 11, 2011 3:58pm IST

Read on to know what happens on Day 9

The Bigg Boss 5 House is starting to get hot and it has nothing to do with the October heat. While on the one hand, Pooja Misrra continues to argue with her fellow contestants, on the other hand, Vida Samadzai engages in some harmless flirting with the two men inside the house. During breakfast, Vida tells her fellow housemates that Amar Upadhyay and Shakti Kapoor, being the only two men in the house, are like her boyfriends who look out for her.

While Mandeep Belvi and  Pooja Bedi have always gotten along inside the house, for the first time there was an argument between the two. Pooja Bedi confronts Mandeep about encouraging Pooja Misrra’s irrational behaviour and supporting her when her arguments and reasoning are invalid. This leads Mandeep to believe that Pooja Misrra is fake – a statement that is authenticated by Shonali Nagrani. Nominations for week two are conducted and contestants head into the confession room one-by-one to reveal the names of the two people that they would like to see evicted from the house. New entrant Amar Upadhyay and captain Shakti Kapoor are exempt from eviction and just sit around and watch the drama unfold.

Pooja Misrra manages to pull the relatively quiet Juhi Parmar into an argument for using her washing wipes. While Juhi was quick to apologise, a cheeky Pooja Misrra asks her to be careful and not use her stuff again so that the need to apologsze wouldn’t arise. Juhi points out that apologising is not a big deal. But Pooja Misrra retorts that apologies mean something only when they are said with feeling. Juhi is quick to reply that she always apologises from her heart and the two ignore each other thereafter.

Pooja Misrra decides that maybe it’s time to turn a new leaf and she befriends Gulabo Sapera. Missra bonds with Gulabo over the varied opinions that the duo have received from their fellow contestants. She even takes dance lessons from the Rajasthani folk-dancer. Dressed in traditional attire and wearing Rajasthani jewellery borrowed from Gulabo, Pooja Missra learns some steps. The two even sat together and chatted a lot. Later in the day, Pooja Misrra also makes peace with Lakshmi and the two are seen talking to each other nicely on many occasions.