Posted Wed, October 5, 2011 11:58am IST

The colour scheme of the Bigg Boss house has been designed to create disharmony among the contestants

If you look at the colours of the Bigg Boss 5 house this time around (check pictures below), they are brighter and more jarring to the eye than in previous seasons. True, the BB house has never had pale or pastel shades in its decor. But for the current season, the colour scheme seems to be deliberately chosen to create uneasiness and stress. The Bigg Boss sets are still near Mumbai, only they have moved from Lonavala to Karjat over the last two seasons. But whether it’s the change of venue or the interiors, it is all intentional. The idea was to design a set with colours and moving space in a way that would create disharmony among the inmates – that one thing vital in the Bigg Boss house, and the element that makes the show work so well. In interior design, every colour stands for a certain quality and has a different effect on the psyche. Individually, these hues could sooth you, make you happy, get you attention, etc. But all these colours mixed up could create a heady concoction of emotions and lead to anxiety, stress, fights, depression and negativity…. Designer Shyam Bhatia has done just that. A lot of fuchsia and yellow has been used. Shades of blue, grey and white have only been added in the Captain’s Room, almost as if they are a part of the captain’s privileges. The Confession Room has a seat in bright green, maybe because contestants ‘go green with envy’ when sitting on it. The background patterns in pink seem like what Salman Khan described as ‘‘The Great Khali’s chappals turned upside down”. The unisex bedrooms are also as dazzling as the rest of the house, making us wonder if inmates can actually enjoy an afternoon siesta. Take a look at the pictures and read what reach colour in the Bigg Boss house denotes. Tell us if you love it or hate it!

Photos Courtesy: Bigg Boss 5 official website

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