BIGG BOSS 5 is over, but Amar, Sky and Siddharth continue their fight

The three male finalists had a lot to say after the show ended

Bigg Boss 5 may have come to an end, but the fights and the insults are yet to become a distant memory for its three male finalists – Amar Upadhyay who came in fifth, Sky who came in fourth place and second runner-up Siddharth Bhardwaj. Here’s what they had to say about the show and each other individually. And don’t miss the one point on which Sky and Sid actually agree!

On the basic concept of the show:

Sid: The Sid on the show was real – he has emotions, a child who makes mistakes and a matured individual who takes responsibilities for those mistakes. I was the real me on the show. Everyone else was fake on the show, but the people who were the most fake were Pooja Bedi and Amar Upadhyay.

Amar: If Sid says I am fake, it’s his opinion. And why should I be real on the show? It is a game show. Everyone was playing a game, and if they said they were being their real selves, they were lying.

Sky: I just did what I thought was the right thing to do. I was the real me.


On forming relationships with fellow housemates:

Sid: I became very good friends with Mahek (Chahal).

Sky: It is tough to form relationships when you are living with people from different upbringings and mindsets. But I have found a sister in Juhi (Parmar). Pooja Bedi is a wonderful person.

Amar: I was not in Bigg Boss 5 to form relationships. It is a game show, you have to get the others out. If you make friends then what will you do?


On who deserved to win Bigg Boss 5:

Sid: I thought it was between Mahek and me with Mahek having a 70 percent chance and me having a 30 percent chance.

Sky: I am very happy Juhi won. She deserved it. In her win is my win.

Amar: I was shocked when I was out. I never thought anyone else but me would win.


On losing out in the finals:

Sid: More important than winning the show is to win hearts. I have done that.

Sky: More important to win hearts than win the show.

Amar: I am upset but it is God’s wish.

Let us add here that when Siddharth was talking to the media, Sky inadvertently entered the room. Sid stood up and shook hands with Sky. The two even shared a hug and echoed each other’s words with a laugh, “The show is over, man!” Maybe they will forgive and forget?