BIGG BOSS 5 is over, but Amar, Sky and Siddharth continue their fight

BIGG BOSS 5 is over, but Amar, Sky and Siddharth continue their fight

The three male finalists had a lot to say after the show ended

Bigg Boss 5 may have come to an end, but the fights and the insults are yet to become a distant memory for its three male finalists – Amar Upadhyay who came in fifth, Sky who came in fourth place and second runner-up Siddharth Bhardwaj. Here’s what they had to say about the show and each other individually. And don’t miss the one point on which Sky and Sid actually agree!

On the basic concept of the show:

Sid: The Sid on the show was real – he has emotions, a child who makes mistakes and a matured individual who takes responsibilities for those mistakes. I was the real me on the show. Everyone else was fake on the show, but the people who were the most fake were Pooja Bedi and Amar Upadhyay.

Amar: If Sid says I am fake, it’s his opinion. And why should I be real on the show? It is a game show. Everyone was playing a game, and if they said they were being their real selves, they were lying.

Sky: I just did what I thought was the right thing to do. I was the real me.


On forming relationships with fellow housemates:

Sid: I became very good friends with Mahek (Chahal).

Sky: It is tough to form relationships when you are living with people from different upbringings and mindsets. But I have found a sister in Juhi (Parmar). Pooja Bedi is a wonderful person.

Amar: I was not in Bigg Boss 5 to form relationships. It is a game show, you have to get the others out. If you make friends then what will you do?


On who deserved to win Bigg Boss 5:

Sid: I thought it was between Mahek and me with Mahek having a 70 percent chance and me having a 30 percent chance.

Sky: I am very happy Juhi won. She deserved it. In her win is my win.

Amar: I was shocked when I was out. I never thought anyone else but me would win.


On losing out in the finals:

Sid: More important than winning the show is to win hearts. I have done that.

Sky: More important to win hearts than win the show.

Amar: I am upset but it is God’s wish.

Let us add here that when Siddharth was talking to the media, Sky inadvertently entered the room. Sid stood up and shook hands with Sky. The two even shared a hug and echoed each other’s words with a laugh, “The show is over, man!” Maybe they will forgive and forget?


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  • Aria

    Seems that Juhi Parmar did not even look excited after the declaration. Sid looked so cute in that tuxedo and he really has sobered up quite a bit. it’s a shame he did not win. the winning position is a waste with Juhi Parmar winning it. It’s like Color’s TV was re-instilling the faith in Indian Bahus and all that drama. Seriously… it’s become a pattern after Sweta from last season. riding high on cultural and gender tickets. A sheer waste.

    • roshni

      ye motii juhi cuhi kaise jeet gaya..

      • nikita

        sid & mahek ua guys r real winner fo me..

      • nikita

        sid & mahek ua d real winner fo me …

        • Ana

          I do feel that sky was more rude to the members however one should not forget that he was an honest person. As he always kept his words as he promised to others like not nominating Amar etc….
          He just can’t tolerate others making fools around himself.. though he shouldn’t win the title… i think Juhi was the right choice bearing in mind that other members were not real like Mahek and Sid who were just too confident backed by hosts that they will win the show…

          • A

            bullcrap, buddy

        • madhuchanda

          all d 5 finalist r fake.rageshwari was best 2 win big boss

        • madhuchanda

          rageshwari is d real winner,others fake

          • biggy

            I agree with u… the only real person with pure heart..

        • ameena

          i agree with u.

  • Dus Kahaniyaan

    Mahek could have easily won if certain ex housemates would not have started spreading rumors about Salman Khan favoring Mahek. What Pooja Bedi did was despicable. And then crying out loud for not being in the show’s finale. Finally, Pooja Bedi was successful in letting Juhi Parmar win, one of her groups’s members. Mahek was cursed to be friends with Salman in this situation. That is sad! And probably Colors thought they had no choice to make the audience believe and restore their faith in the show. After all, they have to have more seasons of Bigg Boss!

    • Azeem

      I absolutely agree with your observations. BIG BOSS 6 should be named BIG BOSS (SAAS BAHU REALITY SHOW)

  • amjad

    Juhi is worst choice for bigboss winner.she has supported wrong, bad, ugly people like sky,pooja bedi and fu***ing bloody w***re sunny….how could she stand and sleep with bloody pornstar?????????i can’t believe that where the Indian women traditions and morality has gone??????is juhi is is the face of Indian housewives…………….if yes then it is very disgusting

    • drone k

      stop acting dude, you must have secretly

      liked sunny, dont f… act like a saint

      even your mother should be having a porn star

      • huddy

        Dude wat the hell are yu playin at yu dnt chat bout ppl’s mum okaay?

  • Hena Khan

    what u say is 200% right Sky….u hav won hearts n dat too millions of hearts with ur dynamic nature, honesty n genuity. Wish u all the success which u rightly deserve.

    • Siddharth

      Sky is a total disaster……the worst person i have ever seen….soooo happy he came last among the finalists

  • Neha


  • rituparna

    sky u r honest, straight-forward n great human being….u were the most entertaining person in d house….love youuuuu!!!!

    • A

      Yes Sky. u are also one chauvinistic pig. do come out and also go around saying nasty things to all the women who you think is a threat to you and your best friend kismis and your sister cookie. you rock! we also want you to join indian politics because with your ‘honest’ attitude you can bring out many corrupt politicians!!! yayieee what a discovery!!!!!

      thanks for the awesome insight. what a great human.

  • zac

    Juhi the worst choice..It wud have been better if someone else wud hav won.

    • rita

      buffalo would have bbeeen a better choice thn juhi!

      • chahat

        hahahaha TRUE.

  • ronit

    Sky u will be missed alot.pleas come on another show. people want to see u. Akash tu jaan hai apni bhai

  • pranay prakash

    sid bechara mahek ka maara.lollz

  • pranay prakash

    well deserved. only sky n juhi were deserving

  • chetan

    sid really deserved to win………

  • Archna

    We all thought it would be Sid . And were very disappointed to see Joohi win.She didn,t deserve it a bit.Feel bad for Sid. Wish him luck.

  • nikita

    sid & mahek ua d real winner fo me..

    • mummzy

      who told u that

      • A

        same person who told you to write this question :)

  • Mr. Right

    Only Superstar Siddhart bhardwaj deserves to win. everyone in delhi wants. he was very kind hearted and more mature then juhi oe mehek. people do prayers for sid in thir home

    • sameer

      Sid is superstar in dreams
      mahek is also superstar in dreams

  • Hims !

    I m happy dat juhi is winner coz indirectly sky also winner…sky is pure heartd,real entrtainer,my intrest in bb5 just coz of sky…sabki mst waat u r gr8 human beaing…i wnna c u again..n i like ur body…u Rockk buddy !!!
    n sid n sky bechare bachche unko laga jese ye bachcho ki game hai !!!

    • mikke

      juhi wins means Sky win d show that’s mean this is the show of worst ppl.this is d show of ugly nasty ppl.from next season every contestant will behave just like Juhi Aunty n Sky(dolly) so stop watching this unfair ,scripted show.

      • ameena

        i am not going to watch bigg boss 6. its all fake and fix.juhi+sky+porn sunny irrited me so much.

    • rita

      hw can anyone support skyyyyyyyyk,he is real bas….!

    • naz37

      If u say sky is a good human being then i can undersatnd what kinda human ur coz he is sick and psycho and so ur

  • sam

    I cannot believe Juhi actually won the show, it might as well have been Sky who won, because she was just a mere puppet! All the other blogs prove that Mehak or Sid should have really won. My realtives, friends and I will never be watching any seasons of Bigg Boss again.

    • Vinay

      Great News to hear u will see bb again.

  • sam

    SKY and his group were always mean and biased.As a group they bullied people. Bigg Boss has just given people the wrong message: DO WRONG AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! the results have clearly been manipulated with as all the other blogs also go to show that Mehak or Sid should have won. Only the minority have supported Sky’s group. I request all never to watch Bigg Boss again.

    • ameena

      i agree with u bigg boss is fake and fix. sid is reall winner for me.

  • A

    Juhi’s arms are like the butter chicken legs she so loves to eat. LOL. }:) LOSER.

  • shridhar

    sky is best, without him bigg boss show is 0,its conspricy agintst him with bissboss team show him as bad person ,,

    • pavani

      yessssssssssssssssss sky is best

  • sky

    juhi u rock. mahek goto to hell

  • Puru


    This was the first time i watched this show and really liked it. It is easier said than done. People should look at the brighter side of the show. We should understand that every single person in the family is important and we need to work towards living for others and not just me…me ..meeeee..think about it. Though i did not like Juhi, I vouch for her. She was the one who was enjoying being in the show. CHEERS JUHI!!!

  • sky

    i think juhi deserves the win. Infact juhi team(sky) deserves to be biggggboss 5 winner than FAKE MAHEK(WHO DOESNT DESERVE TO BE AT SECOND PLACE) AND HER PUPPET &CHILDISH SID(JISKA KOI VAJOOD HI NAHIN)

    • shweta

      Are you clone of Sky or devil? only devil like juhi, sky and pooja bedi

    • chahat

      You are right, Mahek didn’t deserve to be in the second place BECAUSE SHE DESERVED TO BE IN THE 1ST PLACE AS A WINNER. Loser Sky and his dog company didn’t win anything but they lost all the love and respect of everybody. Despite winning the title and the money, Juhi is and will always be the biggest loser..

  • charanjeet

    Sorry to say but Juhi doesn’t deserve to Win.

    Sorry Big Boss you have lost many of your viewers now.

    • arjun

      you are right charanjeet

  • nim

    juhi is to winner . the winner is sid . i hate bigg boss . bigg boss u lost we hate u .

  • Noor

    Juhi deserved the victory she even won Comedy circus guyz go on and say dat was also scripted all those who hate Sky and Juhi lost wid the Trash Can of Garbage Sid and B grade item girl Mahek… Loosers hahaha Sky got the last laugh.

    • chahat

      How an item girl or a tv serial bahu relevant to this show? They should be judged on what they have showed as their personality on the show. By that, Mahek showed better personality than this fat juhi and played it fair. Sky, he was hated by one and all. Sky is the loser, he never had the laugh. hahahaha.

  • Manish

    I don’t have any problem whoever win the show but i am more happy that amar didn’t win such type of person can never be belived .sid say right abt him that “he will take winning trophy on someone’s dead body” the way sidharth bhardwaj is my favourite contestant

    • nikhil

      All member were playing game but only AMAR accept that in front of INDIA not only AMAR but also every one will take winning trophy on some on ded body because everybody is flop and kik out from the industry and it is their last chance but AMAR is honest AMAR IS REAL BIGG BOSS HE IS THE BEST HE IS AN INTELLIGENT GAME PLAYER SALMAN FIXED WINNER

  • rekha

    I wish Sid or Mahek had won the show and not Juhi because she came across as a manipulator rather than a real person. However, the bonus is that neither Sky nor Amar won the show…..

  • Laxman

    Its looks like big boss was pre planned. Its good juhi won it. but mahek doesn’t deserve 2nd place. It could have been amar. Colour counts the vote of million of indian people or just salmaan? In reality show they shows how many votes contestant got, why not in india’s reality show? Because its not reality show, it pre planned show. Ha ha ha…

  • Jai

    BIGG BOSS 5 Show is the winner… they do not care who the money or title went to, as long as there are strong reactions to the decisions they made- both positive and negative. This will keep the Brand floating and in news and minds of the people (at least some of them). What more can you ask for?!!! The contestants had their share of time in front of National TV, if they managed to get ‘good exposure’, they could launch their careers, big time. The show will go on with new participants.. and so on…

  • nish

    juhi z nt d real winner..she z looser…in my opinion real is sidharth or mahek..defntly inhe hi winner hona chahiye tha…sid is rocking….and juhi z :-( ((((

  • Sandy

    I never wanted SKY,JUHI N AMAR to WIN coz they are all fake people. SKY was the main person to fight all the time n JUHIa manipulator n AMAR a man without bones…..i had preferred either SID or MEHEK to win coz these people deserved to win….nevatheless,SID have WON d heart of the people no matter if he didn’t win the show,atleast he is 3rd among the other two mens….We will always wish gudluck to SID no matter where ever he will be working in the future coz SID ROCKZZZ!!!

  • fareeda

    I always wanted Mehak to win. She was truly in the house on her own and fought all her battles single handed. She was the same person throughout her journey in the house and was never influenced by others. I hope when Juhi sees all the episodes she realises that Sky was not worth it and sees the true colours he has. He caused all the arguments he was the one that instigated the house mates to fight each other, which Pooja Mishra landed her self into.
    What the outcome now Mehak you are the true winner and i wish you all the luck and happiness in the future.

  • anshu dhar

    well i really dont like the fact dat sooo called juhi has won the big boss5 title……….i wanted sid to win…..cozzz juhi is as fake as amar,sky…nd on the other hand sid is a straight forward guy….hezzz not at all fake……..newayzzzz i just want people in dis world to listen dat whosoever voted for juhi is a complete blind people nd complete peices of trash…who made juhi win dis time……SHAME ON U ALLL……….i mean all the people who voted for juhi parimar…shame on u all guyzzz….

  • anshu dhar

    well i really dont like the fact dat sooo called juhi has won the big boss5 title……….i wanted sid to win…..cozzz juhi is as fake as amar,sky…nd on the other hand sid is a straight forward guy….hezzz not at all fake……..newayzzzz i just want people in dis world to listen dat whosoever voted for juhi is a complete blind people nd complete peices of trash…who made juhi win dis time……SHAME ON U ALLL……….i mean all the people who voted for juhi parimar…shame on u all guyzzz….

  • prince bhalla

    Sky aur sid ne ladne aur gaalia dene k siva aur kia he kya hai? Juhi aur amar bhi game khelte thay, mehak ki to shakal he aisi hai k dekh k rona aata hai. . . Hahahaha . Sab k sab nautanki !

  • mikewoods

    People,loosers of BB5 are Juhi,Amar and u agree? BB is a big time fake..who wants only females to win, what i feel that he dates the winner after the final,no one knows….everything is not shown on the episodes. husband take care of juhi hahaha…

    • galent

      ya dude

    • shilpa

      Very true,someone please file a case aggainst colors chanel for making us fool.everybody want to know about genuine winner,we want to konw kisko kitna vote mila iam sure sid and mahek got maximun votes………….next time do not vote for bigg boss6 cause bigg boss deside korte hay kisko rakhna hay aur kisko nikal na hay………..public nahi

  • juhi parmar

    hi guys…i m feeling very sad by viewing the comments from ur side…..u all people r absolutely ryt…sidhaarth z d real winner…coz he is a very good nd genuine human being…i was wrong….nd sky nd i have decided to irritate sid….sid nd mahek are the real winner……sid m really very sorry…nd sky should evict much more before the final round…i coudn’t recognise him…..we r d loosers… sory guys…

    • Monika

      hey Juhi.. congrats dear…. i like your show kumkum… i also like u before BB5… now i dont like u…. because u always supports SKY.. who was the worst part of this show…and always do ridiculous things i hate him… u and sunny should not support him…

      Thank You
      once again Congrats

    • utsav

      hey juhi congarts but tumhe apne dum par jeetna tha you were behind msr… akash aasmaan deep diya huh.. u should be srry to sid he is real mehak too was fake

    • Rahul

      ye jhooti juhi hai…aur koi hai dosto…jo sympathy ke liyee kiya hai…tera to sachin jeetega na aglibaar BB6…aaye to 1st week mein hi bhaar ho jaaye…aur juhi sirf isliyee jeeti hai …coz its a fixed BB5..reallly we just waster our time to watch this stupdity…SKY to to sabse ganda.. is to joote maarne chahiye

      • rani

        yes your right rahul

  • Kripa

    We all r so sorry to knw the fact dat Juhi won the title… To be honest none of them deserved to be the winner… The worst person in the show was Sky… The ugly bad boy who always used to find reasons to fight with others…Next is Amar… The big game player… Napunsak jaisa shabd sunkar bhi isko kuch bhi farak nahi padtha… Shame on u desperate to win 1 crore…. Juhi a cunning fox in the show…. Hamesha sky ke peeche ghoomthi rehthi hai… EK THI KUKKI AUR EK THA USKA KUKDA…ha ha ha…Sid is also an irritating person but was ok in the end…. Mehek the big drama queen… Public se votes paa ne ke liye hamesha rothi rah thi hai… The real deserving candidate was Rageshwari who unfortunately was evicted in the beginning itself… We luv u Rags…

    • aadil jethara from australia

      if you think nobody deserved to win these why not you not been to big boss 5…….i haven’t seen you but you defiantly eliminated on first week.. thank you.. don waste your time if you think like that… sweet heart..

      • Rahul

        just shut ur mouth…Really Rags is really a honest girl..she had to win this show and sid is also ok and mahek is also ok…bt sky is really lika ghost..he doesnt have manners and dnt knw how to talk with a girl…she does’nt have any respect for ladies…i think she doesnt respect of his mother also…ganda aadmi..dekh le sky milja to kha dallonga tere ko to…aur juhi jhooti aur sky is only a dice for her..kutiya saali

        • Kripa

          I totally agree with u Rahul…

      • Kripa

        Hey dude, every individual has the right to give his/her opinion about the show…So do i… I really do not understand why u r so upset? If Big Boss would have called me would definitely participated in the show… And for ur kind information its not only ur vote which matters and counts for the elmination… So just chill buddy…

        • Sajid

          Ms.Kirpa i am completely agree with you but when you have to choose from 5 persons you hove to choose one and it is game so there were bad persons and there were also good persons or you can say who are not worst but nice. galtian to sab se hoti hain sab human being hain emotions sb k hote hain so teen mahene me jtni larayan hui utni to har ghar me ho hi jati hai utni ni to thori bht to ho jati hain so hum sb ko bura ni kah skta kuch bande the jo bht galt the wo sky juhi puja bedi the baqi sab theek the aur sid was the best kynke wo bht inncocent tha aur jazbati tha dil se kuch ni karta cunning ni tha sky ya juhi ki tarah baqi we respect your opinion

  • maz

    I followed the whole show and will say that the biggest FAKE won the show BB5. SID or Mahak should win the show. SKY was realy Stupid and Arrogent. He made the other pepole to fight without any reason. Very disappointed with the result. Seam like I realy wasted time. JUHI is very cuuning and selfish.
    Sorry Sid and Mahak. BUT YOU WON THE HEART OF PEOPLE>

  • rohit

    to kya aap ko lagta hai ki sid or mahek real person the
    DQ MAHEK ka to ek hi kaam tha ki kisi tarah bas camera par footage mile koi bhi ladai ho bas beech me kood padna uske baad sallu bhai ko aansu dikhana aur ye kehna ki mujhe nahi rehna is show me….agar show me nahi rehna tha to waapas phir kyon aayi thi?
    Sid ne show me jitni galiyaan di utni to shayad BB1 to BB5 tak kisi ne nahi di ye akela aisa shaks tha show me jisne ek ladki ko pair se marne ki koshish ki aur baad me mahatma banne ki jo kisi ka saga nahi tha
    atleast sky kam se kam ek honest person to tha aur amar to suru se kehta raha k wo game khel raha hai
    to fake koun hua??

    • romamike

      Mr.Rohit, dude u do not have any idea what you wrote babe, i feel u are relative of sky,as per you what you mean by galiyaa, do u know wha “abusinggirls” means if your sis was in the show would you enjoy sky abusing her, try to treat every girl as yr sis. sky did not leave any female in the house. i pity u dude.

    • Sajid

      Tere comments ne dikhad diya to kis type ka insan hai aur kya compnay pasand krta hai you are just like sky and juhi sari dunya kah rahi hai we galt the to akela un ki side le raha hai so you are like them

      • rohit

        agr sari duniya unki side le rahi thi to winner juhi kaise ban gayi!!
        Sallu bhai ke rehte aisee gustakh harkat bhala koun kar sakta hai
        bhai jaan to agla season host bhi nahi kar rahe hain why?

        • romamike

          dude mr.Rohir question to u is did u see who voted for whom or how many votes each got,are u sky in the name of Rohit, or we all indians should call u looser. do u have a sister, if yes than you will feel the pain sky gave to the other girls in the house, if u are still supporting sky and winner than it wil show us that u are brainless.

  • sonu

    I have seen all the shows and finally felt that i wasted my time waching this BB 5. I feel that the winner was already fixed and i suggest not to encourage such kind of shows its totally waste of time and money for sending votes to them coz the votes are never revealed out and no one knows the genuine votes. Its just an announcement by the stars.

  • Maya

    I am still wondering why Sky acted such an abusive manner with other housemates?? And I am surprised to see Juhi wining because she was the piller of Sky’s abusive acts. SKY SHOULD LEARN TO RESPECT WOMAN IN THE FUTURE!!!

  • Azeem Khan


  • PR

    BB5 was the worst show in Colors, mainly for the lousy contestants it had this time. Juhi, God knows how she made it to the final, was a real cunning person. She kept on grumbling she is always right and others are fools. She and her chelas Sky and Sunny were too horrible. Look she is now saying Sachin will be the good contestant in BB6. Fatso, whatever you have won 1 crore is sufficient for you both b’coz you will not get any other chances to win.

    • Shuma

      PR u really made me LOL
      Frankly none of the 5 deserved to win BB.
      Why does BB take contestants who have alreafy experienced reality shows like Is Jungle se mujhe bachao(shweta tiwari), Maa Exchange etc…Thse actresses know the tricks of playing with audience emotions and 55 what 5555555 cameras in the house.
      Enuf more TV reality shows experienced participants!

    • bigg boss fan

      I am so glad that your right in saying this,, I agree with you 100%,, juhi did not deserve to winn,, she was lazy and never participated in the tasks propelry. she always thought shes right but she was wrong most of the times,, i dont like her because she was very chaalak. she deserves a slap on the face, she also thought she’s the only one and no one can beat her in talking, God i wish she had a fight with pooja mishra or mehak,, then we would have seen her re-action. Patah nahi kya samajthi apne aap ko,, dreadfull. please “BB” do not put contestants like Juhi parmar in because they do not deserve to win. she only supported herself n no one else.
      no offence to anyone this is my opinion.
      Mehak u was great im so sad u didnt win,,,
      sky was fun to watch
      pooja M ,, u were awesome

  • USA

    sid or mahek should have win. initially juhi was doing ok but after her friendship with sky she starts looking cheap like cheap sky…cheap brother and sister.

    • Sumu

      i dont like Juhi, i dont know how is she won. She is very arrogant.
      i dont like at all.

  • Renu

    I think Juhi is the right Winner….!! As she had minimum voting for Evictions, and kind of kept the house going….she could talk and geton with all..although she had prefrences who were her friends….!!

    Sid was sooooo foul mouthed…..and fighting with every one…had NO shame or respect fro any one…!!

    Amar Upadhay ….playing Politics……kep changing parties all the time…NO loyalty

    Sky…was fightin the TRUTH…and a good entertainer….he had wicked sense of humour, but alsa he used to get angry quite easily, and will not let it go……SO….there we go..!

    • rohit

      i agree with u RENU!!

    • romamike

      dude u are part of brainless group like Rohit heheheh

    • Canon Eos Rebel t3i

      dude you are totally right , i agree with you .

  • rohit

    arre yaar meri sister mahek ki tarah dramebaaz nahi hai aur rahi baat sky k tarah hone ki to wo is BB5 ke winner ka bhai hai aur usi ne is show me ek girl Pooja Mishra ko show me sabke samne Sid se pitne se bachaya aur usi sid se tumhari sister mehek ne baad me dosti ki !!

  • dhaval

    after watching BB5 , i feel i wasted my time coz it was fully bakwas n the whole show ws fake ,all people were fake & juhi is beggest looser ,she was first behid pooja bedi then sky..
    sid ws real bt little unmatured… the whole show ws fixed …

  • Shifa

    Juhi totally underserving women to win . fake individual, dual personality actually she is what she calls other bin pende ka lota , Lomdi no 1. Sky horondous man ever on any show total zero human being , Pooja bedi truly overactor worthless personality to be seen aunty ji ab to sudhro, And sunny leone dont knw kya zamana hai porn star getting respect in this world she feels she is so pure and nice Amar the bigger liar spineless …what a joke in this season of BB5…Total waste of time

  • adyad

    I am sad Juhi turned out to be the winner. She definitely sounded fake, double faceted and would always support evil acts of Sky (the looser). Sid would have been a better choice or even Mehak is 10 times better than Juhi. With lot of speculation in the media, channel people had to declare Juhi as the winner.

  • Dev

    searching on “how many votes did contestants get in bigg boss 5 final?” produced this gem from Anita. See the excerpt

    Posted at 9:23 AM onJanuary 9, 2012
    Mahek is the real winner! Sid second!
    E&Y VOTE Count as on 7 Jan 2012,1:00am IST-Mahek: 52,158,930 Sid: 17,200,000 Amar: 15,351,450 Juhi: 12,695,300 Sky: 798,500
    ^ I have seen these voting details everywhere! people are outraged! shame on ColorsTV!
    Juhi is the rigged winner! majority disappointed! Mahek WON!

    • tania

      I think Skye is an over opinionated bully. He just wouldnt shut up yaar.He really came across as a horrible character on the show. I hope he watches it back and sees how bad he looked. Maybe he will learn something. hey and what kinda wierd thing does he have going on with his `hair`? To be honest Juhi was also very irritating and cant understand how she actually liked sky after watching his terrible behaviour. She wasnt as sincere as she tried to portray either.

  • kush

    I dont like sky

  • piggie

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach i lov bigg boss

  • piggie

    are e londo bhench sky mast aadmi h…londo h

  • Ahanna

    Sky was disgusting, many people hates sky and I hate him to the core.Sid truely deserved to win, Sid you were rocking we love you. Amar was only playing games, good try though.. Juhi was lucky coz of her past serial that she won or else she is the most cunning lady , just can’t stand her dominating nature.

  • jaspreet

    sky always right and only juhi and sky the persons who deserves only for winning the award of big boss season5,and about siddharth and mahak i like to say that they both are spadow,cruels,nonsense,rascals inki maaaaaaaaaaaaa kaaaaa—————————-

  • rohit

    ama miyan Romamike woting ke baare me to sirf aap hi jante hain
    question tu baad me pooch pehle tu ye bata kya teri sister mahek ki tarah hai kya jo tu aankh band kar usse support karta hai ab to mujhe tujh par taras aata hai aur rahi baat voting ki to tu Colors par case kar de tujhe,mahek aur sid teeno ko apni aukaat pata chal jayegi ..ha!haha!!

  • adeela

    i m so damn happy for juhi……..she was d only deserving contestant to win…..she is d best ……i love u juhi u a lot……..wish u all d luck…
    juhu parmar rockssssssssss



  • rehaan khan

    juhi parmar is not a winner She is a looser
    big boss 5real winner was
    And “siddhart bharadwaj”
    Amar upadhaye and sky they both r liers and i really hate them
    Colours tv i really like ur show bigboss
    Buttttt bigboss was very unfair wid mehek chehel so i dnt wan to see d show again

  • amrah

    i hate sky.he has made a worst image in front of the world. ususey koi batay k wo aik ghtya soach ka insaan hai. us ki khod koi respect naheen hai is liye wo dosron ki bhi respect naheen ko bura kehne k liye koi word aisa naheen hai jo us key liye abhi tak bana ho.wo itna bura insaan hai.pata N Naheen inssan bhi hai? MEHEK KO WINNER HONA CHAHYE THA.MEHEK WAS THE BEST ONE IN ALL THE CONTESTANT.TRUELY SKY WAS THE WORST PERSON IN THE SHOW.

  • reshma

    i hate that idiot sidhart he’s really ugly yuck hes smile makes me sick mannn!!!!!

  • Canon Eos Rebel t3i

    sid……tu khud FAKE hei ,…….kutte kami !!

    kam sham atta nahi , bas poja pe ilzaam lagata hei…

    chall lanti dafa hoo !!