BIGG BOSS 5: Juhi Parmar comes to Lakshmi’s rescue

The quiet actor intervenes with Bigg Boss on behalf of her fellow housemate

On Day 9, a weekly task is handed out where contestants are given responsibilities based on CVs to manage the house. They are also given costumes that would help them live their characters. Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi is asked to wear trousers as part of her costume. Lakshmi is forced into a quandary because it is against her community’s rules to wear pants. But if she doesn’t follow Bigg Boss’ orders, she has to go to jail. A frantic Lakshmi breaks down. So the empathetic Juhi Parmar explains the situation to Bigg Boss and asks him to exempt Lakshmi from having to break her community’s rules. Bigg Boss allows Lakshmi to do her task in her preferred choice of dress. When Juhi conveys this to Lakshmi, the latter can’t stop praising Bigg Boss.