Posted Tue, October 18, 2011 5:54pm IST

Read on to know what happens in the Bigg Boss 5 house on Day 16

The day starts with Mahek Chahel confronting Pooja Bedi about being two-faced and saying negative things about her behind her back. Later, Shraddha Sharma starts teasing Vida Samadzai about Amar Upadhyay due to the way they flirt. Mahek gets angry at Shraddha and asks her to stop saying such things because Vida is her friend. Shonali Nagrani interferes in this matter, leading to a huge fight between her and Mahek. Lakshmi Tripathi, Shonali and Juhi Parmar are surprised to see Mahek involving herself in every argument in the house. Juhi tries to calm Mahek down, but Mahek asks her to not interfere in her matters. Not knowing what to do, Juhi leaves the room. Mahek then approaches Juhi while she is sitting with Pooja Bedi, Shonali, Raageshwari Loomba and the other housemates and re-confronts her. At this, Juhi loses her cool and tells Mahek that she doesn’t want to deal with her. Mahek and Juhi have a huge fight and the housemates break up. A fuming Mahek walks into the garden to cool down. Siddharth Bhardwaj lends a shoulder to Mahek and calms her down.

The weekly task is announced and Mandeep is given full exemption from the task. The other 12 contestants are divided into two groups of six each. Both groups are given two separate responsibilities and roles and they will be judged on their ability to maintain their roles. After two days of washing dishes without any relent, Bigg Boss finally announces that Pooja Misrra no longer needs to do it alone and this responsibility can now be shared by all the housemates. Pooja rejoices at this announcement while the rest of the housemates immediately start discussing how the responsibility will now need to be divided.

The men finally take centrestage when Siddharth starts spreading rumours about Amar and angers him. A clueless Sidharth continues to talk ill about Amar even though concerned housemates warn him of an impending fight that is bound to ruin relations between the two. To end the matter, Siddharth and Amar pep themselves up for a fight, but they are clear that it will happen only after the weekly task is complete.


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