Posted Thu, December 29, 2011 7:00pm IST

The housemates are back to fighting with each other on Day 88 in the Bigg Boss 5 house

Sky starts worrying about how to make Amar Upadhyay and Siddharth Bhardwaj reveal that they have a secret task. He asks Amar if the two of them were up all night working on the task. Meanwhile, Mahek Chahal, Sunny Leone and Juhi Parmar discuss how Mahek is more humorous in her second innings on the show. Juhi says she really likes this lighter side of Mahek while Sunny says she is glad she got a chance to spend time with her. Sunny said she liked Mahek when she watched the show, but because of all the fights happening when she entered the house she didn’t get a chance to talk to Mahek properly.

This time, it’s Sid’s chance to watch a video of his time in the house. He sees a clip of his fight with Sky at 4 am one day. Once the video ends, Sky hugs Sid. The two make fun of the fight, but Mahek argues with Sky over him pushing Sid during the fight. She is irritated as Sky had claimed during Pooja Misrra’s eviction (for pushing Sid) that Mahek too had been violent and had pushed Mandeep Belvi during an argument. Sid joins in, but Sky laughs it off. Sky taunts Mahek about her friendship with Salman Khan and then cribs about Mahek to Juhi and Sunny. He tells them that Mahek was quiet when she came back but is now back to her old self. The two women agree and tell him what they had been discussing earlier in the day.

Siddharth follows Sky outside the house and asks him if he is sorry for pushing him during the task. Sky tells him he is apologetic for hurting everybody during all his fights. Mahek is still upset over what Sky had done to her on the show and cribs about him to Sid and Amar. She then goes to the garden and makes it clear to Sky that she will resolve their argument outside the house once the show ends.

In the evening, Amar complains about Sid to Sky, Juhi and Sunny and tells them that after watching the video he has realised how clueless Sid has been throughout the show. At the same time, Sid tells Mahek in the garden that she should not trust Amar as he will do everything he can to win the show. Later, Amar and Siddharth come up with a fake secret task just to fool Sky. The three men laugh over it, but it doesn’t allay Sky’s suspicion that there really is a secret task.