BIGG BOSS 5: Mahek Chahal is Santa Claus!

Posted Mon, December 26, 2011 4:56pm IST

Salman Khan’s girl Mahek Chahal jingles her way back into the Bigg Boss 5 house as a wild card entrant

Two weeks away from the finale, Bigg Boss 5 takes a new turn of bringing in a wild card entry – Mahek Chahal. When Mahek was asked to leave the house a fortnight ago, the Norway resident promised herself to take a flight back home only after meeting every contestant of the Bigg Boss 5 house face to face. She thought her wish would be granted only after the show ended, but destiny planned to play a different game altogether. She stood tall in front of all the contestants right on the eve of Christmas as an equal contender to win Bigg Boss 5. Dressed in a Santa Claus costume, Mahek’s entry surprised her friends and shocked her foes in the house. While Mahek had convinced herself to be back with a bang on the show, she also turned out to be a rude shock for some contestants who had never expected to see the lady again, at least while in the house. From being insulted about her jaw displacement and questions asked about her character, Mahek has seen and faced it all. This was her only chance to go back in the house and return the favour to all those who made her two months stay in the house miserable. Looks like this Santa has plans of making every contestant’s Christmas a memorable one. With Salman Khan’s girl Mahek Chahal back in the house, how can we not expect more drama and action in the final two weeks on Bigg Boss 5?

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  • sonia

    very disappointing..mahek entered the house.its established that salman khan is favoring mahek ..puja bedi was right… all things are preplanned ….salman is loosing his image ..

    • Tajinder

      Just shut up Sonia … She needs to be back for these 3 idiot contestants … n she always stood for herself , nobody else stood up to give her sympathy …. u should be ashamed of saying such stupid things

      • V D

        Mahek is going to win the show without any doubt with the help of Sallu mia. This show do not care of voting.

        • sancha

          have some people lost their senses ?? can’t they differentiate between good and evil , honest and manipulative ??
          Mahek or Sid are the only deserving ones. they have never been conniving . they have stood for themselves .I don’t care if people call Mahek Sallu’s girl. majority of the viewers want her to win . our best wishes are with u Mahek and Sid !

      • zakir

        u r right tajinder

    • zakir


    • ravi

      what was right puja bedi? she only stay with sky this is not fair.mahek entered the house very gud decison big boss….i agree with tejinder. salman always the best khan

    • lokesh

      pagal ho gayi kya pooja bedi buddi gussat hai sky ki gf hai

    • Ebrahim

      Mahek has been fantastic and was a fighter, unlike Juhi and Sunny who are constantly hiding behind Sky, as for Sky he thinks his game plans are of brilliance and yet have not seen any flourish. Mahek is what was required for the Grand Finale. As for Pooja Bedi, she is a hypocrite and one sided but demanded a fair game and should have stayed back with her children and not show all that going on with Sky like a teenager, shame on her!!!

      • rati

        Imagine Juhi portraying bahu’s role in Kumkum. And became famous as an ideal bahu. Wah Juhi wah. You are so so evil that you are hugging and kissing Sunny knowing what she is and her activity. What an example you are spreading as an ideal bahu to be friends with porno star. Please do not miss to see your good good freinds porno videos when you come out. You should first see and then think again to have Sunny as your friend. If a common woman does even a fraction of obsene in wearing clothes or any other thing she will be hurled by the socialist women in a form of morcha. What about the participation of Sunny where are the women sleeping? Mahesh Bhatt is another spinless man to cast her may be so that he can laugh all the way to the bank.
        Sky, Juhi and Sunny definitely should not be the winner.

  • shubhankar sharma

    it is fix
    mehak is the girlfriend of salman han so she is the winner of big boss 5

    why they not tell the voting percentage to the public

    • sg

      Thanks for your comment. Only for Salman Mehak is in. All public voting might hide for persoal choice. Mehak realy stupid girls, only for Salmna girl-friend she is in. This program not a personal show Salman.

    • lokesh

      to kya juhi sky aur sunny jitna chahiye kya yeh thino ravaan se bi katarnaak hai

  • khushi

    So finally it has been proved that Juhi Parmar is planning GAMES along with SKY to WIN the show.
    Her true colour came when she got nominated…SIMPLY INSECURE JUHI..she started cribbing and accusing Amar and actually started brain washing SKY’s mind too..Since Sunny does not have any opinion nor brains..and heights is that she does nt understand HINDI…she rely only on JUHI….and SKY to be SAVED and be in the show…

    Juhi seems extremely insecure with Amar and wants him out as she knws he is competiton to her…Actually Juhi is MASTERMIND and hiding behind SKY to play her games…

  • M raza

    mehak ‘s return is not good but i dont thin Salaman is involver in her came back – i hop Sky or juhi will win this time if – it is fair game

    • amar

      are u pooja bedi clone or her stuge

      • Rohit

        And what r you?….

    • Kabir

      Even if what u just said is a joke …. it;s a REAL BAD one Man …. First of all, its not at a fair game (a good person like rageshwari was thrown out) … and Sky n Juhi should never win by any qualms!! Sky & Juhi are examples of the worst human beings, one should never have friends like them and more importantly one should never have enemies like them (stpid enemies are more harmful than clever ones). They are definitely not idols of indian tradition and they are the worst examples of the exact opposite.. If sky or juhi can win then ….veena malik shud have won, Sunny Can win …(they were much better).

    • Ebrahim

      Mahek has been fantastic and was a fighter, unlike Juhi and Sunny who are constantly hiding behind Sky, as for Sky he thinks his game plans are of brilliance and yet have not seen any flourish. Mahek is what was required for the Grand Finale. As for Pooja Bedi, she is a hypocrite and one sided but demanded a fair game and should have stayed back with her children and not show all that going on with Sky like a spoilt brat teenager, shame on her!!!

    • tripti

      u r right..well said

  • pooja

    who are taking sky, juhi and sunny side. they are also devil

    • jenny

      sid , amar ,salman girl mahek..they al rubbish.

      • Anshul kadam

        Lolzzz…you are quite impressed by other 3…Sunny, Juhi & Sky. Hope everything is fine with you.

  • tiwarikajal

    Bigg boss does not show the insecurity of its contestants, but the hosts. The best one should win the show, without manipulating the game. The time Rageshwari was thrown out, it was predictable that Bigg boss was scripted. One thing is good people cannot win the show. our audience like fights, violence, drama, fakeness, tears. That’s why Pooja Mishra was survived so many evictions. Same is the case with Mahek. She falls in the same category, but with addition of little salmaan spice. Salmaan’s ego is over flowing in this show. He did a great job in Bigg Boss 4, this time, he is damaging his own self in getting involved in this game. Whoever wins, the victory is short lived. Conscience is something that will live with you forever

  • lokesh

    bigg boss ek kaam karo sky juhi aur sunny ko rako show me take appki trp baad jaye itna gidgida rahe ho sky se ek bikari tarah bigg boss sky hai yaa tum

  • Sk

    Juhi finally showed her true colors- instigating Sky to make a scene about leaving the house! I really pity her poor husband- that woman is pure evil.
    All that drama and tamasha because she got nominated.
    Mahek coming back is the best thing happening to the show at present. She is not the one to use anyone for her own agenda. The evil trio (sky,juhi and that dumb —–sunny) have to be kicked out! Enough of there dirty games. It has to be Mahek and Sid in the finals.C’mon guys nominate the evil trio!

    • Vinay Syal

      I full agree ,this trioka of Juhi, Sunny and that stupid looking Sky form the axis of evil. Sid and Mehak deserve to win the show. But who is going to win between these two is a tough call.

  • Ebrahim

    Yet again, Sky is being pumped up by Juhi for not reacting to the taunt of leaving the house by Salman and Sanju. Sky is on a suicidal mission and all of a sudden is hit with Mahek’s entry on Xmas morning (Abhee toh picture bakhee hai mera dost). Sky is like a headless chicken and is looking for something to get his teeth into for a strong argument with either Amar or Sid.
    Sunny is reluctant to go out to celebrate Xmas at midnight because of not feeling safe, who in the right mind would want to attack a porn artist, that is just laughable and a dim excuse!
    Juhi is on a mission for sympathy after all the initial commotions after speaking to Sanju. Mahek has steadied the ship with Amar and Sid and is starting to bond with them two and has further clarifies with Amar, the hand kissing incident and the uproars with Juhi.

  • Resham

    Salman & Sanjay you are hosts and don’t forget that, you are not here to judge contestants. Salman if your mother is watching the show, so are the mothers and families of the contestants and others. So please do not sit there lecturing the contestants and if you really want to do so then pick on one or two.
    Mehak is no innocent, goody two shoes. She has shown her true self by picking up fights with every single contestant in the house right from the beginning, she has no manners, absolutely pathetic with her fake tears and comes across as very cheap. Likewise for Sid, if such is the youth icon then God save India! He is nothing but obnoxious, has no respect for seniors or elders and presumes he will be 25 for ever…
    If Salman wants her to win then just declare her the winner why all this drama in the name of a reality show!

    • jenny

      100% right …………i agree with u……..

    • Shabz

      Looks like u r sky’s relative…!!! What salman did was correct!! Sky, juhi and sunny hv been making trouble all the while and it was necessary to put them in place.. V all know how the crusader of women’s rights ( read sky) has behaved vit other women in d hse…two faced obnoxious jerk!!! He is sticking to juhi and sunny for selfish reasons… Btw salman had reprimanded Sid as well… in much more harsh terms… Sid accepted his mistake , apologised and moved on… That’s true spirit…!!!! Look how juhi, sky and sunny reacted to being reprimanded!!! Losers in true respect…

      • naina

        I agree – three stupid idiots should be thrown away.
        Mahek has come through votes not by Salman Khan. If Salman wanted Mahek to win please re-think again he would not have evicted her at all in the first place.
        BTW Salman and Sanjay you were totally disrespected by these three Juhu – Sky – Sunny. What have you say? Are you also going to be idiots like them and give them what they want? All the three down graded your anchoring specially Sky he should he should and he should be evited this week ofcourse along with Juhi

    • rani

      your totally wrong wrong wrong resham

    • Anshul kadam

      Whom do you think should win ??? Sky, Juhi or Sunny.

    • Rina

      @Resham..then what do u think abt Sky,Juhi and Sunny…r they innocent?Plz watch properly then add ur comment madam…

    • Meena

      I agree with Resham. Who likes to watch BB now. Such a fake show. Give Mahek 1 crore and close the show. Why waste time.

      • Shila

        Shut ur mouth reshma n meena…watch properly then comment or check ur eyes…lol

  • Ali Salman

    First of all, sid or amar or mehak should win this show.
    secondly, Even if salman is taking side of mehak then its too gud atleast sky/sunny/juhi wouldnt win the show.
    Mehak is as honest as salman is unlike having fake faces like sky who likes to instigate people and pick up fights for no reason, Juhi who desperately wants to win 10 million rupees, sunny NO Comments…..

  • Prema

    what the hell sunny is doing in the house. I wonder what will she do if juhi is evicted this week coz she is copying juhi’s expression like a mirror without juhi she might be expression less . poor sunny

  • akshay

    I wished Bigg Boss should have allowed Sky to move out for good. The atmosphere of the house would have become more healthy and normal. He was in so long because he was providing ‘masaala’ for the show.

    I find Sky desperately crafty and unethical. Imagine the so called threesomes group questioning Sunil Dutt’s behaviour of drawing parallel analogy between Sky’s words and actions and others’ words and actions – what audacity. Bigg Boss is trying in his way to bring sense in this group.

    Sky lives in an Utopian world where everyone else is an idiot and he is the boss to question everyone’s thoughts, words and action and put them in place by threatens.

    None of the female members should object to what Amar did while dancing, specially with the kind of profession they have and the kind of show they are in. Amar did justify his action and asked for apology.

    Mehak is very much needed.


    change in the rules, allowing open discussion about nominations, has brought down the credibilty of the show, it has even lowered it respectabilty in the eyes of participaants, as “SKY” mouthed disrespect FOR Sanjay Datt- it calls for immidiate action by the organiser and punishment to “Sky”, else I feel it gives an impression of “manupulations.

    • Reema

      Sky is so so so so useless and hamburg and spineless. BB should have thrown him away there and there. Sky uncle, you are so daft that you did not even notice how Juhi was pushing you out of the game. Like an idiot as you are believed in Juhi. My God sister Juhi wants brother Sky to be out of the game so sister Juhi can play with Rs 1 crore. Ha ha ha ha! On what grounds these three idiots wanted explaination from the BB. If BB had apologised it would be disaster. Sky provokes Amar and Sid my God so much.
      Whatever be these three idiots should not win. Any one is fine but not these three idiots. Juhi madam you are the most evil inside at the moment.

      • karishma

        Hey reema whateva u have sed I agree wit u 101%

        • Shila

          Wow! Reema 200% agree with u…

      • Seema

        You are 100% correct. The three idiots should not win. I feel Amar should win but since Mahek has come back it has become very obvious that she will win.

  • pooja

    yaar tum salaman ka naam kyu laara aapa aakho sa dekho ya gaalat hai mahek ka fans ki demand thi is liye mahek wild card sa aai dolly bindra be w c sa aai thi wo be salaman ki dost thi

    • padma

      pooja i agree you

  • sanniya

    we love you mahek good luck vote for mahek

  • Jessy

    Dear Mahek’s fans,

    Please read this below message and answer to the audience.

    Aamir Malik commented on Bigg Boss 5 Official Site.TRUTH about MAHEK aka PREETI CHAHAL’S Secretive PAST.She got herself pregnent at the age of 20. Her family made her abort the child, which left her psychologically traumatized.She belongs to a respected Punjabi family residing in Norway. But continuing with her sexually erratic nature, she FREQUENTLY ***ed her family members in trouble.laterwards, she did a local TV3 show named “FRISTET”(Literally meaning TEMPTED) , in which she ended up doing softcore erotic performance for the local votes. Dismayed by her activities, her father banished her from entering into the family ever again, and she got a rented room at her sister’s place. But then her sister’s daughter died due to prolong cancer, and they moved to the states.Left alone, PREETI then moved to MUMBAI at her maternal aunt’s place, and started modelling. Her father was so dismayed that he didn’t allowed her to visit him, when he was dying of cancer! later, She got a role in the Abbas-Mastan movie ***led ‘AJNABEE’ (later played by Bipasha Basu), but eventually lost it due to her poor hindi. She met Salman in GOA( She is also a HEAVY DRINKER/ DOPER), when she was there for one of her photo shoots, and he was there for the shooting of ‘Mujhse shaadi karoge’! It was there when she floated the FALSE CASE of her ACCIDENT involving her face! She got Salman’s instant sympathy, and tried to launch herself as a leading lady in the industry. Any one who’s ever been to Norway knows all about her, including me, cause we’ve got a really small clan of Indians living there, and every one knows almost every other being there! She’s making a complete fool out of the regular EMOTIONAL INDIANS!

    • Ak

      Good investigation.

      Also study in full detail background of Sunny – the one who objected on Amar’s behaviour.

      A request – form your judgement based on the activities in-house of Bigg Boss.

      • sakshi sharma

        amar ia a nice person.sunny give him a wrong title.

    • Neena

      What is wrong in whatever you have written about Mahek. There are plenty people who are ambitious and are not able to go through what they want. You should be ashamed to expose someboy at this stage. As written by somebody what about Sunny. Compared to Sunny’s activities Mahak is a saint. Please stop writing about woman like this remember what goes around comes around.

    • Prem

      What Mahek was in Norway and later in her past life has and should have no bearing on the voting decision which should be strictly how these REAL PEOPLE behave with each other in this REALITY SHOW. Your details of her personal life here show your traits similar to that of Sky. And I am sorry it is not meant to compliment you. Take a good look at what you have written and for what purpose if not to deflect some of us from doing the right thing which is to recognize the Sky-Sunny-Juhi trio for what it is – a shameful, disgraceful and utterly unhuman threesome. Shame on each one of them.

      • Moni

        Wow well said .. I wish to win mahek. Hate juh sunny sky…

    • Shabz

      Jessy….Please remove this post if u don’t want a defamation suit filed against u…. U must be crazy to post such comments online…!!!! Ppl r careful abt writing stuff abt a pornstar and u don’t seem to hv d basic values on wot to post and wot not to

    • prakruthi

      Shame on you Jessy…Everybody has their past…even u hv got one…u dont have any rights to spread such disgusting rumours…n u call urself an Indian…Shame on u

    • Riffy uk

      Ur such a sad perthetic person stop hating soo much her fans ie me dont want to no her bio we already no it !! Ur probebly a keyboard warroir god knows u may be the worst person on planet!! Could tell the way u went on about mehek!! Luk at ur life sadooo

    • vaishnavi

      @jessy-i do not believe……..she is good,tumne khud ja kar ye sab dekha he kya…….log to bate banate he..aj big boss me jo dikh raha he use mano.samjho…n vote karo mahak ke liye…not waste ur time for read such a truthless articles..growup..dear..she the best ..i she will win the show..

  • ajay

    Wishing Sky or Juhi or Sunny to win the show, is to justify the existence of all the unjust and dirty meanness (evils) prevailing in our society. Pray nobody is a victim of such low graded behaviour.

    New Year 2012 should start with a positive note highlighting that there is more goodness in this world than dirtiness and evilness can exist but cannot win anyway!! Happy New Year!

    I have full faith in Bigg Boss and us.

    • Shila

      How could u say juhi sky or sunny win.. I wish ur wishing not come true… If it is then shame on bigboss 5!!!

  • Akjay

    Please form your judgement/opinions based on the activities and behaviour in the house of Bigg Boss, not on participant’s past or profession.

  • Sk

    @jessy- even if it is true (which i seriously doubt)what u have written about Mahek- I must say shame on you to post it on a public blog.You have absolutely no right to publically slander someone and write stuff about a contestant’s past which has nothing to do with the on going show.
    We the audience form our opinions based on how the various contestants have been behaving in the house. Mahek has stood tall with her ability to stand her ground and not be cowered by the bullies (read Sky) in the house.She is back because the viewers wanted her to- and we will surely want her to win the show and gossipers like you- go take a hop!

    • daduo

      stfu sk

  • Anuj

    @jessy – shame on you! Grow up.

  • daduo

    thanks for the info jessy now I know what she really is

  • Riffy leeds uk

    So happy mehek returned soo want her to win!
    I used to like juhi but cant stand her and sky!
    Sky thinks he is tuff n hard truth is he’s a little yardi boy thats only good in talking!! Love sid! I dnt mind him to win either and with sunny she got affended because amir kissed her hand yet shes a pornstar sad people hate sky juhi and sunny! Mehek or sid to wiin !! From me leeds crew love u both!! xx

  • kk

    @jessy, @daduo read the article – you will find it of your interest.

  • kk

    @jessy, @daduo read the article – you will find it of your interest -”TV watchdog warns Sunny on porn promo” on the net.

  • sahil

    mahek ka past jo be hou we but like mahek

  • anjali

    mahek is best vote for mahek

  • sam

    pooja aunty aap aapna family par deyan do salaman aur mahek ki fekar maatkaro hum hai na maahek ka fans vote for mahek

  • amair

    pls big boss sky ko out karo mahek ko winner karo

  • sujata

    mahek mahek mahek mahek mahek mahek mahek should be win