BIGG BOSS 5: Mahek, Siddharth go to jail!

Thu, November 17, 2011 6:06pm IST by
Posted Thu, November 17, 2011 6:06pm IST

Read on to know how that happens on Day 46

Mahek Chahal and Siddharth Bhardwaj continue their fight from the previous night. Mahek calls Sidharth a baby and tells himthat she has been silently watching his indecent behavior from days now but did not want to tell him anything thinking he is a kid. When Sky finally sends Siddharth to jail, Mahek is happy and she tells Sky he is a fair captain. Once Siddharth is out of jail, it is Mahek’s turn to go inside. She does go in but comes out in a short while and refuses to go back. She fights with Sky and tells him she will go back only if he jails Siddharth again. Sky gets irritated and he refuses to go ahead with the weekly task.

Sky discusses the problem with Amar Upadhyay, who gives him the idea to jail both Mahek and Siddharth together. Sky agrees and does exactly that. After being inside the jail for a while, Siddharth realises that fighting with everyone around is not a good idea. He tries to sort out his differences with Pooja Misrra and talks to her. When she returns after talking to Siddharth, Sky tries to sweet talk her into becoming a part of his team. Pooja Misrra patiently listens to all that Sky has to say and goes back to having her own way.

Sky has been strategising for a long time on ways to win the weekly task. He thinks if even one of Amar’s team members join his team, he can walk away with the luxury budget and have Amar nominated for this week’s eviction. So he tells Amar that Mahek is a difficult and stubborn person, so it will be good for Amar if he shifts Mahek from his team to Sky’s team. Once Sky leaves, Amar laughs it off and voices his opinion about Sky being nothing but an idiot.

Pooja Misrra has been trying to convince everyone to let bygones be bygones and bond with all of them. She meets Vida Samadzai and sorts her differences with her. As she advances towards the washroom, she meets Mahek. Mahek tells Pooja Misrra that she hates the way Sky and Siddharth treat the women in the house, and that Sky is indeed a very rude captain. Pooja Misrra agrees and both hug each other. They talk later in the night about everything that’s been going wrong with Pooja Misrra. Vida joins them and the three have a lot of fun. Pooja reveals she wants to be captain and asks Vida to support her.

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  • shahed

    I think it is time for Sid to throw out of the house, he is
    very irritating character with no manners. why Big Boss is selecting contestant with such a low profile.

    • satish

      This is the worst show and worst season ever. You cant even hear when they fight. It is complete cacophony and Sid and Sky are the not worthy to be in the show as they show Indian men in poor light

      • DJV

        Sid and Sky are horrible low-life’s and need to be shown how to respect women. Being a man, I’m ashamed of how they go about dictating their thoughts over people and behave like spoilt kids. I’m never watching any serial which has these 2 goofs in the future… ever!!!

      • Aman

        If this is the worst show, than u shouldn’t be watching it, & bringing the hell out of u.

    • Abraham

      U r right. not only sidharth but aaksah & pooja bedi also to throw out the house. Three of them are making foolish to us. Amar, Mahek are good. Ab bb show dekhta hai to gussa aatha hai big boss ke oopar. kaise kaise logon ko bharti kar rakha hai. shameless person. inki koi ijjat nahin hai kya.

      • JAK


  • sumeeth

    well said, Sid is a useless person in BIGBOSS 5– MANNERLESS CHEAP BEHAVED GUY….GUY??? OOPPS KID I MUST SAY…..

  • sammmy

    Sky and sid are a bunch of rude outrageously undeserved filth on this earth.

  • raju

    can someone tell what they discussing pooja bedi and sky,,are they in love….lol

    • Mini

      I think they are, although I noticed this earlier in the week, Pooja is so lovey dovey towards Sky. It seems she can’t resist a young man!

  • suchita

    mahek did fantastic job, very well go keep going ,& wat laga do sale sid aur sky ki aur jo unke friend bane ghumate hai unki bhi

  • huma

    yes mehak is too gud and always stand for the right (not being politically right like pooja bedi …..

  • bhoomi

    thank you big boss…so happy to see your raajneethi….sky team was lost and amar team won the damn irritating rude person(he is not a human coz he doesn’t posess human qualities)is lost and happy to end his dadagiri and goondagiri against women inside bigboss house…amar played well and they won …amar is captain… was irritated seeing sky and sid captancy…..sending PM and mehek in jail unnecessarily…and finally amar,vida,shradhha,mahek,PM and shonali have fun in thier room…opposite cunning party sid,sky,juhi and bedi….showing their true colors…guys u were i inderestimated juhi and bedi….THE MOST CUNNING AND DISGUSTING PLAYERS IN BIGBOSS IS SKY, SID, BEDI AND JUHI….november 18th episode was too good.end to goondagiri and shthranj khel and finally we got to know true colors of juhi and bedi…

    • raags

      s u r cent percent true bhoomi.sid sky and bedi and juhi the most cunning,sky bedi ko pataaya kambakht,and one more interesting thing is puja misra these days is getting balanced yar,she looked like a hero(heroin)when she said ‘i need time to thing to join in yr team’ when sky asks her…sometimes she looks great with her mental status…

  • tulip

    thanks BIGG BOSS for making Amar captain..nov 18 th episode was indeed very good…Hate 2 c Goonda sky, Immature sid, Dominating juhi & desperate old women pooja bedi in the house…

  • simar banarjee.