Posted Mon, October 3, 2011 4:47pm IST

Double Vaat begins on the first day in the Bigg Boss 5 house. Read on to know what else will happen tonight

The day starts with the contestants waking up to the Bigg Boss 5 music video. Quick to take up responsibilities, Raageshwari Loomba and Juhi Parmar offer to cook breakfast for all the other contestants in the house. Raageshwari is excited about cooking for others because she has taken special cooking lessons for the show so that she doesn’t have to go hungry. Making customised breakfast for the all, Raageshwari and Juhi spend hours in the kitchen toiling over the stove and feeding the hungry bunch.

Once everyone has settled down, Rajasthani folk dancer, Gulabo Sapera shows the contestants what makes her special – her dance moves. Not only does she put up a small performance for the contestants to see, but also teaches co-contestants Mahek Chahel and Pooja Misrra some moves. Not to be left behind, pregnant contestant and wrestler Sonika Kaliraman also gives the moves a shot. Her baby starts kicking while she is dancing. Mahek and Pooja also perform item numbers to entertain the contestants some more.

When the contestants’ luggage arrives in the store room, Pooja Misrra is shocked to see that her bags are missing. After speaking to a few contestants, she learns that the bags are missing due to Shonali’s nomination when asked by Bigg Boss as to whose luggage should not be delivered on time with the others. Pooja mentions sorrowfully that her bags contain important items such as medication.

Captain Shakti Kapoor is called into the Confession Room and told he would have to choose four women for nominations and the other contestants would have to vote for the eviction of one of the those four contestants. He is also informed that day-to-day household duties needed to be assigned.

Meanwhile, Nihita Biswas is picked on by her fellow contestants for choosing to marry a man who is not only a criminal but also older to her by 44 years. She explained that her family supported her decision which is why she has no regrets, but the contestants continued to try to show her that she had made a mistake. She broke down and said that she does not doubt her decision and is happy with her life.

Shakti Kapoor’s nominations are revealed to the contestants and they are then asked to individually walk into the confession room and nominate two of those contestants for eviction. After all the contestants have had their say, the top two contestants for eviction are revealed.