BIGG BOSS 5: Nihita Biswas is first to be eliminated

Alleged serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s wife- who is also the youngest contestant in the house – is asked to leave

NIhita Biswas, the 23-year-old Nepali contestant on Bigg Boss 5, will be eliminated in tonight’s episode. Her entry had been much-talked about since she is the wife of the serial killer Charles Sobhraj – even though everyone in the house picked on her for marrying a criminal. Nihita spent a lot of her time in the house defending her husband and saying he was wrongly convicted. However, she slowly began to adapt to the house rules and her fellow contestants. Captain Shakti Kapoor nicknamed her chutki as she talked a lot. Nihita got along well with the Afghan beauty Vida Samadzai and were each others’ support. She helped Shraddha Sharma and Gulabo in washing utensils. Nihita also had a small tiff with Shraddha on her participation in the household chores and task. But with the intervention of other housemates the argument was put to an end and the two got along well.

Nihita was also the centre of another controversy when on the first day of the competition, Mandeep Belvi asked her if she had consummated her marriage yet. While Nihita tried to evade the question, her mother in Nepal was shocked and made that very clear to the media.

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