Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Bedi calls Mahek Chahel a vulture

Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Bedi calls Mahek Chahel a vulture

Pooja Bedi, the latest to be evicted from the Bigg Boss 5 house, says there is a lot of fun and happiness in the house and only 20 percent of it is shown on TV

“I want to tell the audience, what has been shown on television is completely different from the inside atmosphere. There is a lot of happiness and fun inside the house, the aggression is just 20 percent of it,” Pooja told after coming out of the house. “We used to laugh like mad people and there was no end to the funny jokes. But, off late things had become critical and it was hard to survive in such situations,” she added. Known for her Marilyn Monroe skirt act in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Pooja Bedi has participated in many reality shows before like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 1 , Nach Baliye 3, Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi 1 and Maa Exchange.

The 41-year-old is elated to leave the show at the right time, “I am the happiest person in this world after leaving this house because I know a lot of aggression and negative atmosphere have started building up and it was the right time to leave the house.” According to Pooja, her best friends inside the house were Juhi Parmar and Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky, and claims Mahek Chahal and Amar Upadhyay are the ones who used to pick up fights. “Mahek and Amar bring along a lot of negativity inside the house while Juhi and Sky are my sweethearts. They both have very good heart, even though, they seem very aggressive and dominating people. But, they are exactly opposite and I wish them all the best and may they win the show,” said Pooja. She later said on a micro-blogging site, “Mahek Chahel is non-stop negative energy! The vulture who hungers and hankers for fights constantly! thrives on it for sympathy! does it show?” She further adds Juhi and Sky were the nicest people in there! “I don’t differentiate between genders in friendship.. Sad so many oppose it.  Also… For the record…Sky is a super nice guy and fab friend! He’s strong enough 2 take on fights & expose the awful manipulators in there. Startled to see Sky projected so villainously! 24 hours of programming condenses into 45 minutes of structured editing for your viewing.”

Meanwhile, Pooja had also become a huge fan of the latest entrant of the show, porn star Sunny Leone, and says she is sweetest of them all. “She is sweet, bubbly and very polite. Her career should never be considered as an option to judge people and if she is doing great in the house, people will definitely vote for her,” she said. After coming out of the house, Pooja wants to spent quality time with her two children – Aalia and Omar.  “I was so desperate to meet my kids and now I am with them, I don’t want any third person between us. I want to spend quality time with them,” said Pooja who is also looking forward to participate in many such reality shows in future. “Bigg Boss 5 was an exciting experience for me and I am definitely looking forward to participate in many such reality shows that can bring out my hidden strength and ability to deal with tough situations,” she added.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonymous

    The only reason Pooja Bedi stuck, stood by and let sky do the things he did was only because she didn’t have the guts to stand up and reason with him.

    I’m kind of surprised she is this jaded to actually believe it even after having come out of the show. I hope rewinding and seeing herself side with sky’s inappropriate and bullying behaviour time and time again will put some common sense into her head.

    • Sunshine

      Mahek Hai Gandi,,, Usse Badnaaam karne ka sawal hi nahi hai… jo pehele se gaand ho use kya badnaam karna.. uske shakal pe likha hai Mahek is just a Negative person.

      • Sunshine

        Pooja ko Budhi kahene wali tu khood 35 ki hokaar, 13 ki behave karti hai. by putting that weird make on make u look like a clown,,,,, teri shadi nahi hue 35 main bhi to tu bachi bangayi aur jiske 2 bache hai 41 ke umar main wo budhi … wah makeh…. sab ka brain wash karna aur ghumrah karna koi tumse seekhe…. Salman aap please apni mahek ka bhi dark side dekho ,, dusoro ko jhadne se pehele……

        • abeemala

          Sunshine…I dought you yourself is pooja Bedi because I think there is nobody who can take her side accept herself.

        • bigboss BOSS

          puja bedi is completely fake….

        • Sunset

          @Sunshine – Damn sure u r Pooja bedi!!
          No other girl can be annoyed if someone is saying some other girl buddhi… hahaha got u Pooja..
          And now pls accept this that u r buddhi..if u have seen ur face in mirror without makeup..u will accept it..
          i wonder how someone can ever say Sky is nicest person..unless that person in in love with him..

        • sandeep

          Shame on you pooja we got you… all the comments on different websites only 1% people are supporting need to visit psychiatrist…
          Still trying hard to prove your point about mehek.
          Ms Sunshine alias pooja Bedi could you please elaborate what wrong thing mehek does on the show…
          You been nominating her since you enter the show..she never nominated you…shame on you…you are real vilture…see your language me negativity queen….

          • rose

            I Like This……………

      • sohrab

        u r just right sunshine. Mahek is fake and dramaqueen. Sky is honest and real. Puja Bediji I love you. Each of your word is true. I believe that and my judgement is also like that. Love you.

  • Prince

    pagal aurat to tu khud hai bedi… naam mahek ka badnaam kar rahi hai
    gandi aurat

    • LULLU

      Dont worry pooja bedi, after sky comes out of BB house, u can freely date with him and ask ur daughter also to date with sky, after all u say sky is very good at heart .lolzz

  • rajen

    Total bakwas…Ms Bedi…U n Sky were the biggest negativity in the House. U can not fool people and Super host Sanjay Dutta told u the truth. Now pls could u shut up..!!

  • Rohit

    Mahek is a ‘vulture’ but Pooja Bedi is surely a ‘cougar’!!!

  • ask

    Absolute crap ms pooja bedi. In love with akaash ,you are all praise for him. How can one tolerate a man like him. He gives migrane and you call him funny and witty. Rubbish. The audiences are not mad to judge a person with one incident.With akaash it has been a chain of incidents and thats how the judgement for him being a villain. You ms bedi talk about dignity,grace,intelligence. What happened to you to voice when akaash was yelling at the other contestants. His repution is very bad… In his previous reality shows he has shown his side. Bigg boss should throw him out and not listen to his DHAMKI. He was the one who started voilence in the house and not pooja mishra.

    • Ninad

      Shud shame on herself….Being a mother of two childern…how she wz behaving wd ‘Sky’….u were kissng. hugging him …v r nt mad nd blind …v feel shame while writN such comment…

  • Indian

    Nobody is a saint in this house, but atleast they don’t pretend to be one. Mehak on the other hand behaves as if she is some Mother Teresa. There is no end to her non stop drama and yelling. Highly manipulative and self righteous! Even the show is edited to show her in positive light and all others negatively. She has done so many wrong things in the house, but never once questioned by Sallu/Sanju. But they go around slamming other inmates for smallest reasons possible. THe most unfair show – Big Boss!!!

  • IhatePoojaBedi

    Spare us the explanations..kismis

  • Kabir bedi

    I personally feel Bigg boss is a scripted show, everything is staged and what we see is recorded. It is a looser’s show. Flop celebs like pooja bedi and all others are given a chance for earn their livelyhood.

  • tina

    wt u think pooja bedi, audiance are not blind thy can see your childness in the show.instead of blaming any body 1 you think
    about you wt u had done

  • menda

    Sky is a b*****d and u r a P***tute.

  • Amit

    Pooja bedi is such a bit@h. Sky and Juhi are the most horrible two participants in the house while the best among the remaining are difinitely Amar and Mehak. PB is bent on spreading negativity about Mehak because she of her jealousy. PB should be ashamed for the roundavous with Sky, if she had any dignity. PB was quick to make filthy comments about Sakthi and Vida and now see what this woman is doing.

    • Anita

      Absolutely I agree 100 percent. Pooja went on to say whatever she could imagine about Shaktiji while the real wh@re in the lot was she herself. Filthy woman should be ashamed of herself.

    • Babloo

      Pooja Bedi is slut who desperately tried to get Sky turned on. Looks like they may have compromised under the sheets which Bigg Boss is not showing to the public. Juhi the fat rat is a drama queen who gets her periods every week at the time of nominations.

      • rushina

        @babloo…u r the best..enjoyed reading ur true…great job..u r 100% right..PMS..and u used correct wording..

  • raja

    pooja bedi also tweeted very negative n bad abt
    salman,s film bodygaurd.but great salman welcomed her very well in bigg boss show.

  • sanju

    most bad one is Sky.He is stupid non-stop talking person.POOJA Bedi admire him because she love him. I watching from beginning Juhi,MAHEK and Sholnali are good and positive…….

  • shahed

    Why Puja Bedi is supporting Sky, that Sky never try to expose manipulations of Bedi. From day one she tried her best tp divide the contestant and play dirty game. As per Bedi, Juhi is nice one, but what we saw on TV, Juhi is the one who try to create problems raising small issues, Juhi never interfere when Sky is fighting with others, she involve only when Bedi of Sky is not in the argument. Mahek is hyndred time better than Bedi and Juhi, she is always on face, never back-bite like Bedi and Juhi.