BIGG BOSS 5: Pooja Misrra almost punches Mahek

Posted Fri, October 14, 2011 5:46pm IST

Read on to know what happens in the Bigg Boss 5 house on Day 12

After breakfast, Juhi Parmar is called into to the confession room so that her role in the weekly task can be assessed. As she is stepping out, Bigg Boss announces that the group has been unsuccessful in completing the weekly task, as a result of which their luxury budget for the week stands cancelled. The contestants are a little taken aback by this announcement and start justifying their actions to Bigg Boss to feel a little better.

Juhi, Shonali Nagrani and Raageshwari Loomba interrupt Pooja Misrra while she is in the kitchen as they need to prepare dinner and there was not enough space in the kitchen to manage both activities. In the midst of this discussion, Raageshwari is called into the confession room and is assigned a secret task – convince her fellow contestants that Mandeep Belvi is not the correct choice for captain of the house, and organise a re-election for the captain’s position. A quiet Raageshwari walks out confused and joins the rest of the contestants in the kitchen. By now, Pooja Misrra has compromised and lets the others prepare dinner before her. She is not very happy about this, though, as she was in the kitchen before anybody else.

Vida Samadzai and Shonali blame Pooja Misrra for creating imbalance in the house. A frustrated Pooja kicks the dustbin and breaks the broom while continuously yelling at Shonali. She even threatens to hit Shonali if she doesn’t back down. Pooja decides to take a break from the people to cool down and eventually heads to her room. Mahek Chahal and Lakshmi Tripathi approach her then to console her and a heated argument ensues which causes Pooja to almost punch Mahek. At this, all the housemates get extremely furious with Pooja Misrra and come to a conclusion that Pooja is mentally unstable and requires psychiatric help. All the housemates are united on this stand and come to an agreement that Pooja needs to apologise or leave the house as her violent behavior is just unacceptable.

However, Amar Upadhyay comes in on the sly to show his vote of support for Pooja Misrra and tell her that though the core reason for her anger is right, she needs to learn to deal with the issues better and control her temper. Amar points out that if she doesn’t, then all the contestants will plot against her and get her evicted from the house one way or another.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • common man

    For tolerating Puja Missra atrocious behaviour, all the inhabitant of bigg boss5′s house should be adequately compensated by bigg house management.

    • Mayank Agarwal

      I think the other members should not be compensated as pooja mishra has not done any harm to them and she has a little mental illness…The memners should try to not to provogue her and ignore her as far as possible.

  • Hate pb

    Poodi bedi is a bad person she should be out of bigg boss she’s such a selfish arrogant mean mad person you know she should be kicked out form bigg boss house…!

  • Abyss

    Looks like this article is sponsored by pooja miserable because that is not how i saw things go down. Trying to show pooja as a victim which she is not. I she is a sport brat who needs attention in whichever way she can get. The sound of her voice annoys me.


    pooja mishara strong lady in bigg boss house she is true another all fake


    pooja mishara strong lady in bigg boss house she is true another all fake.