BIGG BOSS 5: Pooja Misrra and Siddharth clean bathroom

Posted Tue, December 13, 2011 6:28pm IST

The fight and arguments return to the Bigg Boss 5 house on Day 71

Sunny Leone and Pooja Misrra chat in the green room about Shonali Nagrani and Amar Upadhyay’s problem. Sunny tells Pooja that if she had been in Shonali’s shoes, she would never speak to the guy she felt uncomfortable with. Pooja understands Sunny’s point and tells the latter to explain it to Shonali. The task letter arrives and Pooja reads it out to everyone sitting in the living area.

Andrew Symonds gets ready for the task. Pooja and Juhi help him wear his dhoti. Pooja cracks a few of her trademark jokes. When Pooja asks Symonds if he wants anything, an irritated Andrew replies that he wants some peace and silence, indirectly telling her to keep quiet. Housemates witness this incident and burst into laughter. Later in the day, during lunch, Siddharth Bhardwaj tells Pooja to keep quiet jokingly, but Pooja gets upset and walks away. When Sid makes a comment and Sunny is unable to hear it, he calls her dumb. Sunny follows Pooja and requests her to come back and not be offended by Siddharth’s joke.

Much later, all the housemates are seated in the garden. Siddharth is upset with Pooja Misrra as she did not clean the bathroom area thoroughly and when he requested her to clean it again, she told him that, it was the best she could do and if he has a problem with her then he could clean it himself. Siddharth brings out this topic in front of others. Pooja retaliates and justifies her statement by saying that she would clean it once she could change into more comfortable clothes. Eventually Pooja cleans the bathroom with Siddharth, and the rest of the housemates cannot help but laugh at the duo.

Andrew then tells Pooja very sternly that she is not doing a good job in translating everything and warns her that if she doesn’t buck up then he would be forced to take action against her. Pooja apologises and promises to do a better job. Symonds then tells her to read the task letter very carefully and explain every word to him. The letter had details relating to the completion of the task during the night. After a while, Amar amuses Symonds by tickling him in the garden. All the housemates including Symonds have a hearty laugh. Sky joins the party by playing a small prank on Symonds which again gets everyone laughing. Finally the tired housemates wish each other a good night and go to sleep.

Around 2:30 am, Sky wakes Siddharth up to continue his task. Siddharth doesn’t do it and wakes Amar up. Sky sees this and blames Siddharth for not doing his job well and waking Amar up for no reason. Siddharth retaliates and the two get into a very heated argument. Symonds and the rest of the housemates wake up due to the commotion. Eventually Symonds solves the issue temporarily and everyone goes back to sleep.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ravi

    This third rate goonda Sky, he has changed his name, but his attitude remained of ‘is jangle se mujhe bachao’ type should be kicked out. Brainless buffoun makes personal attack, make unsavory remarks regarding family, not acceptable

    • DEEBA asif


      • Anushka

        Siddharth was seen coming in Sky’s space. He needs to stay out of Sky’s face. He is intimidating Sky to be physical. I hope Bigg Boss sees that. It looks like Bigg Boss is waiting for the two to get physical to get TRP. Siddharth is very arrogant and aggressive at the same time he is manipulating the the situation. I would like to see what Sanjay Dutt has to say this time. It is not nice to portray Sky negatively every time. Siddharth got immunity this time due to his captaincy, if not he would have been the one to be nominated. Looks like the guy has got no home training. The mother looked totally wild and crude. How can one come on national TV with so much of negativity. Which youth would want to follow Siddharth? I would whoop my son’s behind if he ever wanted to be like Siddharth. What a shame that Mehek wants him to win the show. Sad. Very sad.

        • Tevdip

          Honestly, to all that have posted and replied their opinions on the situation above well done! This shows the negative back up people and characters such as “AKASHDEEP” get instigated from. Grow up ya all and stop defending sky. Siddharth made a mistake with Mehak which after being told by Mr. Khan and Mr. Dutt he started improving on. Done deal! But sky not once apologized for the biggest mistake which he made by putting Mehak’s character down to her so why are ya all still voting for him? I live in Canada and watch this show religiously and have quite the observation and knowledge on whats right or wrong. I am a doctor by profession and this behavior by Akashdeep is absolutely not accepted. He has got behavior problems along with grandiose thoughts. His personality is of the ” histrionic type and narcissistic.I feel very sorry for him as he is not on any treatment for his disease. He also has some post traumatic disorders….phew

    • rajnish

      Sky did his part of the task. He was very respectable. The so called “youth Icon” could not do his task. He calls others old, but being young blood, he should be doing the task without complaint. Sky’s behavior was very acceptable. Siddharth should know his limits. He should know that there is a world outside bigg boss. The kind of immature behavior he is exhibiting will put him in deep trouble in real world. No directors will want to work with him. Learn to be humble and treat others with respect.

      • Ji

        Sky is so obviously out to wind up Sid knowing full well that mentioning his family enrages him. Sky also made a big deal about Sid not completing his task properly knowing that this would make Sid look bad. sky is as immature as Sid but has an edge of manipulation, cruelty and threat. To threaten Sid with a death threat was unacceptable and should have serious repercussions. Sky also physically pushed Sid with his shoulders. Sid is young and has to learn to control his anger better, but Both Pooja has played on his weakness and Sky is doing so. How much can a young person like Sid take without flipping after having his buttons pushed in such shaming and taunting ways? Let’s not forget that Sky was best buddies with Sid, but when his use of him finished when Sid showed loyalty to Sonali, Sky went about damaging Sid’s image. Sky is sickening.

        • Steve

          Ji, I so agree with you.

        • jithu

          Its Siddharth who used sky not the reverse…And if u guys remember…once sky made truce with mahek….he made sure that she didnt get enough footage required and ended being evicted…..only one sky is required for show…so i guess the copycat sid should be shown the boot out of BB

          • Ji

            What rubbish! Is this what the big boss in India is about? The one who can manipulate the audience enough to get people evicted? Thats an insult to the intelligence of the Indian audience. As such Sky should be booted!

  • Niki

    Show rule is not to touch or push. How come this 45 years old person ( fake name sky) is pushing Sid???? This show is so silly, no rules are followed & this unmannered, uncivilized, uneducated person Chipmonk face sky is selected as a contestant. No decent person comes in this show.

  • Tanwir

    I think this sky is a mental case. He likes only the company of aged and ugly women such as Juhi and Pooja Bedi. While he calls them sister, his actions speak otherwise. All in all a very disgusting person.

  • Binukrishna

    SID should WIN….
    I wonder most of us hates sky,juhi and that filthy porn star
    but still sky and sunny are on the top of that like table in the BB5 official site….y its like that…
    if u guys support SID plz ‘like’ him in that page tooo
    even though MEHEK is good(little annoying)its not fare to bring her back….
    This Time Plzzz vote out that motti juhi…..
    then sky…….
    then porn star……..