BIGG BOSS 5: Pooja Misrra lashes out at Sky, Siddharth

Posted Mon, November 14, 2011 7:00pm IST

The situation in the house takes a turn for the worse after Swami Agnivesh and Lakshmi Tripathi’s exits. Read on to know who fought with whom on Day 43

The previous night, Pooja Misrra locked herself up inside the bathroom for close to three hours. This stuns the entire house. Since Sky is the captain of the house, he takes up the responsibility of approaching Pooja Misrra and questioning her about her act. Pooja Misrra tells him to get lost. That night, the entire house goes to sleep fearful that Pooja Misrra has been possessed by a ghost.

The next day, Pooja Bedi talks to Sky about Pooja Misrra. She tells him that Pooja Misrra is angry with him. Sky puts his ego aside and walks up to Pooja Misrra and tries to clarify their differences. A stubborn Pooja Misrra walks away and says that she is not interested in talking to him. After sometime, Pooja Misrra is seen speaking about how people in the house are hypnotising her and turning her innocent soul into a violent one to get everyone against her. She is also seen bitching about Sky to Pooja Bedi, saying that he is instigating her to fight with Shraddha Sharma and Vida Samadzai.

Pooja Misrra explains to Amar Upadhyay that she was only doing pranayam (breathing exercises) in the loo, but everyone misunderstood her and thought she is practising black magic. Siddharth Bhardwaj tries to reason with Pooja Misrra about her behaviour, but he just ends up feeling so frustrated that he yells at her that he will make sure nobody in the house talks to her.

Weekly nominations take place. Captain Sky’s special nomination turns out to be a surprise nomination for the entire house. Post the nominations the non-nominated contestants are seen bonding with each other and celebrating their victory of relief for the week. After a while, Siddharth goes to the smoking room where he finds Pooja Misrra. He tries to enter the room but Pooja Misrra slams the door really hard on his face. Siddharth loses his temper and runs in to the house to tell everyone what happened. He warns everybody to stay away from him as he is going to get back at her. The two get into a very nasty fight, so much so that Siddharth almost kicks her. The housemates intervene and with great difficulty calm Siddharth down.

Post this violent outburst, Pooja Misrra goes to her bed and starts meditating. Mahek Chahal comes to offer her support. She consoles Pooja Misrra by saying that she can understand what she is going through right now and just wants her to know that she will be there if she needs a person to talk to. After that, Vida informs the green room inhabitants that Pooja Misrra is changing her room. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The day ends and all the housemates go to sleep but restless and tenseSubscribe to me on YouTube


  • Indra

    Its absolutely disgusting to see Siddharth abusing a girl even if its Pooja Mishra on national television.
    Juhi Parmar is another hypocrit who earlier said that its not right to abuse one’s parents but she took Siddharth’s side in this matter

  • Frankly

    Presence obnoxious person like Pooja missra and her horrible act and bizarre ways may force anyone to lose sense of balance.


    all rubbish! shud bandddddd this show quikly.

  • kewal

    It is the policy of Big Boss producers to keep inmates who are very quarrelsome. All the peace loving inmates have been shunted out on as they say on ‘public votes’. Pooja Mishra and Dolly (previous big boss inmate) understands that they are in the Big Boss because of their quarrelsome image. Big Boss Ghar Ghar main ladai ka mohol bana raha hai…..I hate this show

  • raags

    yes dear friends,as per 18/11/2011episode friday,amar(hero)captain ban gaya,sky ka gundagiri khatam lekin sky ko dekhiye kitna kameena niklaa dil se,, aur vo puja bedi sky ke baaton se sky ko pat gayee,sky aur siddh both kameeney prove ho chuka hai.and one more interesting thing i hav observed is puja misra is becoming balanced these days yaar ..hai ki nai?..batao lekin soch key..ha

  • lodu

    haha.. sahi kaha yaara. bigg boss ka level gutter ho chuka hai. I hate people like sidarth, Puja Bedi, Juhi Parmar.
    Ye saala siddart kisi mard se panga lega to ise pata chalega.

  • meera

    very good,ek dam sahi bola, sky & sid dono kamine hai

  • popy

    i agree to u meera,,,sky ko acha maza chakhana chaiye,taki ladys ki izzat karna sikhe

  • aliyataj

    I agree u popy and meera sale dono ko ghar se bhar karna. sky aur sid milke itna gunda karthi karthe hai, ladikiyonki beisath aur task jeet ne ke liye real politics khelna too much these two guys. I hate these two guys

  • Neha

    Throw Sky from the Big boss house….He is so irritating