BIGG BOSS 5: Pooja Misrra thrown out!

All because she assaulted yet another housemate

When Pooja Misrra first entered Bigg Boss 5, no one knew how she will behave inside the house. That soon changed however when she started badmouthing and insulting the other housemates. Everyone who exited the house had something to say about her – from Gulabo who claimed Pooja is on drugs to Lakshmi Tripathi claiming she is the most dangerous housemate on the show. Yet, for some reason, week after week she was saved from eviction, thanks to the viewing audience. Viewers despised her, mocked her violent behaviour and yet voted for her. When she became captain it was even more shocking. She seemed have a good chance at winning the show thanks to her passion for creating drama. So it’s come as a shock for us that Pooja has been thrown out of the house. As captain, Pooja approached Siddharth Bhardwaj to talk about his problems. But Siddharth was irritated and the two had a huge argument. Angry, Pooja assaulted Sid. Bigg Boss decided enough was enough and threw her out of the house. We understand his reasoning behind it, and totally agree she was getting way too destructive, but now that she is out of the show, is anyone still interested in watching Bigg Boss 5? Think Sunny Leone is enough to keep the audiences glued to their TV screens? We doubt it.