BIGG BOSS 5: Pooja Misrra to return with Andrew Symonds!

The most violent housemate will help out the Australian cricketer. Wonder how that will end?

Pooja Misrra, who was thrown out of Bigg Boss 5 for assaulting fellow housemate Siddharth Bhardwaj, will re-enter the show tonight. Apparently, the violent and abusive housemate, hated by almost everyone in the house will come back in with the latest entrant, Andrew Symonds. She will act as translator for the 36-year-old Australian cricketer. The show is mostly in Hindi and Andrew obviously won’t understand a word of it. So Pooja will step in to help him out. However, this doesn’t mean she can compete for the final prize. Pooja is still not eligible for the jackpot. Imagine how much fun Siddharth will have with that! Don’t be surprised if you hear him or the others taunt Pooja with this so she can lose her temper. What we are wondering is, if the show is really doing that badly that the makers have to bring her back to increase the ratings.