Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Missra claims she is not violent

Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Missra claims she is not violent

VJ Pooja Missra feels she has been misunderstood and victimised after she was thrown out of Bigg Boss 5 because of her aggressive and violent nature

“I am not an aggressive or violent girl but I was forced to be like that. I had to face many harsh things when I entered the house. Some participants used to say bad things about me, they used to bang the washroom doors in front of my face. Some used to shout at me without any reason. There was so much harassment, so yes, I was victimised,” Pooja told after she left the show. “I agree this is the format of the show and I don’t have any problem with that but I think I have been misunderstood especially when people call me a violent girl,” she added.  She also feels what went against her was that she spoke openly about the negative people and wrong things in the house.  “My problem inside the house was that I stood and spoke against the wrong happenings and for that people took me in the wrong manner. I am actually a quiet person and I wanted to be like that but circumstances forced me to fight for my rights,” she said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Roshan

    Pooja Misra yes we know people were trying to create fights with you. We want you to come back as wild card and win the shown.

    • Lux

      I love Pooja Missra. She is so bold & strong. she was wronged by all the Bigg Boss housemates. It was very unfair of Bigg Boss to remove her. she didn’t hit anybody, she only pushed that idiot Sid. Many of the housemates have done worse things, including Sky who banged the loo door on PM when she tried to use the captain’s loo during his captaincy. First those rascals need to be ousted. I hope PM is brought back through wild card entry. Else, I am going to stop watching BB5!

      • Leroy Menezes

        we love pooja mishra…. we want her back in Bigg boss 5. and the decision was taken wrong by Bigg Boss throwing her out of house…..

        • sam

          bigg boss please back pooja m back home show is dam not good she is good we all love here . this is not fare you take here out of show …. see all was make mistake not only pooja if u see pooja better than athere rally this is not be fare if she not come back in show …. i love u pooja i wish u all the best .just be good dont care how what saing about u the pepole not stop tooking human i know

          love you so much

          • mohandas

            hi sam if u like pooza mishra , why dont u take her home and love her she is now out thank god she is out,whenever i was watching her i stat hating her, she loooks liked mad jocker.

      • dd

        hope u also love her smile…… its so comic and horrible

        • vivek

          pooja misra u r so powerful girl

  • reshma


    Throwing Pooja missra out of the Bigg Boss House is not justified cause sky and sid have been mistreatings girls and shouting at them and abusing them was also not correct. Both of the guys should be thrown out of the house as well.I m sure the TRP of the programme would decrease as pooja missra is out. One of the person is me to make sure not to see the Bigg Boss 5. No justice done in Bigg Boss 5.

  • pali

    i am with you all,it was a wrong discission and a partialty by big boss.there are other house mates who are pathethic and very mean and negetive.The only thing pooja mishra is that she is not a fake person.definately i will noot watch it from now on

  • Arvinder Pal Singh

    It was very wrong decision of Big Boss to throw pooja Mishra out as it shows the double standards of Big boss who always let off sky and sid who misbehaved not only with pooja but other girls in the house. Violence is violence whether it is emotional violence or physical violence. we have clearly seen in the episode that pooja was just tried to stop the sid who was not ready to listen her. Why no action has been taken against sid for not obeying the captain instruction, why he was let off last week inspite of the fact that even Salman bhai was very angry with his attitude. The way Big boss is taking decision, their TRP will definitely come down in days to come because you are protecting the persons who are emotionally violent with women. You can take the vote from all women against Sid and sky and then decide.


    I see no justification in throwing Pooja Misra being thrown out.
    She is the most versatile and good looking girl around. All the men misbehaved with her and the most were Sid and Sky.They should have been shown the door.Their behaviour is weird and intolerable.I hope Pooja is brought back as she wa not eliminated due to public demand. She is loved by public.

  • pink fairy

    yup i have seen what the house mates were doing with you and this was mind pressure

  • Roop

    Pooja Misra yes we know people were trying to create fights with you. We want you to come back as wild card and win the shown.

    • ukg

      Definitely, the show Bigg Boss 5 is a BIG ZERO without her. The most misunderstood but the nicest of person amongst those losers in the House.

  • pawan

    this biggboss is bigtime idiot nd insane such a lunatic step he took throwin mishra out now no masala left colin dolly back such a jerk bigboss i think this is last season now no more bigboss for me atleast

  • Namita

    Sid had a very sheepish grin on his face when PM was trying to engage him in a conversation out side the bathroom area…. the so called “Violent Push” did not appear violent at all….it neither landed Sid on the floor nor in the pool, it just served Sid’s purpose of getting PM out of the game,She just walked into his TRAP…..Wonder what’s on Bigg Boss’s mind…. with regards to whatever is happening & what ever has happened on this show in THE HOUSE with all kinds of physical, mental & emotional HINSA this act by PM din’t call for termination of her stay on the show.

  • vinod

    Pooja Mishra….yes you are violent! What does she mean i was forced to be violent…she could have chosen to use non violent methodology to tackle her issues in the house…what a lame excuse you dangerous unpredictable psycho pm.

  • Ekroop Aulakh

    Yeah, , its too wrng wd pooja mishra, , sid nd sky r misbehaviours wd grls ,,so dey hv to elminte, , amar a decent guy amng boys..

  • Neeti

    Pooja mishra should be back in bigg boss

  • Task

    Yes. In such situation any one would have gone mad. I have seen many time people try to use her shoulder to shoot the gun and try to instigate her. She had handled the situation in much batter way.

  • task

    I have already stopped watching the show and if PM would not be back in BB5 I will no longer watch. There is no genuine contested left in the house to watch.

  • anamika

    hi pooja mishra i am really a big fan of yours
    its really great watching you , you really rock the big boss
    i wanted you to win the big boss
    you are straight forward and you are the one who can kick everyone in the right place

  • Mehwish

    Bigg Boss we want pooja mishra she was a nice girl she was not a bad person bring her back we missing her please BB bring pooja Mishra back she was only the real person in the house not a fake one like Juhi parmar or others.

  • Wish

    Pooja Mishra we love u n we r missing u please Bigg Boss bring her back she was not a bad person she was only the real person in the house not a fake one like other contestants. We want to see Pooja Mishra she deserves to be in the house bring her back.

  • aman

    Pooja if you are reading this, I just want to tell you seem like a wonderful person, all the people used you to make themselves look good. I like how you said in one of the episodes that “people are using me to elevate their own character” I wish you all the best in life. Lots of love and hugs. muahh

  • Prem

    Pooja Mishra, what I saw of her in Bigg Boss 5, was nothing I expect from any human being to be : confrontational, always rude and always so full of herself. Argumentative to the nth degree. Do the participants not listen to themselves? Obviously not. It shows. Sky is another character who is NEVER listening,always talking. And talking rubbish consistently. Pooja deserved to be kicked out – actually in the first week. Good Luck to the rest of them except Sky !

  • -jit

    hum jantehe puja achi lerki he but uska bhavhar hacha nahihe o jaldi jaldi gusha hojatahe or gusa honeke bad o kea kar ti he o usko malum nehi parti acha ea bura o samjtihe ke o jo karrahie o sahihe. but uska jo bacpana or uska hasi bahot achi lagtihe. gusako kabime rakna sikho or ke bolrahio osko jera do bar sochke bolo…..