Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Missra claims she is not violent

VJ Pooja Missra feels she has been misunderstood and victimised after she was thrown out of Bigg Boss 5 because of her aggressive and violent nature

“I am not an aggressive or violent girl but I was forced to be like that. I had to face many harsh things when I entered the house. Some participants used to say bad things about me, they used to bang the washroom doors in front of my face. Some used to shout at me without any reason. There was so much harassment, so yes, I was victimised,” Pooja told after she left the show. “I agree this is the format of the show and I don’t have any problem with that but I think I have been misunderstood especially when people call me a violent girl,” she added.  She also feels what went against her was that she spoke openly about the negative people and wrong things in the house.  “My problem inside the house was that I stood and spoke against the wrong happenings and for that people took me in the wrong manner. I am actually a quiet person and I wanted to be like that but circumstances forced me to fight for my rights,” she said.