Bigg Boss 5: Poonam Pandey to be a contestant

The starlet will enter the house and even go semi nude!

Amar Upadhyay and Shakti Kapoor are in for a treat. Poonam Pandey has reportedly agreed to be a part of Bigg Boss 5. The aspiring model first shot to fame when she said she will pose nude if India wins the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. Of course, she later didn’t, but her proclamation brought her a lot of notoriety. Apparently, the Bigg Boss 5 guys hope that her fame will draw in more viewers to the show. Poonam was to enter the show right from the beginning, but she insisted she wanted a special entry into the house, and not just be one of the 14 contestants. That’s why she waited two weeks to enter the house, and that too as a special guest for a few days. We are guessing her entry is going to cause a lot of bitchiness among the other female contestants. But will that make the show worthy to watch? Tell us!