BIGG BOSS 5: Rakhi Sawant pokes fun at Mahesh Bhatt!

In her trademark candid style, the self-confessed item girl claimed the veteran director’s entry into the house was totally unnecessary

When Rakhi Sawant signed Bigg Boss season 1 not many were aware of its format. “Now even the common man knows the format and the staging,” she said. She believes the first was the best season and rues that the concept of the show has got muddled since then.Bigg Boss is not about fights it is about sehensheelta (tolerance levels) and how you can live cooped up with 13 strangers for three months. I was telling Salman (Khan) that I haven’t heard as many insults in my entire life as many as I heard in BB5.” She also criticised Mahesh Bhatt’s appearance on the show. “Bigg Boss was much stricter during my season. This time, anyone and everyone is allowed to enter the house. Take Mahesh Bhatt, for instance. He could have signed Sunny (Leone, for Jism 2) after the show too. He didn’t have any work to do one day so he went to the house. But what happened? Shonali Nagrani revealed how the Bhatts had kept her waiting for her film for a year. I laughed so hard. He tried to do good and unka hi popat ho gaya (he made a fool of himself).”