Bigg Boss 5: Salman Khan defends Pooja Bedi

Fri, December 2, 2011 6:00pm IST by
Bigg Boss 5: Salman Khan defends Pooja Bedi

After taking potshots at Salman Khan for favouring Mahek Chahal over Siddharth Bhardwaj, actor Pooja Bedi faces the ire of Salman Khan’s fans. Sallu requests his fans to chill

Remember how Salman Khan fumed when Siddharth Bhardwaj tried kicking Mahek Chahal in Bigg Boss 5 house? Taking sides with Mahek, the Dabangg actor gave an earful to the young VJ, making him cry in full public view. Pooja Bedi, who was in the house when this episode happened, felt that Salman was biased in his judgment. But she broke her silence only when she got evicted from the house last week and expressed that Salman’s attitude towards Siddharth had been unfair. She said, “Salman calling the shots on Bigg Boss.” Pooja’s comments on Sallu did not go well down with the Bodyguard actor’s fans and Pooja was inundated with hate mail on twitter. She finally had to come out and clarify, saying, “@BeingSalmanKhan Has been my friend for over 20 years! I’ve known him since before Maine Pyar Kiya. Chill! I’m equally concerned about him (sic).” The fans were also expecting a karara jawab from Sallu bhai, but Salman decided to remain calm, much to their dismay. He, in fact, defended Bedi in his tweet, “Don’t stress abt it , known pooja since 20yrs , she is sweet, let it go. Its all good (sic).” Now is this just a lull before the storm? Or will Salman speak his mind on the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss and clear his stand? Well, even though Sallu is known for taking many pangas with the men in the industry, he has always refrained from badmouthing the women. So looking at his previous track record, it seems highly unlikely that Khan will make any unsavoury remarks about good friend Pooja on a public platform. Anyway, we would just like to say that Ms Bedi has been really lucky to get away with such a sweeping statement about one of B-town’s biggest stars!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anoymous

    one second !! Sid didnt kicked Mahek Chahel, he tried to kick Pooja mishra when she said to Sid “Talk 2 my A$$”.. check ur facts b4 publishing an article.

    • pinky

      True..Sid tried to kick Pooja Missra.. Mahek is potrayed in such a manner as if she is the biggest victim in BB5 and Salman khan is putting ghee in it. To my view Salman is a host and he should be equal to all. All the contestants are same, but his biased nature towards Mahek is clearly show, the way PM was evicted for just a push and no sooner Mahek became captain. All housemates are scared of Salman so they are trying to be good with mahek, if not Salman will publicly insult them and Mahek’s fake tears drama will start.

      • Nitish

        Totally agreed Pink…..but sky dosent cry about all those thing he was against mehak and he will remain that only…..I guess BB ne dar ke mare both ki fight rokva di coz is was hard to projecting mehak a good person as sky us ki bar bar poll kol raha that….n ppl are not blind……sky rocks

        • Nitish

          totally agreed Pinky…..but sky dosent care about all those thing he was against mehak and he will remain that only…..I guess BB ne daar ke mare both ki fight rokvadi coz its was hard to projecting mehak a good person coz sky us ki bar bar poll kol raha tha….n ppl are not blind BB……sky rocks

          • Mugdha

            sky and pooja rocks well said

        • rav

          sky was the villain who started voilence in BB…when he did it with PM..such a loser he is…fattu

      • Nitish Sing

        Totally agreed Pinky…..but sky dosent care about all those thing he was against mehak and he will remain that only…..I guess BB ne dar ke mare both ki fight rokva di coz its was hard to projecting mehak a good person as sky us ki bar bar poll kol raha tha….n ppl are not blind……sky rocks

        • Naaz

          I think u are blind Mr.NITISH. BB tries to entertain u and u idiot blaming BB. Idiot u are not less Pooja Bedi and Sky.
          Whenever SKY got nominated he used to say “I want to go home”. Always talk about nominations,captaincy and all rubish thing.He must go out of the house as he wishes to go.
          After that Mr. NITISH you will stop watching BB Please.Take me advice OK.

          • preeti

            yh true naaz.. i agree with u.. sky is a coward who changes his speech whenevr he is nominated.. odrwise he keeps on humiliating all other inmates.. n he is actly overconfident.. he thinks that he can do whatever he wants to do n will remain in the show.. he is showing all the gundagardi he cn do.. because public is supporting him by voting… it shows where our society is leading..

          • sunilprakash

            Voting is all rubbish. Don’t vote and waste your money! It is the bigg boss who decides whom to keep in the house. Bigg Boss will kick out those who make less hungama/fighting out of nominated list. Just go over list of previous evicted candidates and you will come to know. Now you can also guess after watching nomination process today (5th Dec).

          • Cool

            You lot sound like a bunch of retards. If you can’t construct English sentences properly maybe you should all stick to keeping your views bottled up.
            Does anybody know anything about grammar?!!!???

  • Joti

    The last comment is right – the facts in the articles are inface not facts! He did try kick Pooja M!

  • raja

    mr. writer u r the biggest liar as all media reporters.
    salman never ever did badmouthing abt his any girlfreind,co-star or women.while aishwarya said very bad abt salman in press conference but inspite f this h never ever said any bad word abt ashwarya.though sangeeta,somi n katrina r his vey good,close freind n they say great abt salman.he also support,help them n says great abt them.he always helps his all co-star heroines,industry heroines n promote them bt never said bad ab any girl.
    while ashwarya,asha bhonsle,vidya balan,suzzane roshan,saroj khan,etc have said or tweeted bad abt him but he didnt react on thier badmouthing or negative tweets.

    • jay bhole

      then my deaer raja what was that leaked phone tapes of salu and ash where he try to threthed ash. does sallu pay u for this comment.

      • raja

        @jay bhole(media reporter), tht phone tape was proved fake in chandigarh lab.tht fake tape made by salman,s biggest enemy media as always. media try to put down his image.
        n tht tape came exactly at the time of his film MPKK
        release.MEDIA wanted to distress his carrier.
        media ne sallu ko dhamki bhi di thi tht hum tumhara
        carrier barbaad kar denge.thts y media always sallu
        k baarey main negative chalti hai.jiska fayda ye saare
        loosers(vivek,shakti,pooja,saroj khan,anurag etc)lete hain.

        • chootta boss


    • rav

      @raja…u need to take more money from salman khan…why shud any body be scared of salman..i m sure sid can beat him as the steroid bodies dun stand a hard punch…i promise i can knock him down in like couple of minutes…its not about muscles..its about the speed and heart

  • priya

    @raja, very well said.hatts off u.
    even after release bodygaurd film,tht pooja bedi was spreading very negativity abt bodygaurd film by her
    negative tweets bt inspite f this great salman behaved her well in bigg boss show n call her gr8 etc.
    vidya said bad abt salman bt he behaved well wen she came on previous bigg boss show for promoting her film.
    suzzane roshan,asha bhonsle, tweeted very bad about him but
    he never ever reacted on thier bad tweets.
    there r so many examples okk.
    aishwarya k badmouthing k baad bhi vo hamesha uski taarief karta hai.
    his sisters,mother,sister in law,co-star heroines say great about him.industry girls say tht he has golden heart,helping n great freind.
    u dont see how all his heroines did ramp walk for supporting his charitable trust.

    • Mugdha

      Priya you are out of mind, pooja bedi is gem of the person

  • pooja mishra

    POOJA MISHRA: siadhart was trying to hit my back.he came to beat me.but all contestants controlled n hold him tight
    for not beating me. and salmanji shouted sidhart
    for abusing,insulting mahek n gave warning o him for
    not trying to hit me again.thts the truth.
    after tht sidhart changed imdiately n try to do good behaviour n not violent wid mahek,me pooja mishra n all
    women in big boss house.
    i love u salmanji.u r great human being.

    • chootta boss


      • sony

        yes u r rite

  • ali

    please stop giving porn a platform to reach to the house of every one. only because of your show rating you are promoting a person who don’t have any regrets to be a porn star. please please please don’t do it not our culture

  • ali

    I am a very big fan of salman bhai all of his movies are family movie you can watch them with your family I hope so he will do some thing please don’t promote these people in your shows atleast not the one who r proud of being a porn star and have no regrets pls pls pls pls

    • chootta boss


  • ali

    please please stop giving porn a platform to reach to the house of every one. only because of your show rating you are promoting a person who don’t have any regrets to be a porn star. please please please don’t do it is not our culture

    • Jag

      Be honest and ask your self in mirror if you have seen or act any kind of porn or erotic things? Then judge others.

    • chootta boss


  • preeti

    mahek is a good human being who is always been targetted by loosers like sky n sid.. because they cannot stand a girl above them…. it shows their sick manly ego… n if a woman is being supported all other loosers around start saying bad words just because they want women to be humiliated all the time.. as being done by sky in the house. that is what pleases evryone’s eyes may be thats why he is still in the house..

    • chootta boss


  • chootta boss

    L AND L..

  • King

    You people are so narrow minded, when pooja missra grabbed siddardhs neck did any of you say a word? When pooja pushed past sid when she said she just woke up then blamed it on sid did you care then? Being physical with anyone male or female is wrong, if a emale can raise her voice or her hand to a guy then expect it to come back at them., FACT.. Mahek started thr fight with sid, even that morning she provoked him then he got mad and you all blame him? You guys in india should grow up, ask your self if pooja missra grabbed your neck how you would feel if she got away with it then salman shouts at you for words you said in an arguement you feel feel it was Unfair too.. Be honest with yourselves dont take sides and you will see whats right

    • vikki

      U R A narrow minded why R U bothered itsa a game Is sid related to U???

      • Mugdha

        King was right you are narrow minded vikki accept it

  • Jeet

    I love the way Shradhha said ..Pooja bedi hai koun wo fustrated aurat jisko saara umar koi kaam nehin mila…Love u Shradhha

    • vikki

      pooja budi khud ko kya samajthi hai??? itna akadti hai?? khud ka toh ghar nahi bacha saki ??

  • Jeet

    Sky’s Mother has two nurses but Sky got 3 — GUess

    Pooja Budhi

    • vikki

      kya sahi kaha wah wah wah wah !

    • Aria

      SO TRUE!!!!

  • Anand


    Big Boss how are you ….

  • sean

    why only siddhart aakash also needs to b screwed.

  • sheila

    i think salman is so biased……..his latest hit is SKY……….i think going in the house and attacking only sky was not done!!!!!!!

    • sony

      why always sky why not mahek

  • Mugdha

    Salman’ time is over, he needs to chill now. Love Ms. Bedi and Sky, they are too good on the show and Mahek is just a useless thing for me. Being a girl I don’t want to say anything for her but she is not that good. Or we don’t know what’s cooking between Mahek and Salman. Pooja Bedi is the best!