Posted Wed, October 12, 2011 4:57pm IST

Read on to know what happens on Day 10 of Bigg Boss 5

The day starts with Pooja Misrra washing the dishes without any complaints. Shraddha Sharma joins her in the garden. The two start bonding and expressing their views about the other housemates. The two also reach an agreement that if Pooja Misrra survives eviction this week, then they will not vote against each other during the next week’s nominations.

Juhi Parmar addresses a concern about the dishwashing task that Pooja Misrra has been assigned for this week. While being seated in the dining area, she points out to Pooja Misrra that the dishes are not being washed properly and they continue to remain greasy. A surprisingly quiet Pooja Misrra accepts what is being said without creating any conflict and agrees to pay more attention while washing the dishes.

Amar Upadhyay is given a special task for the day. He is asked to nominate two people for the post of captain for the coming week. Amar decides to discuss the issue with his fellow housemates before locking in on two candidates. Juhi and Mahek Chahal discuss whether Lakshmi Tripathi would be a good choice for captaincy for the coming week and decide that maybe she is not ready to take up this responsibility. In order to warn them about probable groupism inside the house, Shakti Kapoor calls Amar, Mandeep Belvi and Shraddha to his room and discusses the nominations plan. He asks for everyone’s opinion to make sure that they are not the target for the next round of nominations and also make Vida Samadzai the captain for the next week.

When Juhi walks up to Lakshmi and explains to her that she is not a good candidate for captaincy, it does not sit well with Lakshmi. She talks to Amar about the upcoming captain nominations. While the two are talking, Pooja Misrra joins the discussion with her views and also reveals her feelings about Pooja Bedi. Meanwhile, Shraddha and Shakti decide that it’s time to form their own group and take a decision to start alienating someone from the rest of the house soon. Mandeep and Mahek soon join their discussion.

Noticing Pooja Misrra’s reformed avatar, Shonali Nagrani apologises to her for being judgemental and mistreating her in the house. This does not sit well with Shonali’s friend in the house, Mahek who calls her diplomatic and two-faced. Not buying any of the apologies that are coming her way, Pooja Misrra admits to Amar that she finds it very difficult to trust the people in the house and believes they are fake.

Juhi holds the discussion about the weekly task where she points out everybody’s shortcomings. The contestants vehemently deny the allegations and stand for what they are doing and believe it is being done properly. Juhi breaks down when they get really aggravated and call each other names.