Posted Tue, October 4, 2011 4:54pm IST

Read on to know what happens on Day 2

In the morning, the women in the house are surprised to see Shakti Kapoor dressed in a flowing gown like nightsuit. They pull his leg over the outfit and Shakti is quite a sport, joining them in the conversation. Meanwhile, Nihita who is trying to gel with the contestants tries to strike a conversation with Shakti. While the actor is on the treadmill, Nihita keeps yapping on various topics. Shakti calmly listens to her and the reason for it is concealed ear plugs! Shatki who has decided to give up alcohol while in the Bigg Boss house. He speaks about how his alcohol addiction has impacted his family and him over the past 37 years. He says that Bigg Boss is the perfect platform for him to tell his story. He also reveals how his addiction screwed up his relationship with a lot of people in the industry. He is especially sad about losing his friendship with the one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood.

Weekly task:

Titled ‘Pahiya Ghumao, Kismat Chamkao’, this week’s task will see the contestants teaming up to fulfill the objective and earn points that will help determine their budgeting and rationing for the coming week. The task involves them riding a rickshaw and taking it to different cities that are marked on a map that is provided to the contestants. They will then perform an act based on the peculiarities of the city that they have reached. At all times, one of them will have to lead the rickshaw and keep pedalling so that the street lamp placed beside the cycle rickshaw remains lit! The first stop is Delhi and the theme is Formula One. Captain Shakti Kapoor dresses as a Formula One driver and the female contestants as pit girls. The performer of the day, Raageshwari aka ‘Miss lady Raga’ is the official singer for the opening of the Indian F1 race, complete with a Lady Gaga style weirdo outfit. But after all the entertainment, a catfight happens between Nihita Biswas and Shradha Sharma. Will this turn out into a huge brawl or will they patch up? See tonight’s pictures below

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