BIGG BOSS 5: Shonali Nagrani eliminated from house

One of the only two contestants who has been in the house since the start of the show was asked to leave yesterday

Shonali Nagrani’s Bigg Boss 5 journey has come to an end. The IPL anchor managed to survive 75 days and several eliminations but her luck ran out on Saturday (December 17). Shonali used to dance to the wake up song every morning and even became good friends with Siddharth Bhardwaj. Shonali was always seen hanging out with him during rough times. Siddharth would seek her shoulder whenever he was in trouble. The duo was seen bonding quite often in the show. Shonali would teach Siddharth how to cook, keep his calm and motivate him in not giving up easily. Shonali was the preferred cook for the housemates, didn’t cause unnecessary fights and was an effective buffer between Sid and his foes. Looks like Sid is going to miss a good friend.