BIGG BOSS 5: Shraddha Sharma and Pooja Bedi face off

Posted Tue, October 25, 2011 5:06pm IST

It may be the peaceful festival of lights for us, but for the housemates of Bigg Boss 5, it is still the time for fights and back-biting. Read on to know what happens on Day 23

The day started with a big fight between Shraddha Sharma and Pooja Bedi over an omlette. Pooja Bedi seems to dislike Shraddha’s cooking. The two argue and finally Pooja Bedi decides to make her own breakfast. After breakfast, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar discussed Raageshwari Loomba’s eviction and how the increase in fights since her exit must be affecting her. Shraddha involved herself in the conversation and a few heated words were exchanged between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha.

Bored with the negativity that 10 women and three men brought to the house, Vida Samadzai shared her disappointment with Bigg Boss and said she hoped more men entered the house soon so that the contestants could engage in something other than back-biting and hypocrisy.

A task was announced in the house where contestants were given masks, capes and gloves and were asked to come up with a superhero name and a super power. Contestants were also asked to perform to a song where Lakshmi Tripathi was made choreographer. While the song was playing and the contestants were performing, Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal entered the house in a superhero costume. When Sky entered, he danced seductively with Lakshmi and she pulled off his mask. After everyone had greeted him, the song continued and Sky also continued to dance with Lakshmi.

It seems that the newcomer got his first friend in the house. Lakshmi took Sky into a room and made him aware about the catfights going on in the house and warned him to stay away from the controversies. Sky, in turn, told her about what is going on in the outside world.

Another fight broke out between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha when the latter called her aunty. Pooja Bedi asked Shakti to support her on this but he completely ignored her which caused her to lose her temper and share her woes with Amar Upadhyay. Shakti had decided not to talk to any woman in the house therefore he didn’t reply to Pooja Bedi but Pooja Bedi believes that Shakti doesn’t respect her and their 22-year-old friendship. Shonali Nagrani tried to calm Pooja Bedi down but she yelled at her too and tried to portray Shakti negatively.

The weekly task was announced. To celebrate Diwali, the contestants were split into teams of two and asked to make candles. The team that will achieve the target of making 500 candles first, will be declared winner of the task.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sarah

    lol its soo funny

    • Gaz

      Pooja baddy lives up to her name. She is truly evil, calculating and manipulative. Shradha’s only fault is that she is too daft to argue properly. Mahek is seriously warped (and quite ugly). Juhi looks like a dumpling. The only decent person in the house is shakti- at least his calm composure is showing a level of dignity that the others don’t have!

      • Santoshi

        If anyone is Rational in BB5 its Pooja Bedi.
        She is not evil,instead she looks things form everyone prspective..
        HEr reasonableness is very sound…SHraddha Varma is straight out from Gutter–Her nomination really brought out her true color’s
        Insulting Pooja bedi for her age calling her AUnty..And what not..Is utter rubbish..
        EVen Shakto Kapoor the SHakuni Mama was backstabbing Bedi..He arlier said that he wants to be a COnfidante of Pooja Bedi–I think Pooja knows him well and hence did not confide…
        Pooja Mishra is tsill in the house..Will Wonder’s never Cease?
        I hate that Pooja Mishra and SHraddha

        • Santoshi

          (Earlier POst has Too many TYpos…Fixed)

          If anyone is Rational in BBoss 5 its Pooja Bedi.
          She is great–People are carrying grudges with her due to her notorious Bohemain outlook in life..PLease dont target her!…SHe is awesome….
          She is not evil,instead she looks things form everyone perspective…
          Her reasonableness is very sound…Shraddha Varma is straight out from Gutter–Her nomination really brought out her true color’s
          Insulting Pooja bedi for her age calling her Aunty..and what not..Is utter rubbish..
          Even Shakti Kapoor,who is as cheap inside as he is outside… the SHakuni Mama was backstabbing Bedi..He earlier requested to Bedi that he wants to be a Confidant’e of Pooja Bedi–I think Pooja knows him well and hence did not confide…
          Pooja Mishra is still in the house..Will Wonder’s never Cease?
          I hate that Pooja Mishra and Shraddha
          They should be Thrown out!!!..Bad apples!!

          • divya

            How can anyone support Pooja Bedi.

            She is such a bully. Sophistcated Witch , who thinks others to be trash.

            They have been attacking Pooja Mishra and now Shraddha because in Bigg Boss’s house they want only their voice to be heard loud and clear ( Mahek, Juhi and Pooja ) and feel that if other’s do it they are from the gutter.

            She tried targeting Shakti but he is sensible enough not to give any importance to such pple

      • siddharth

        ur right but mehek is so dominating she doesnt give a chance to talk and she will make fun of every one arey its a game yaar sweet hona padtha hai jeetna hai tho but they are not hurting each other na just talking sweetly thats it mehek prolonged discussion with shonali thats great job by her she nominated directly next exit mehek .

        • jaunty

          Pooja Mishara is such a big Drama. First she take panga with everyone and then she acts innocent.She intentionaly hit sid and then used bad language and then demanded respect ke aurat k izzat karo, arre first behave like a lady to earn respect. Ms Mishra is PSYCO and imitating Dolly Bindra.

      • john

        shradda is the best contestent in big boss..She should lift and throw pooja bedi out of the house

        • Gaz

          Who thinks juhi looks like someone’s old, fat, spectacled grandma?

          • Soni

            I do…!! Let’s all vote mehek out next as she is the biggest evil witch in there!!

  • Indian Girl

    Shraddha Sharma is such a CHEAP girl…
    No. 1 Tuchchi ladki hai… itni Badtameez, Un mannered..
    Un cultural aur bahut hi Gandi ladki hai…
    SO CHEAP…….

    • SHAAN


      In the Big Boss House, all of them target her, then wt she will do?, Pooja bedi is not doing anything alse,

      • Moonz

        Shraddha Sharma should be evicted. She is misbehaving with everyone. Doesnot have manners at all. It is a gane after all and everyone will have to nominate each other, but that does not mean that the person who is nominated starts shouting at others. She should learn from Raags…

      • Libish

        Shradha, hats off to you…U have done a tremendous Job. Whatever u be in your real life, I do not care..but wht I saw in Big boss is really impressive…Mahek is a complete null character, nd I wonder whether she know wht she does…She behaves completely like a moron trying to destroy d environment of d house…Pooja Bedi n Juhi is d wirst women I have seen in my life…I want someone in big boss house to screw Juhi with sharp nd meaningful words…

    • siddharth

      she is frustrated because she is attacked by mehek but shraddha should not be so rude but mehek is so dominating she should be eliminated soon .

  • mobi

    Pooja Bedi is such a wicked and mad person…she wants to dictate everyone…from d beginning shes doin groupism…who does she think she is…n y shd Shakti support her…bully!

  • baz

    pooja b is a bully

  • Anika


    • Nergish

      I agree with you all of them are evil.
      Vida is very shrewd lady. She is also behaving as she is a saint inside.

      • Papusubu

        I totally agree with you she thinks if she fights with pooja misra she will be getting attention from pooja bedi gang and I don’t think she shows less attitude she is the worst and thinks men will flattered and keep her baby watch it its a game.

  • Anika


  • nenashah

    how strange Shraddha Sharma is normenated this week so she is showing her true colours.she is so annoying i think it time for her to go

  • Nergish

    Pooja Bedi has had her share of glamour. She is the mother now and still she behaves awful with everybody. She thinks what she says is right. She brain washes all the others around her. She is so evil the fact that Shakti did not reply her she started all her nonsense blame game. She acts so so superficial specially when she laughs. I hope she is evicted this week. God knows how many reality shows she wants to do.
    Mahek sticks to one statement and fights only on that one statement.
    I salute to Shradha who is the only one inside who has fixed: 1) Laxmi 2) Pooja Bedi, 3) Mahek. Sharadha fights to the point. You can see sharp tongue twisted people like 1) to 3) above had no words to give back to Shradha.

    • NerhishsPapa

      God help u sl u t face for supporting a wh ore like Shradha Sharma

    • sunil

      yes u r right pooja bedi should be evicted so should mahek

  • noorkhan_khanzade

    so smart bipasha

  • kaz

    pochoja bedi and her gang are just bullies