BIGG BOSS 5: Shraddha Sharma is out! Does that mean the show is scripted?

BIGG BOSS 5: Shraddha Sharma is out! Does that mean the show is scripted?

Former Bigg Boss housemate Kamaal R Khan had claimed that the entire show is fake, had correctly predicted Shraddha will be evicted

We had told you how Kamaal R Khan was tweeting to his followers that Bigg Boss 5 is not authentic reality television, and that the show was actually scripted. He had even correctly predicted that Pooja Bedi and Pooja Misrra will be evicted the week before last, and they were thrown out. He also claimed last week that Shraddha Sharma will be the next to go. And she was eliminated last Friday. So is he right? Is everything on the show – fights, tasks, captains, eliminations – preplanned? Do the contestants know when they go in what they are supposed to do? Kamaal, who was part of Bigg Boss 3, is not the only one to make such a seemingly outrageous claim. Payal Rohatgi, who had entered the Bigg Boss 2 house, also claimed that the show is scripted. With Kamaal’s predictions coming true, we are slowly beginning to agree with him. The Khan tweeted on December 4, ‘I predicted long ago tat the winner of #BiggBoss5 will be one out of 1. Sidhart 2. Mahak 3. Amar. I shall predict final name after 2 weeks.’ We can’t wait to find out who he claims will win – Siddharth Bhardwaj, Mahek Chahal or Amar Upadhyay.

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  • raju

    kamal khan jootha hai, koi kaam nahi milta to bas aaise he ulte seede post karta rehta hai,

    • Rhea

      I feel kamal khan is totally right…

      • Annie

        I Agree With Kamal Khan.

  • scbhatnagar

    Why always celebrities are taken in bigg boss. I want to write that ordinary indian citize should also be taken as participants with some celebrities. Can take interviews. I trust next time Big Boss will look after it. If possible can introduce some of them in this show also. A beautiful mother with her small child can also be introduced in the show to make it more interesting.

    • Smarty

      show is really scripted..and it is really bad every time Bigg boss is inviting foreigners on show..even if in India we have more talented and deserving people with good character!!!

      Its really shame…

  • riga

    OF course! it is scripted..BB is the biggest game player.. they want trash like sky, sid n juhi in the show for the TRPs.

    • Reet

      ya true..specially after watching yesterday’s episode where housemates saved Porn actress and that pathetically bad looser Sky!!anyone can understand its very much scripted!!

      • Nidhi

        Very true !! Sky , Sunny and Juhi should be thrown out of the show. Just imagine they are portraying a porn star as an innocent angel. What a disgust !!

  • DEV


  • kiran randhawa

    sky is a trouble maker in this house..i hate him

  • maria

    Yes,Bigg Boss is scripted.No one want to save porn.In India no one want to waste money on porn by givining her votes,but still she is in the house how?Sky & Juhi both r friends since 2008,they were participated in Comedy Circus2 thats why wo dono friendship nibharahe hai.they don’t have any problem with each other.

  • sam

    should not go shrdha out and slos we want pooja mi come back show is dam rally out sky and suuny and suali and sedhart form hous

  • Aaisha

    I hate SKY, SUNNY n JUHI. They should be thrown of the show. They have made one group n scaring everyone. JUHI Is their leader. I dont like her.

  • out

    So sad Amar being bullied by sky ,suuny and juhi such cunning people! Plus Sunny a porn star trying to act all smart and showing her true colors that she is pea brained!
    Amar- good family guy
    Sky- a cheap skate and big nasty bully
    Sunny- a pea brained dumb woman
    Sid- a good guy but someone whom u cant blv
    Juhi- smart cunning and the biggest underdog!