Posted Wed, October 19, 2011 4:51pm IST

Read what happens on Day 17 in the Bigg Boss 5 house

The housemates wake up and continue with their weekly task of being parents and kids. The overgrown children are having a gala time, as they get to play all day and their parents pamper them while giving the kids everything they ask for. The parents, though a little annoyed, seem to be enjoying the roles assigned to them. Shakti Kapoor and Siddharth Bhardwaj contemplate about ‘captain nominations’ for the coming week.

The duo analyses and evaluates every contestant to figure out who will be the best person for the role of captain. Siddharth is called into the confession room and asked to select two people out of which any one would be elected as captain for the following week. Though Sid doesn’t reveal to the housemates why he had been called into the confession room, a nervous Mahek Chahel gives a hint to him about who should be nominated for the captain’s position. Later, Siddharth is called back into the confession room to enumerate his final selection. Bigg Boss then reveals the names to the other contestants in the house and permits them to campaign and lobby for votes so that they are elected for the position.

Meanwhile, Mandeep Bevli and Shakti discuss Siddharth’s inclusion in Pooja Bedi’s gang and how this will strengthen their group while exposing the others to elimination. Amar Upadhyay mocks Siddharth and his lack of tact and Mahek also expresses her views about the newcomer in the house. Amar is given a secret task until daybreak to convince seven members of the house to call a re-nomination for the post of captain and give their decision to Bigg Boss or convince Siddharth to change his decision in front of the camera. Amar puts in full effort to try to change the minds of the contestants who originally seemed satisfied with Siddharth’s decision.

Ending the captaincy discussion and ensuing tension, Bigg Boss adds a fun twist to the weekly task. ‘The kids’ of the house are allotted a task of organising a birthday party for Siddharth, whose nickname for the weekly task is Chinku. They are required to decorate the house, make personalised greeting cards, a birthday cake and provide entertainment for the entire group. Raageshwari Loomba, who has been renamed Doll for the weekly task, is asked to lead the preparations for the bachcha party. The ‘parents’ and ‘kids’ alike look at this as a chance to forget about their differences and have some fun.

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