BIGG BOSS 5: Siddharth Bhardwaj apologises to Pooja Misrra; Sky to Shonali Nagrani!

Posted Fri, December 9, 2011 7:53pm IST

It’s a season of apologies on Bigg Boss 5. Read on to find out what happens on Day 68 in the house!

The day starts with yet another apt wake up song, Kehta hai joker sara zamana. All the housemates are seen in the swimming pool doing water aerobics. All were having a hearty laugh and Andrew Symonds too had a ball with his new made friends. Post the swimming session, Sky and Shonali are seen in the bathroom area. Sky reaches out to Shonali, hugs her and apologises for his rude behavior during the jail task. The two sort out their differences like mature adults. After that Sky and Juhi sit in the captain’s room and chat. Sky convinces Juhi that he did not mean to lie or cheat her at any time. He explains to her that it was all for the sake of winning the task. Juhi gets emotional and comments about how she gets affected only when Sky is in the picture, hearing which Sky apologises and gives her a tight hug. The duo makes up and things are cool with them again.

Later, Pooja Misrra, Sky, Amar and Juhi are hanging out in the captain’s room. Here the housemates are all discussing Pooja Misrra’s image created in the outside world. Pooja tells about the harsh reality that she faced after leaving the Bigg Boss 5 house. She adds that since she is an unmarried girl it is just too much to handle in a society like ours. She talks about how people were comparing her knack of violence with the likes of KRK. She also adds her bit on the embarrassment faced by her family and friends. All the housemates sympathise with her and assure her that they would do all in their power to help her get out of this mess. The housemates then console Pooja and tell her not to worry about anything.

In a while, the house phone rings and Siddharth is the first one to pick it up so Bigg Boss gives him a special task. After this the captain’s nominatiosn takes place. A new captain is declared by an election. Sky is then seen in the green room with Siddharth, where he explains to Siddharth about how deeply hurt Pooja is and that he needs to be have bigger heart and apologise to her. The very same minute, Pooja walks int. Siddharth takes this opportunity and tells Pooja that he is very regretful of their past incident and tells her that she is not such a violent person by nature. He also says that her behaviour changed only due to the heat of the situation. Pooja says her side of the story and the duo hugs and compromises.

The daily task was introduced in the form of a small barbrque party organised by Bigg Boss in order to welcome Andrew Symonds and appreciate the completion of the Jail task successfully. Post the party, Mahek bitches about Juhi’s self obsessed nature and how she can stoop to any level in order to demean or degrade anyone. Meanwhile Siddharth is seen defending his stand on the whole issue and tries to prove his innocence. In the end Siddharth is extremely nervous and goes to Pooja Misrra and apologises over and over again.

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  • Aaisha

    It is very unfair.. Now, all da contestants r attacking Siddharth n blaming him for spoiling poojas image. It was fully her mistake for pushing him n being voilent. Even l am scare of her facial expressions n her loud voice. SKY N AMAR r the one to blame for encouraging her to fight. POOJA, u r a voilent person. Its ur nature, pls leave Sid alone.

    • shah

      yes i like sid he is very good he is little emotional but he is nice person. pooja u are voilent person,do not try to attack on sid

      • big boss

        poja m is a psycho biatch.

        • ashok giri

          sid is natural guy in house , he should win, juhi is very clever and fake , amar and sky are fake

          • Siddharth shud win

            Sidharth is arrogant but without pretentions. He should win this show. People isolate someone to the corner when they are insecured and find him/her a threat to their own standing.

  • Frankly

    Pooja Misssra is an incarnation of devil. Devil are liked by the people in Kalyug. It is pain to see this psycho is intimidating the kid like sid in second inning . I am feeling like to protect Sid.
    Pooja Missra is an violent person is an understatement.

  • neru

    what ever happend with pooja missra,she is herself responsible for that.


    How dare she says she is not violent! Ha ha! Violence! Thy name is Pooja Mishra. Not only violent, she used to behave so cheap. She used to express only her opinions and was not allowing anybody to open their mouth. If anybody wants to give some clarification or something, she knows to utter only one word- “spare me”. Irritating character!


    How dare she says she is not violent! Ha ha! Violence! Thy name is Pooja Mishra. Not only violent, she used to behave so cheap. She used to express only her opinions and was not allowing anybody to open their mouth. If anybody wants to give some clarification or something, she knows to utter only one word- “spare me”. Irritating character!
    No. This is my first comment.


    Amar,Sky nd Juhi are very manipulative nd will stoop to any level to win this game.

  • Anju

    POOJA MISRA is an irritating character. She is all about herself only and refuses to listen to anybody else. She and Sky should be out of the show as soon as possible. They are too dirtily manipulative.

  • DEEBA asif

    I hate sky juhi and amar because they are very manipulative.ek baat mai bigg boss show se kahna chati hun jab SID kuch karta hai to use salman and sanjy ji dant phatkar lagate hai jab ke sky SID se jaida gandi baate karta hai to uss se kuch nahi kaha jata hai

    • Arshad

      Totally agree.. sky to ekdum bekar character hai.. he has superiority complex…same with Mahek… i think Sid is the best… But he is emotional toh uska ye log faida uthate hai…

  • Arshad

    I hope Sid does not get eliminated yaar… ek wohi hai jo genuine dikta hai ghar me…

  • pari

    sky juhi ammar n violent pooja is very bad character they shuld b out…they all r not deserving. mehak shuld win thz show nn today i bet that shonali will b evict 4rm big boss house….

    • Mehboob

      Get ur head cheaked mahek is the course of all this argument about time she is out next should be Sid no character trying to hit woman thank god sky was their who was holding him.

  • Satyakam

    Pooja Missra concerned about her marriage, any taker to get marriad with her?

    • Ramesh Sharma

      It will tke one hell of a man to marry Pooja Mishra.

    • big boss

      sumbody mad will do that..

  • Rajesh

    Juhi rejoicing entry of symonds by saying now we can speak in english as english is her mother tounge such pseudo should be kicked out by indian entertainment industry.

    • danie

      very true..she is surely fit to b sky’s sister..she is really playing a very dirty game, pretending as if she is unbias bt she is not..looser!

  • Laxmi

    I m agree..

  • Laxmi

    I hate PM .. Sid is very right.. Everybody attacking him..i like to save him

  • Laxmi

    Big boss is not good with simon. When sunny came Sid was with her every time. Big boss called her ask her whats going on N c has special task. But noth for Simon. PM suppose to be with simon every time but c is bg wth other. Big boss suppose to do someth for him. There is a big parcility between sunny n simon.

  • Ramesh Sharma

    haha. Pooja Mishra is real out of norm. Real example of pseudo, who is seriously came from some different planet. I am sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Mishra for their parenting and raising such weird charcter..

  • Sonali

    Sid is the only deserving one. All housemates are trying to convince audience that he is responsible for all thing and want his eviction but audience is not a fool. They too have eyes and can judge. Sky is the characterless one, juhi pretends to be unbiased but she is fake and amar is the real game player. Sid is emotional. Pooka mishra should apologize him. Mishra is psycho. We have seen how she is right from the beginning.

  • Don-2

    Sid has a point.. Sid is also a guy if he had not reacted at that time everyone would have said that “He is the person who had a fight with PM nd PM pushed him”.. Violent term suits PM alot.. Sid is the right person.. I support Sid.. Actually my fav. member in the house is Mehak but she was eliminated last night.. I miss her alot but now I will support Sid..

  • Don-2

    I also thought ki Sonali will be out but I was shocked to see that Mahek got eliminated.. I loved her alot.. I badly wanted her to win the show..

  • danie

    i personally feel that sid is d only genuine person left in d house after, juhi n amar r really tv shop characters, not fit to exist in real lyf..three of them can go to any level just to win d show..they r talking about maturity..shame on them, especially juhi..i relly want to give her a nice slap..she is surely fit to be sky’s sis. she is pretending as if she is unbias but she is not..she must know that she possessed a very cheap n typical idiotic character….we hate u……….

  • Dhiraj

    i personally feel that sid is d only genuine person in house…..

    • Anjali

      So true, he is the only 1 who deserves to win and he is the only 1 who has some quality.

  • sam

    hallo all pm is not val is wrong

    • sam

      we thanks all pm back home but please dont say pm is vld not good yar pm she is right not worong i 100% sure withe here yaar look sid and sky and amar and sunaly and suuny they should go out form home ok they are form beging makeing game if u see it open your eyes all pelase pelase vod pm pm .. am was shok mahake was out is big shok rall for all how she go out sid in home and sunail home mahake go ok this is big game am not undrestand rall sorry all

  • human

    I don’t think its public that send PM back.I must be a politics by organizers.

  • litun

    I don’t think PM has come back to prove herself . Rather she is doing the same that she does best . Sid should win this show , coz he is the only genuine person left inside the house .

  • riyana carlo

    sid should win