Posted Tue, January 3, 2012 6:45pm IST

With five days left for the grand finale, it is time for reflection on Day 93 in the Bigg Boss 5 house

The contestants wake up to the song Paisa paisa. When they walk to the garden, they notice a bag full of cash. They realise that any one of them who is sure he or she won’t win the final prize of Rs 1 crore has the option of taking the bag of cash and walking out. Siddharth Bhardwaj discusses with Mahek Chahal that the amount in the bag will increase every day to tempt the housemates. As the day progresses, Siddharth and Sky get into a small argument over a task. Mahek, Juhi Parmar and Amar Upadhyay join them and start taking sides. As a result of that argument, Mahek and sky start another argument. Sky accuses Mahek of taking revenge for everything he has done to her on the show. Mahek retorts that he should stop accusing her of doing things that she hasn’t done.

The housemates are upset with all the negativity and they start discussing their happiest moments in the house. Sid recalls the moment when Mahek told him he has managed to win her heart. Juhi says it was the moment her husband entered the house to be with her. Sky remembers the time when the entire house was against him, but Pooja Bedi stood up for him and asked him to stay strong.

However, these remembrances don’t dispel the negative atmosphere entirely. As the day ends, Sid and Mahek discuss Amar’s spineless behaviour. Sid tells Mahek that a few days back, Sky had made fun of Amar and his family, but now Amar is bonding very well with him. Sid reveals that he is ashamed he supported Amar all the time. Now that Sky is being a sweet guy, Amar has not only stopped being with the rest of them, but is also complaining about them to Sky.