BIGG BOSS 5: Sky calls Lakshmi Tripathi two-faced

Posted Thu, November 3, 2011 5:08pm IST

The fights continue on Day 32 in the Bigg Boss 5 house

Siddharth Bhardwaj is swimming in the pool early in the morning when Mahek Chahal passes by. An upset Mahek points a finger at Siddharth and tells him that for now he can get away with staying out of the situation but she will soon get back to him and teach him a lesson. Siddharth tells her to bring it on and accuses her of being very unreasonable.

The day has yet another fight with Siddharth bursting out at Vida Samadzai as she had accused him of being immature. Vida had told him to stay away from her the previous night when Mahek was very emotional about her outburst with Sky. A stubborn Siddharth still went ahead and brought the topic of Vida accusing him of eating too much dal. Vida shooed him away from the scene by telling him that her friend’s emotions are more important than his stupid childish behaviour.

Sky explains to Shonali Nagrani that she needs to stop mediating as that lands her in trouble without her noticing. Sometime later, an agitated Mahek lashes out at Sky for the embarrassment that he had caused her previous night. She is extremely furious and abuses and accuses him of being totally inhuman. She is very aggressive and warns him that she will teach him a lesson for his misbehaviour. Sky fights back and accuses her further and calls her a dustbin and walks away.

After all the trauma, torture and chaos the housemates are left in a very vulnerable state. Shonali, the ex-captain of the house, is found extremely confused and spaced out. She sits at the dining table with Sky, Mandeep Belvi and others, and bursts into tears as she is absolutely clueless about what is happening in the house and doubts everybody’s intentions. A while later, Sky and Siddharth sit in the verandah and discuss the post effects of the fight. Sky expresses that he hates Lakshmi Tripathi.

Sky tells Siddharth that Lakshmi is a two-faced woman who just pretends to be fair all the time to gain everyone’s attention. She is actually a diplomatic person who contradicts herself by bitching about others all the time and supporting her friends even when they are wrong. Also, he accuses Amar of being a sissy and staying out of the entire scene. Looks like the men in the house are no lesser than the women when it comes to gossiping!

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  • diamonds

    Shonali is confused! HAHAHA! Shonali is the reason behind the misunderstanding and fight between Mahek and Sky and Vida and Sid. She is playing innocent and she does her dramabazi when she gets caught.

    She is too dumb and weak to fight on face so creates misunderstanding and trouble from behind. She is worst than anyone else. She cannot be trusted one bit. Mahek was right about one thing that Shonali is a meethi churi.

    • Mimie

      I totally agree with diamonds…. Shonali is the one who created all these misunderstandings and no one seems to be getting there. She pretends to be so innocent which totally isnt the case.

      • silver

        i too totally agree with diamonds,deception is hidden behind’s Shonal’s innocent face. She is the root cause for all the current mess in the house…

  • amu

    I totally agree with diamonds…. shonali is the reasons for all the fight, but what the hell is pooja mishra and mandeep doing they are trying to make footage in between the fight.i just cant stop laughing after watching last 20 seconds of pooja mishras clip in this video LOL

  • monk

    Is Akash Dolly Bindra’s son and is Pooja Misra related to her? All their personalities are alike…

    • diamonds

      Sky is the most manipulative, scheming, and dangeous housemate in the Biggboss and second is Mandeep.

      • sathyaprabha

        I totally agree to what you said

  • monika

    Ye mehek hai bohat chalu chij hai ladki ke namm pe daag. muze pata hai past ka kichad nahi ucchhalna chahiye lekin ye mehek other housemate ko pravok karti hai uksati hai streat forword kehati hai lekin o kuch or hi lagati hai. use ghar se nikalana chaliye

  • aaa

    Fake show + flop show= 0 TRP

  • diamonds

    Mandeep, you have no shame of judging what Mahek is wearing in the house. The ugly games of plotting, scheming and causing so much havoc in the house is your creation. You and Sky are the most dangerous and manipulators of the house. I really hope n pray you are thrown out this week.

    Mahek has done wrong things in the house as well but atleast she has stood up and had confrontations. You are always SILENTLY attacking from the back.

    Remember you told Pooja Missra to vote for herself and Shraddha. You started the problems.

    Your smatness will land you in huge trouble one day.

    You don’t do anything in the house so automatically you should be disqualified. If you knew you are sick, why you even came to the house. If you spent some time working in the house, your idle mind would not be a devil den