BIGG BOSS 5: Sky fights with Mahek, makes her cry

Posted Wed, November 2, 2011 6:50pm IST

Big fights are the norm between the Bigg Boss 5 housemates now

Day 31 starts with Bigg Boss assigning Pooja Misrra the task of selecting two people as candidates for captainship. After much deliberation and discussion with other contestants, Pooja names the two people out of whom the captain for the coming week will be elected. In the evening, an argument breaks out between Shraddha Sharma and Sky (Akashdeep). When Sky asks Shraddha who she would elect as the captain for the coming week, Shraddha tells him that her decision was only for Bigg Boss to know. This cheeky response irritates him because he feels he has asked a very simple question. Shraddha, however, ignores him and says that she was suffering from a stomach ache and doesn’t want to talk about the captaincy nominations. Shraddha shares her conversation with Sky with the other housemates, who are impressed by her maturity in handling the situation without losing her cool. Post his argument with Shraddha, Sky approaches Amar with the same question. Amar, too, has no interest in disclosing his choice or continuing the conversation.

Near dinner time, a huge misunderstanding takes place which adds to the troubled atmosphere prevalent inside the Bigg Boss 5 house. Mahek is talking about Sky’s personality to the housemates, which he happens to overhear. He tries to confront Mahek and the fight takes a turn for the worse. An enraged Sky starts pulling out the skeletons from Mahek’s closet and provokes her to fight with him. Mahek loses her cool and lashes out at him. However, after a while, she breaks down and everyone helps her to her bedroom. Realising his folly, Sky apologises to Mahek but Mahek she is in no mood to listen.

As if the huge fight between Sky and Mahek was not enough, another misunderstanding takes place between Siddharth and Vida which leaves the housemates wondering whether fights would be the order of the day going forward.

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  • vasuvi

    y is that no action is being taken on inmates who discuss nominations,isn’t that one of the rules in bigg boss house…

    • sam

      Exactly – it seems that there is no punishment for it…what the hell was the jail there for? lol

      • jessica

        What the hell is happening yaar? Sky did something really worse today, I don’t know what is Mahek past Whatever it may be its none of Sky’s business to take it!!!

        More ever Even Mandeep is silent planner, she is nominating Pooja Misra to be the caption for her own benefit, As If Mandeep is competing with Pooja Misra for sure Pooja Misra has got mroe chances to stay in the house so she wants Pooja to be out of nomination this week so that Mandeep has more chances when compared to Amar !!! and MAhek is also for sure to be staying int he house after this big incident … I feel she will be the winner of Bigg Boss 5 !!!

        Amar, Mandeep and Saradha all r actors yaar playing things around!!!!!

        Shonali is the cause of both the fights today (Vida and Sid) (Sky and Mahek) and even the fight between Mahek and Pooja bedi… no one is noticing it !!!

        • June

          I totally agree with you shonali was the reason for the fights and quietly playing her games and what wrong with pooja mishra, she really needs help

        • Nidha Kaur

          I totally agree about Shonali being the cause of the fights today.
          She sparked the fight between Mahek and Sky saying that Sky said something about negative energy and that’s what Mahek was talking about. And Shonali kept changing the way she quoted what Sky had said. Also, the “dal” issue. She has her own version of story and then she goes here and there and tells people and creats fights.

        • diamonds

          totally agree!

          She started by saying Sky is saying there is negative vibes and then she lied about what Vida said about Sid eating too much food. And then when she got caught, she is pretending that she doesn’t remember how many times she said that. She is the biigest liar and has no guts to fight so she goes behind people to create misunderstandings.
          WATCH OUT FROM HER!!!!!!!!!

    • diamonds

      i dont think any hour go by without discussing nominations.

  • Juned

    This show is useless and abusive,,,,,,,,,

  • Rajnikant Sharma

    I regularly follow BB5 , but after todays episode of AKASH (SKY)’s behaviour in the argument with Mahek. I promise I will never watch ? Patronise any show / program which has SKY in it.

    No Regards.

  • sweta verma sunder

    BB5 seems to be the worst season and I personally am not enjoying watching it. I strongly recommend that the housemates are asked not to use abusive language and that Pooja Mishra and Akash be asked to leave immediately. They are not fit to be their in the house. The behaviour of most of the female housemates is also woefully very bad and not as seen normally. Ladies usually donot behave like this. Each one of them is a responsible citizen and consciously or unconsciously is sending a message to the viewer. Unfortunately it has been negative till now. This should be immediately stopped.

  • Rima

    This Sky guy is the worst, and after seeing how he behaved with Mahek today, anyone would feel that he is the one who needs to be chucked out of the house this moment. Equally irritating is that cry baby Sidharth who has been hanging around Sky’s tail like an idiot.

  • Ria

    I wonder what darkness lurks in Mahek’s past that she is so ashamed to talk? I mean, she doesn’t mind dishing out the insults or provoking others… but when trouble aims for her door, she hides behind the covers? Sky went overboard in his insult hurling stunts… but at least he got the message thru… no one is immune in Big Boss house… well, except Mandeep… who likes pulling stunts behind her ‘innocent’ facade.

    • Silver

      Ria, everyone in that house is playing a game, and so is Mahek, but she never talks about anyones private life…
      and u rit about Mandeep “calm waters run deep” lolz..

      • Tarzan

        Not true, Mahek attacked Shradda’s character. Now she got what she dished to other people.

      • Ria

        Silver, I think Mahek just got a reality check from Akash. Her mask fell off and the world saw how ‘ugly’ she truly is. What goes around comes around… perhaps Mahek skipped that part when she was bullying others.

        Anyway, agreeing to live 24-7 in front of a National TV with worldwide coverage, hardly justifies in having a ‘personal’ life.

    • henry

      Ria you are absolutely correct. Mahek was always talking about sati savitri. If mahek is sati savitri then why cant she face her own past????

    • Papusubu

      Where were you all people when sky lashed out on pooja misra he insulted for nothing way beyond even he told her
      Beggar nobody told anything or comforted her she was left alone is this right but she didn’t cry stayed do you all think any psycho can handle that cool.

    • diamonds

      Mandeep is inhuman and she attacks always when it is least expected. Yesterday Mandeep got a BIG chance when Sky and Mahek were fighting. She said such demeaning things that would shock anyone. When Sky said such mean things to Mahek, Mandeep casually says to Mahek while she is crying that why is she so upset? Hell anyone would be upset and crying if they were attacked like that. Then she says that Mahek is doing drama and then she says why Mahek doesn not want to talk about her past. What is in her past?
      Hey woman you are so cruel, worse than Sky. You should be thrown out right away. You only create problems, go around in the house and poke people and rage them and then disappear from there.

    • diamonds

      noone past should be brought out on national tv or any other time

  • Manish

    Sky is simply pathetic & an outcome of a bad childhood. He is playing games, but today was heights on Mahek. If Big Boss uses big hindi words of removing the captain, then he must remove SKY and Pooja who are just creeps. What Sky spoke of Mahek today, is the silence of Big Boss Judicious and Ethical approach?? Is Big Boss or TRP the real boss???
    Big Boss 5 and Big Boss is pathetic.
    Sky has ensured his mom and sister regret…. Also all viewers must ensure SKY is out… Whatever the past… Every saint has got a past, every criminal has a future…. Boo Sky… Boo spineless Big Boss

    • diamonds


      Shonali started the whole thing by saying Sky is saying there is negative vibes and then she lied about what Vida said about Sid food.


  • aman

    this is a disgusting show. What the hell happened to indian cultures and manner. I am sure everyone watching the show is unconsciously getting brain washed into thinking this is a normal behavior of people living together. Something has to be done to this show.

  • Silver

    Fights have been happening in the house, but that does’nt mean one crosses the limits, it clearly shows what a poor character SKY is, whatever the case you can not attack someone’s character or disgrace that person, BB has to throw SKY out of the house, and SID is nothing but his Stooge, and as for Mahek…we support you babes…You rock…You’ll go a long way…

  • Frankly

    I feel sorry for inmates who have to tolerate people like akash and pooja missra both of them should be kicked out of the show if the organizers believe iota of decency

  • sam

    Now good thing is, from today, bigg boss show has entered in 100% beghirati,can anyone tell me, what ethical and moral value of this show in India??i do believe that mostly viewers of this show are women and children,what message bigg boss want to teach or deliver via that abusing show for these viewers?,Larkion ko kehna kapre utar doon ga tumhare, personal problems ko samnay rukh ker humiliate kia jaraha hay and amazingly no action from bigg boss.very cheap show…..

    • Richa


  • BBwatcher

    I am not a fan of Mahek at all. Yet whatever she had to face today made me deepy humiliated and hurt….how can a man stoop to this level…if you appreciate a sexy woman you also have to honor her right to privacy…its inhuman to discuss one’s private life in such a disgraceful strong words i appeal BB to evict such cheap inmate as Sky…he is such a ghatiya person.

    • aa

      Totally agree.

  • Maya

    This is totally outrageous and so humiliating to watch.was so unfair of mahal to have to go through such disgusting behaving from a male chavunisti pig!!!!!!

    • rider

      BB is making money and mahek, sky too… this is just a game.. :)

  • henry

    Each and every person in this house playing dirty games. I think akash is a short tempered guy, so is mahek pooja bedi and juhi. akash has his rights to behave whichever way he likes to. BB will decide whatever is right for his show. And where were you all girls when pooja bedi mahek juhi and all her groups were doing the same thing with shakti kapoor. They also talked about shakti’s character. Only girls have character???????????

    • diamonds

      what Sky did to Mahek was cheap, mean and downright cruel. He behaved less than a man and has lost all the respect. He says that he does not like “two faced” people but he is the biggest two faced man in the house. He says to shraddha that get rid of Mahek and then tells Mahek that she looks so “hot”. And after managing to get Mahek nominated, he pretends to be her well wisher and tells her not to worry she will not get evicted. He is playing big time games and it is very dirty one.

  • buddie

    Ria you are absolutely correct. Mahek was always talking about sati savitri. If mahek is sati savitri then why cant she face her own past????

    • Jeet

      If she had a bad past life, I don’t know why is that any of our business? If people are unwilling to talk about their personal lives does not mean that they had a bad past.

      • AA

        Completely agree.Past can be painful for some.

      • diamonds

        Noone’s past is anyone’s business. past is past and everyone has it. noone can throw it on anyone’s face and use it against them.

    • salman fan

      pleaese salman come back to the show,we beg u..and help ur friend mahek,i think thats not fair with her,sky has no baground,i think he believes negative publicity is also good publicity..he just talk like he is the only man in the world,at an episode he also says to shrada that u should tell good thing about me to sanjoobaba,wanjoo baba..ithink its not good,sanjay is a superstar,and u are saying sanjuwanju..also poojabedi,she is elder and she should not beahve like that,when mahek was telling her again and agin to talk just to me,but she was creating the drama,it was juust a small issue,i thing bigg boss should kickout sky..its an insult of females..and salman comeback and kick that sky,and make mahek comportable at least for ur fans

      • rider

        all the contestants are equal for Salman. BB got what he’s looking for.. BB wants more noise, more fight, more controversy.. its a money game.. and truth is fight makes TRP.. Peace

  • Roshan

    Bigg Boss please let Sky, Siddharth and Vida be eliminated. They are just useless. They should know to behave. Just flirting is not the joy of life. Vida is seen full time flirting with boys. Is this OK. Is she doing same in her Country. She should be thrown out. She starts fight and when others respond to her fight she goes away saying she does not want to listen than why she starts and creates fights.

  • Ali Qasim

    Biggbooss: Please please please let Akash evict from the show. We are watching the Show in UAE, everyone who watched the show feels shameless about Akash as he insulted mahek. He has no right to pull any one skeleton. How he was talking to Mahek, Tappori langauge. Now its time for anyone to become Tulsi Veerani and shoot Ansh Veerani (Akash)
    Bigboss if you want this show to run successfully in UAE please evict Akash.

  • Nidha Kaur

    So basically, the author of this article is claiming that she has done very wrong in her life with lame alligations. Because having two names doesn’t mean that they are bad human being..1). because if it was that then you’re saying akshay kumar/rajiv bhatia is bad too…because he had a name change as well. 2). whatever “SKY” said has no proof. He mentioned only one name from Mahek’s past. I found atleast 12 women that “SKY” was with or rumored with. So none of the things were said make sense to judge her in any way and 3). Makek WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT SKY’S Personality. If you watch carefully all she was talking about was what Shonali had brought it up originally that Sky said “alot of negative energy” was around”. This kind of statment isn’t called “talking about ones personality”. She was just restating and discussing what someone had said earlier.

    • AA

      I completely agree.Mehak was not talking about AAKASH’s personality.Although it is very true that he has lot of negative enrgy in him.More than Pooja Mishra he needs a Psychiatrist.

    • diamonds

      totally agree with Nidha. what does changing the name has to do with someone being bad. so many people have change names in their lives for various reasons. now all of those people should be seen suspiciously?

  • Ahmad

    I am happy this happened to arrogant Mahek. Mahek did the same to Shradda’s, when she attacked her character in even cheaper way. Shradda did not cry likeMahek, because she is more mature and genuine.

    • Papu

      This is the best nomination for captaincy I think this are the only 2 genuine people inside the house.

  • sue

    bigg boss forgot his own rules what he made for others or too scared of contestants like sky.the show has to put some limitations as people like sky is saying things whatever he wants to say, forgetting the respect of women.

  • sue

    yesterday episode made me so angry that i felt like kicking sky off as this kind of behaviour is not tolerable.why big boss has not taken any action.why this time big boss has kept his ears and eyes shut as people like sky,pooja mishra breaking rules all the time and big boss not doing anything.the show has to go by rules.aint it?big boss i need answer from you.

  • Papusubu

    I can’t understand whats wrong with people inside the house if amar says anything against pooja misra fine and laugh when he does with pooja bedi its wrong when sky uses abusive language every one is silent they didn’t come near pooja misra when same happens with mahek then people say he is worst when sid shouts and makes jerky comments on her everybody have fun when he does with vida he is wrong I think everybody are insecured and feels that she is strong good gal keep it up you are the most coolest you made people know women are strong and broke a myth women always cry

  • Papusubu

    Atleast now will stop for while provoking she got back what she gave others. She always want to provoke people to the extreme and prove them wrong sick of seeing that again and again.she is worst contestant she should out one of fake person not even 1% real.

  • jolly

    Sky-how much low you can go?Mehak may win like Shilpa Shetty.



    • jolly


  • Prashant

    well said brother, i totally agree wid ur comment. Sky definitely showed her place. i hate pooja bedi out of all as she makes small things so big. But mahek didnt need to comment on anything about sky because he wasnt there. Sky like me wouldnt like anyone to talk about him while he is not there. For the first time mahek didnt fight back as she got BAMBOOZLED by sky. Sky is fighting all the wrong. First the show has got more exciting with sky coming. I know he wont win but he should stay till the last five. Sky love you bro u are exposing all the fakes. Good job, BIGG BOSS leave sky, he needs to stay for the show to continue. No hard feelings. Loving it here in london. keep it going. I dont kno wah these comments are about, are you guys watchin the sme program, sky is doing well man. he doesnt argue with out or reason. if he argues thats right in front of their face. Thats the main thing i like about him.

    • sara

      Prashant why do you like screaming people(sky) . do you remember how sky entered the house very calm claiming he is a psychologist bla bla bla and now he is acting like he is psyco, Mahik did not say anything about him it was shonali who started the misunderstanding and sky started arguing with mahik and calling her bad names i think no matter what a man should never ever talk to a women in this manner, no matter what the circumstances are if you are like sky you need to change yourself or you would be alone for rest of your life.

      • diamondz

        Shonali is the culprit to start all the recent fights. she is the master of creating confusion and misunderstandings

        • guysrockalways

          sky is the real man. representing the guys of india.
          You rock dude.I am proud of you.

          • a simple Indian girl

            guysrockalways: u r a big fool and all bad words to you …. a insane who thinks guys r superior …wake up ….u r on earth because of a woman …. break this male chauvinistic society — From an Indian girl —-Be Human and Kind to all :)

          • sara

            do not demean India , india is much better that sky!!!

  • diamonds

    Mandeep is the master mind.

  • diamonds

    Shonali has no guts to fight on face so she is creating and exagerrating everything. she is queen of creating misunderstandings. now she is getting lessons from Mandeep and becoming confident in her playing games bt when she gets caught, she becomes all scared and nervous. don’t get oversmart Shonali. you are stepping into big time danger.

  • sandy

    very gud job sky…u made mahek’s mouth shut.and all other members in house( pd,juhi,laxmi) are silent now..

  • sandy

    i agree with papusubu.i feel the same.pooja bedi ,juhi…are the game planners and enjoyed fight against pooja misra and shradha.

  • vishal

    i also agree,amandeep and amar will be finalist and surely they will go in the final

  • sathyaprabha

    Weakest person is SKY cause he has a lot of fear about Mahek thats the reason he wants her to go, playing very very dirty game. And Mandy cunning female, simply makes all sorts of reason and want to play game, whatever they are why is SKY getting more dirty by telling that it shows how much he respects women and how worst this pesrson is SKY.

  • sathyaprabha

    Yesterday Pooja Mishra looked like a buffon / Joker with no reason wanted to make things big, Just like Mandy. And Siddarth a big SPOON of sky, he is a TRUE IMMATURE CHILD.

    • diamonds

      totally agree with you. Pooja Missra totally detached from the huge fight between Sky and Mahek running behind Ammar and bullying him. It was almost comical! She appeared really spaced out. Unaware of her surroundings and in her own world!

      Mandeep is the biggest schemer and backstabber and she sits around observing everyone and planning on targetting one by one.

  • Shreya

    I feel Sky is a big time psycho…he has no right to talk about anybodys past…basically he is highly insecure…and the biggest loser is Mandeep…someone shud show her her actual plave…being a woman she was taking Sky’s side, knowing the fact what all rubbish he said about Mahek….at this time all d gurls shud get united against Sky coz its a matter of self respect…if he can today say such nasty things to pne girl he can repeat d same for some body else too….every1 shud ignore him…i guess Sky doesnt take any leson from his past experiences, still remember what all rubbish he told to Farah (Judge) after getting eliminated from Jhalak Dikhla Ja…he is basically scared of losing

    • saathyaprabha

      Shreya, I totally agree with you about the nastiness of Idiot
      Sky. I think there are a number of such Idiots in the house, next comes Mandy following her is Siddharth

    • aayat

      i think u r a big pshyco dear… he is a decent n frank guy

  • Eric

    sky is the man…. well done bro for shutting tht fake thing mouth…

  • michael

    will some one pliz tell me, who this disgusting character sky is, whats his claim to fame?

  • Shekar

    What do you mean?? you have so many people watching silly Shows like BIG BOSS in India??…


    sky k saath dekha kya hua shrada k gaali dene pr kise hurt nhi hota give me vote at email add.
    sky tum lado hm tumahre saath hai?


    sallu bhai or sanju bhaiya dekha aap apne uper lekar dekho
    sanju bhaiya aap yamunanagar distt. se hai so hum bhi whi k hme ye bardash nhi hota

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