BIGG BOSS 5: Sunny Leone enters and fights begin

Posted Mon, November 21, 2011 6:16pm IST

Swami Agnivesh’s effect seems to be wearing off with Sunny’s entry into the house. Fights begin again on Day 50

Early morning, Sky and Shonali Nagrani have a huge argument. Sky thinks that Shonali is upset with him as he had nominated her the previous week for evictions whereas Shonali says that she has forgotten all about it. Sky is generally irritated with Shonali and has been behaving badly ever since the ‘Rajneeti’ task ended. Sky does not let go of any chance of mocking her. He calls her dumb and says that she keeps changing her rooms and forgetting all the wrongs she has done so far. Sunny tries to mediate but it doesn’t work. Sky goes on to tell Shonali that she is doing nothing but aping Mahek Chahal. Shonali cannot bear it and she breaks down. Amar Upadhyay, Mahek Chahal and Siddharth Bhardwaj manage to console her.

As the day progresses, we see Sunny getting used to the Bigg Boss house and its contestants. Sunny has spent most of her time talking to Siddharth and hence feels comfortable with him. Siddharth is seen teaching her Hindi and also discusses India’s culture and heritage with her.  The nominations then take place and Juhi Parmar, Pooja Bedi, Sky and Siddharth explain the procedure to her. The four of them also tell her that they really like her.

As the day ends, Siddharth chats with Pooja Misrra and Sunny and tells them how he does not like it if something goes wrong. While this is going on inside the house, outside, Sky bitches about Siddharth to Pooja Bedi and Juhi and tells them that Siddharth has changed all of a sudden. When Juhi tells him that it’s all because of the game, Sky says it is not so and it’s just the way Siddharth is. He also tells them how Siddharth had made a plan against Juhi and Pooja Bedi and Sky had stopped him and told him he does not want to hear about it.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Nd

    I mean are we lacking beautiful gurls in our country that u invite pron naked ladies like sunny to our country ,its seriously disgraceful and so cheap..Big boss anywaz has started invited guyz who are more like gundas then normal take for example —-sky .. that guy does not have a mental balance..
    The standreds of big boss are going to dogs ..[no offence to the real dogs] ..
    Invite those people that even your own wifes sisters n daughters can respect and appriciate ..

    • Bunty

      Even Dogs will be better than the housemates.Its a pity how Indian Channels can degrade the culture of our country.

    • isha

      i am totally agree with you.every one waits whole year for big boss. because people want to know about famous personalities, how they become famous and even remember them for so long time if big boss will take here good successful personalities. i don’t think it will harm trp. even people will ask to their children also you join us to watch it. but at they are spreading nonsense and irritation…

  • indu chaudhary

    this z 4 TRP.

  • pamma

    i want to say y poojabedi is doin overacting she thinks that she is very clever she is making the groups i wil v pleased if she wil get eliminated her daughter is feeling lonley she should leave now

  • isha

    i hate sky. he have no respect of ladies. i dont know why big b dint ever punished him even he is breaking rules everytime and make violence in big b house.

  • preety

    absolutely guys…. and i m so proud that people are still alive who are not going to take all the nonsense this television wish us to see……. Raageshree was the personality everyone wanted to see, but who cares.. she was the most deserving candidate and she is out…. Bigg boss is the show which i always wait to see… but now my interest is declining