Posted Wed, November 9, 2011 4:16pm IST

Swami Agnivesh is finally a part of Bigg Boss 5. Read on to know how the other housemates accept his arrival on Day 38

The day starts on a positive note. Pooja Misra is seen painting her T- shirt with her kajal (eye pencil) and lipstick. She is seen in a very funny looking avatar which amuses all the housemates. Amar Upadhyay and Vida Samadzai see it as her desperate attempt to attract attention. Bigg Boss calls Shraddha Sharma to the confession room and assigns her a secret task. Pooja Misrra who was upset with Shraddha for becoming the captain, goes to her room and clears their differences. Shraddha welcomes the effort and explains she has no hard feelings for anyone.

The positive vibes finally give way and the housemates get involved in another fight – with Pooja Misrra and Lakshmi Tripathi in the middle of it. Pooja takes on Lakshmi over a minor issue and totally blows it out of proportion. The other housemates find the fight amusing as this kind of behaviour is more or less expected from Pooja Misrra. They bring peace between the two and calm down a furious Lakshmi.

Post lunch, Bigg Boss calls Pooja Bedi to the confession room. To her astonishment, she meets Swami Agnivesh there. Bigg Boss informs her that he is the latest entrant to the Bigg Boss house and it is her responsibility to take care of all his needs. So Pooja introduces him to the rest of the housemates. Some of them recognise him, while others do not. They discuss his random entry and come to the conclusion that Bigg Boss sent him to restore peace, love and happiness in the house as they were running low on them. So before dinner, when Swami Agnivesh requests them to say a prayer thanking God for the meal, they do so without protest.


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