Posted Sun, November 20, 2011 3:13pm IST

The Afghani model leaves the show, and a pornstar makes her grand entry

Vida Samadzai is the latest Bigg Boss 5 housemate to leave the show. The Afghanistani model got into a few fights, as expected, but also startled viewers when she squashed a possible romance with Siddharth Bhardwaj. She also disappointed her male following by wearing a vest over her swim suit when she went swimming. But despite it all, she charmed her fellow contestants, won their trust and stayed loyal to them – even in her love-hate relationship with Pooja Misrra. ‘The contestants not only enjoyed her presence, but loved the way she would enthusiastically cook up delicious meals for everyone in the house. Her love for India was seen every time she tried to manage talking in her broken Hindi. She never missed a chance to learn more about the Indian culture and Hindi from her fellow contestants and always said how much she loved being a part of the show.

She is not the only one. There’s someone else who we think is going to love being a part of the show. And that’s porn star Sunny Leone. Since the contestants were sad after Vida’s exit Sunny tried to make them smile with a grand entry. She entered in a palanquin carried by 8 men and danced to the Chaliya chaliya song. Everyone loved her immediately and asked her to stay with them in their rooms. Hmmm. We won’t be surprised if this newbie goes swimming too – but without the vest.