Bigg Boss 6: Aashka Goradia kisses Sana Khan under the blanket

Bigg Boss 6: Aashka Goradia kisses Sana Khan under the blanket

An irritating itch led to a nasty spat between these two girls. But read on to find out how they resolved the matter in the cozy confines of a razai

A while ago, Sana Khan started suffering from some sort of an allergic reaction. A harrowed Sana couldn’t stop herself from itching her hands and legs. But her concerned friend Aashka Goradia couldn’t stand the sight of this delicate Khan itching herself till she bled.

That was when Aashka curtly told Sana to stop it. The moment Sana shot back saying she can’t help it, Aashka’s famous tears made their appearance. Sana tried to console Aashka saying she didn’t mean to snap at her, but all in vain.

Feeling like a helpless damsel in distress, Sana took shelter under a blanket. And that was when Aashka slid under the cover and started kissing her dear friend. No, we aren’t hinting at any make-out session here, peeps. All this kissing and cuddling was strictly platonic, at least we would like to think so. And guess what, this isn’t the first time the two ladies have behaved in such a touchy-feely fashion. Remember their playful wrestling on the bed, the tickling and giggling, and the time when they both got into the same bathroom (gasp!)? Well, we’re okay with their awesome chemistry. But is Vishal Karwal okay with his ‘good friend’ Sana Khan’s proximity to another women? Well, Vishal did voice his opinion late one night in front of Dinesh Lal Yadav saying, “Had she (Sana) been my girlfriend I would have asked her – what is going on?” Ahem ahem.

Also, a fleeting glimpse of this blanket-scene might make a wandering channel surfer halt in the tracks and watch with interest to find out what actually were the two girls up to. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video and tell us: Do you feel Sana Khan and Aashka Goradia got naughty under the blanket?

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  • Noorjahan

    What’s a love for Sana Khan and Aashka

    • suchithra

      The way they were feeling each other ummm they really enjoy

  • sb

    There is something between them

  • ctakc

    i had this feeling long ago. look at few weeks past when they were showing some part to ashka. the way she was feeling sana’s arm and skin. they act like lesbian.

  • nagesh


  • rt

    plz there is nothing between them. they are good frinds. aaskha is protective of her

  • Ikki

    This article is total nonsense. Couldn’t you think of anything else to write. Utterly disgusting. Don’t tell me you have never kissed your best friend. Ashoka is just protective of sana that’ it. Pls don’t write anything foul.

  • sunain

    aaaaaaahka is such a finest women in the biggg boss house she should have to win the show love u aashu god blesss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for aashka……

  • sunain

    aashka u r superb girl dear loveu lotssssssssssssssssss cute an amazing girl ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • candy

    ppl must hav noted dat episode also wen niruha got evicted for d 2nd tym nd wen sanaa got saved aashka was hugging sanna lyk anythng… while hugging she wz makn sounds so annoying nd shievering… as dat wz her physical need… she wz nt leavn sanaa at all…. i dont know hw much true it is bt on tv it is cmng lyk dat only dat dey r lesbos… not for sanaa bt for aashka….

  • Amit

    Wot rubbish Ashka to jyoti ko Nahlatee bhi thi usko bhi footage do

  • Krystalpepe ngoruw

    Aashka is jas a close frnd of sana..So,wat’ wrong?

  • raheela

    i like them so whats wrong in kissing if aashka finds sana adorable nothing wrong in cuddling n kissing so people buss off

  • maha

    whats the prob. if thy kissed,they r friends n love each other…that doesnt mean that they feel the other way round…..rubbish…