BIGG BOSS 6: Bakhtiyaar Irani yells at Rajev Paul for flirting with Delnaaz Irani

BIGG BOSS 6: Bakhtiyaar Irani yells at Rajev Paul for flirting with Delnaaz Irani

An emotional twist awaits the inmates of this glass-walled house. But what is it going to be? Read on to find out!

Recently, the contestants of Bigg Boss 6 were involved in a lot of physical activities like dancing with a balloon, guarding their territories, abusing each other and what not. And so Bigg Boss thought that it’s a perfect moment to spread some ‘louurve’ in the house.

So today evening, family and close friends of certain contestants will pop into the house. But who are the ‘outsiders’ who will come visiting this evening? Buzz is that Delnaaz Irani’s brother Bakhtiyaar Irani, Urvashi Dholakia’s two sons, and Sapna Bhavnani’s close friends are all set to drop in.

But there’s a teeny-weeny twist here. All the other inmates will be frozen during that time when the dear ones visit. Uh-ho! But hey, don’t be disappointed. The freeze-task is what adds tadka to the evening, and here’s how.

We are told that Bakhtiyaar will enter the house, hug his sweet sis and yell at everyone, except Aashka Goradia. The main target of his fury will be Delnaaz’s ex-husband Rajev Paul who will get an earful for trying to flirt with Delu. So Bakhtiyaar yells, and everyone listens, and then the angry man leaves. As the contestants are not allowed to react while in the frozen state, after the task is over, Urvashi Dholaki lashes out at the seemingly unfair situation.

Soon after, Urvashi’s two sons, and Sapna’s close friends drop in and spend some awwwie moments with their dear ones. And that’s probably where the emotional roller-coaster ride in Bigg Boss 6 will end for the day.

But just as we prepare to wait for the expected, tell us, readers: Do you think Rajev Paul will mend his ways after getting the worst of  Bakhtiyaar Irani’s fury?

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  • anurag

    motey bhaari bharkam gende tujhe sharam nahin aati, jab tu do bachchon ki maa ka wahaan pe apmaan karne gaya ; bhool gaya kya ki usi bigg boss ke show par tu apni wife ko maa bahen ki gaaliyan deta tha, uski family ko taane deta tha, usko divorce ki dhamki deta tha . aur jab bigg boss ne sabko teri clippings dikhayee tab tujhe sharam aayi aur tu bigg boss chhod ke bhaga. bilkul tere hi jaise teri behan bhi jhoothi, nautankibaaz hai . apni behan se itna pyaar tha toh bigg boss mein usko kyon bheja jahaan rajeev tha ? itna hi pyaar hai toh delnaaz ki shaadi imam se karwa de. dalnaaz bhi toh rajeev ke baare mein kya kuchh nahin bolti . aisa hi tha toh usne rajeev ko phoolmala kyon pehnai thi show par.aur jaisi nautankibaaz DELNAAZ hai waisi hi AASHKA & SANA bhi ek nambar ki nautankibaaz hain.

  • anurag

    isi bigg boss ke show pe tune rakhi ki maa (jaya sawant ) ka mazaak udaya; sherylin chopra ka mazaak udaya ki woh kachra khati hai; vindu ki shakal ka mazaak udaya. kya sherylin aur jaya sawant auratein nahin thi jinka mazaak udaya ? apni hippopotamus jaisi behan ko bula le waapas . aasha hai ki tujhe thodi sharam aa jaaye .

  • dolly

    baktyar, apne time pe to 10 lakh le ke bhag gaya tha, apni wife ko bhi maa bahen ki galiyaan di thi and divorce ki bhi dhamki di thi….tum dono bhai bahen paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho…at least urvashi ko frezee na kiya hota to tumhe muh tod javab milta…you cant yell on single mother of two kids …urvashi bichari nai banti sympthy pane ke liye unlike your delnazz..hate you both delnaz and baktyar….

  • Redphonenix47

    Bhaktiyar,what he did on bigg boss 6 clearly shows that he was paid for it.If he loved his cunning sister so much as he could not bear to see her struggle( I’m not sure what trouble he was talking about) anyway, he should have taken her out of the bigg boss house instead of just showing the fake love( way too much hugs and kiss). If he can see, his sister has been enjoying all the goodies and unnecessary pampering in the house. Delnaz is no doubt an attention seeker, and tries to grab sympathy by showcasing her tearless cries. The minute Bhaktiyar left the bigg boss house, her only concern was that she made many enemies in the house and her playing safe is endangered. She claims that Rajeev came to her only 4 times in 2 years, which i think is more than enough convincing a person can do. She can yell her lungs out and portray herself to be a tortured victim. Well this isn’t celebrity bigg brother to act like that.