Bigg Boss 6, Day 67: Santosh Shukla calls Aashka Goradia a ‘chudail’

Posted Thu, December 13, 2012 6:21pm IST

The man who loves to dress-up like a thakur, bitches about the famous cry-baby in the house. But how far will he really go?

When Santosh Shukla first met Aashka Goradia in the rustic mud house of Bigg Boss 6, he developed a huge crush on this lady who didn’t really need a logical reason to shed tears. But not anymore!

Since the time Aashka started ignoring Santosh after he escaped the eviction yesterday evening, Shukla has been constantly bitching about the lady and her fake demeanour. In today’s episode, he will even go ahead and say that she looks like a chudail (witch) with her new haircut. But all that in a hush-hush tone behind Goradia’s back.

All this negativity will then slowly and steadily creep into Aashka’s behavior, who will appear grumpy and accuse Delnaaz Irani, who is supposedly one of her best friends, of being too diplomatic to stand up for her friends. Tch tch!

Amidst these cribbing sessions, Imam Siddique’s sister Farzana and Rajev Paul’s brother Rakesh Paul will come visiting. The families will meet through a glass wall. This rendezvous will fill a handful of moments with heavy emotions.

Soon after, you will see all the inmates sitting around a Vodafone booth and making wishes about the one thing they would like to do before they leave the hell-hole. And after some light-hearted masti, the day will end.

So nothing overtly interesting will happen on Day 67. Even so, Santosh Shukla’s comment makes us pose this question to you, dear readers – Does Aashka Goradia’s new hairstyle make her look like a chudail?

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  • kiron

    yes she is chudail…hate her nd her crocodile tears…

    • Natasha

      Yes she is a bloody fake girl in house, always cry like a 2 year old baby, but she is a fake and irritating

      • She is Fake

        Mink was right about her, she spreads too many negative vibes in the house.

        • JustKool

          Aashka’s true face has started coming out in the Big Boss house now! At the start I also thought she was a nice girl but it was all fake – she made a BIG mistake when she showed her real face by not crying for Dinesh when he was evicted (who she always called bhaiya) – she is going to get evicted next week for sure – now she has become irritating and is always very negative around the house. Vote her out!

          • Perin

            Very true Ashka has been false from day one. Dont know why she is still there in the house. She is fake No.1.

  • chikoo

    wat rubbish. the biggest chudail ever is urvashi. Aashaqa is a sweet-heart. Santosh can neva be any girl’s friend.

  • rinki khanna

    agreeeeeee … she is a CHUDAIL.. she ditched Urvashi..

  • sanjenaa

    Aashka is sweet girl, I too cant bear if someone tease me like his gf. I knw santosh still likes aashka. But please dont try is will never accept him. He is suits more in ramayan.

  • moonie

    she is a chdail. well done santosh. you had the guts to call her that.

  • Meenakshi

    IT all depends preception is far from reallity. Even Ashu has a very complex personality .

  • Krystalpepe ngoruw

    Aashka’ not a fake,urvashi is da chudail.Niketan,Urvashi and Rajev paul shud be out..Niketan is a challo.superdry imam was rite.

  • sunny

    I hate Aashka..she started to make groups in the house & always talking behind people..I dont know why people say she is the hottest one?? She is borring.. Always being negative..I wish this week she goes out..