Bigg Boss 6, Day 73 synopsis: Imam Siddique breaks down, Rajev Paul confesses being attracted to Sana Khan

Posted Wed, December 19, 2012 6:16pm IST

The upcoming day in the hell-hole will be filled with confessions that will send everyone on a roller-coaster emotional ride

Bigg Boss 6 will soon become a potpourri of raw, but hidden till now truths, coming to light. And this grueling day will begin with the song Koi yahan nache by Usha Uthup. As the day progresses, Bigg Boss instructs Imam Siddique to sit quietly with the three monkeys as everyone gears up to confront the trouble-maker with troubles them the most about him.

Initially Imam apologises to the housemates but after a while he goes silent and towards the end of the task he breaks down. All the housemates, especially Delnaaz Irani come close to the ‘style addict’ to console him. But Imam requests to be left alone. He even goes ahead and has his lunch with none other than the fishes in the aquarium giving him company.

Later, all the housemates will be connected to the layered voice analysis equipment. And Bigg Boss will ask pointed questions. Rajev Paul gets quizzed on whether he has ever been attracted to Sana Khan and he replies in the affirmative. Niketan Madhok reveals that Karishma Kotak doesn’t deserve to be in the game and Delnaaz breaks down when asked if she is still in love with Rajev. Phew!

So keep the tissues handy when you watch tonight’s episode, peeps. We bet you will want to use them. Ciao!

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  • sid

    imam pagal he

    • raavan

      pagal rajeev hain, teri ankhe nahi dikti kya

    • Amtul Firdos

      pagal ko hum samjsakte hai mager Imam aisa pagal hai jisko koi samaj nahi sakta hai

  • ShAna

    I feel sorry 4 Imam…. Hz gttin’ pikd on..
    Worse ppl in d ouse….. Ashka is a slag, Rajiv nds a reality chek, sana dark bimbo, niketan sly n vishal lz git, Sapna biggest loser… Al ov dm shud gt kikd out

  • imam

    imam rocks in the show….

    • Amtul Firdos

      If entertainment is irritating people then please have a complete check up as Imam is only irritating

  • Zoya

    Imam is not a bad person … He gets emotional at times because of the other housemates’ behaviour . all housemates have teamed up against him , i feel very sorry 4 him . Rajeev is a biggggggg jerk , ugly duckling

    • shah

      sab acha haiaho waha per ” good looking guys uncle aunt & dolls.

  • Preejay

    I really don’t understand why people like Imam. In fact feel pity for their choice. Imam is big dirt in the house. If only because he is creating scene in the house guys think he is big entertainer then must say all those also have same culprit minds like him. He is shame on ground of human being; in fact his own parents also must feeling shame on him. The way he behave and torture other people it is not only disgusting but below the level of civilized acts. He is full of attitude and arrogance which ooze out in his body language completely. Only because yesterday he cried people feeling pity on him? Think of those who bear such psycho 24×7 in the house. What Rajeev said yesterday is absolutely right. This eunuch, other day insulted and humiliated Niketan so much but poor guy didn’t reacted in any manner. That is called the dignity and not the way Imam behaves. One or two people can be wrong but not all the housemates. And those who like him surely must be having vindictive mentality like him.

    • suraj

      i agree with you

  • AK

    Rajeev looks so idiot on the show. Imam pokes him and he behaves like idiot.He thinks he is smart but just see his teeth.yuk yuk. buddha.Imam you rock

  • raavan

    whole team against imam in house its not good and fair,he is straight forward person.



  • shaik

    bigg boss 6th winner imam