Bigg Boss 6, Day 88 synopsis: Farah Khan blames Delnaaz Irani’s brother Bakhtiyaar Irani for crossing the line with Rajev Paul

Posted Thu, January 3, 2013 2:37pm IST

The adorable choreographer will soon step into the glass-walled house and have a frank chat with Delu…

When Salman Khan announced that Bigg Boss 6 will be alag (different), maybe he was hinting at the oh-so-many visitors that pop up in the house at short intervals. And the latest one, who will make her entry in the house tonight, will be Farah Khan.

And do you know the purpose behind FK’s visit? No, she’s not hunting for the leading lady for Happy New Year this time around. Tonight, Farah will pose as a ‘refreshing break’ and offer an outsider’s perspective to all the inmates.

While Imam Siddique will receive a couple of pearls of wisdom over how NOT to misbehave with Salman, Sana Khan will be mocked about how obsessed she is with her looks. On a serious note, Farah will point out to Delnaaz Irani on how Bakhtiyaar Irani and Delu’s mom’s comments about her ex-husband Rajev Paul, has worsened the situation.

But hey, it won’t only be a gyaan giving session. The choreographer, true to her art, will make people enact funny scenes from Sholay, Silsila and will also make Imam dance to the tunes of Halkat Jawaani from Heroine.

So gear up for a fun night, peeps. And tell us, if just like Farah, you too think that Delnaaz Irani’s brother and mom did actually worsen the situation?

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  • ishfaq

    oh imam you really justified the act genuninly , i donot know y urvashi is disappointed with your act , i am sure that she is afraid that you are the biggest competatior for urvashi and for other members of big boss 6. all members want you to out because you are threat for every one, i m sure you will win it
    keep it up man, u r fab…..

  • Aarti

    I seriously think farah should have thought twice before saying anything about delnaaz brother and mother, infact in their position its right what they said,any man who speaks to any women with disrepect and abuse language, should be told even if he is ex-husband or not. secondly farah supported rajeev brother who also did the same as delnaaz brother but even worse, farah needs to think twice as she is a women and im shocked she supported rajeev not delnaaz, when rajeev blackmailed delnaaz privately outside and said u and family do anything again and i will do a case on you, if he really loved her why an earth black mail….. delnaaz has alot of patients and she should have won.