Bigg Boss 6, Day 93 synopsis: Can Imam Siddique play a good teacher?

Bigg Boss 6, Day 93 synopsis: Can Imam Siddique play a good teacher?

Of course, the ‘style addict’ is a pro at giving gyaan. But does that make him an awesome tutor?

After a day filled with madness, literally, now the house of Bigg Boss 6 is all set to turn into an educational institute. And that too with – hold your breath – Imam Siddique as the teacher. Hehehe!

So, Bigg Boss gives all the ‘children’ – Rajev Paul, Delnaaz Irani, Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok and Urvashi Dholakia – brown and white coloured uniforms, while the Imam ‘sir’ wears a tie and jacket.

The ‘children’ create mayhem in the so-called class, as Mr Siddique tries to make them focus on the green-board. But what would Imam be teaching these innocent souls? How to get on to people’s nerves? Wink, wink.

Well, whatever the lessons are, you later realise that Imam has done a shoddy job as per Rajev’s standards, who is by the way, the Maharaja of the house for a short while. And so Rajev appeals to the audience to not vote for Imam and save him.

Hmmm, does that mean Imam Siddique will soon be evicted? Tell us, readers, what do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pavankumar


    • tanu

      Imam is the best agar imam nahi rahega tou bigboss
      bekar ho jayega.We all luv imam from UP,Karnataka,and AP

      please ,please, Imam ko jeetna chahiye

      tanu and all my family join in wishing imam to win.

      • fareedpasha.pasha.

        imam is the best entertaner in the bog boss 6.

        • Raju

          Imam is the best and everyone is watching big boss because of him. He should be the winner if Big boss stands for entertainment. He is the best entertainer among all 6 seasons.
          God Bless him
          Rocked man

          • dip

            imam is the best without imam bigboss is boring……..

  • Angelgul

    Imam is awe some mannnnnnnnnnn.

  • zaid husain

    imam is the only hero of big boss.if he goes out then big boss is waste of time

  • munwar

    am watching big boss because oe him, he is so entertaining. if he got evicted than it is waste to watch big boss 6

  • munna

    am watching big boss because of him, he is so entertaining. if he got evicted than it is waste to watch big boss 6

  • sunkee

    Imam brought some momentum in Bigg Boss, if he got evicted there will be five bums left laying on the couch or on the bed

  • Priya

    Imam is just too good pls vote for imam.

    • shams

      yes he is too good

  • shams

    who care for Rajeev , imam is the best.

  • sheets

    Imam is simply awesome!

    • arif

      imam is the best

  • sameer

    we love you imam we liked you a lot keepted up we vot fof you love you

  • ahmad

    imam is the best….we love you dear…

  • Atul Patel

    Imam is excellent he should win, no one else deserve to win.

    • Ajay

      Imam is best

  • Dubai

    Imam is the best vote for him and evict sana and Rajeev Buddha

  • ABP

    Imam is the entertainer and without him there will be no show as the rest of them are boring and back stabbers and politicians and friends of Salman. Imam should be the winner if the show goes by votes and if it is stages Niketan will be the winner

  • Prtz

    Imam deserves to be the winner. Without him Big Boss is boring. Evict budha rajeev and his brainless girlfreind Sana.

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for IMAM

    • Sandeep

      Imam is the best .. If big boss 6 is not biased or winner would be according votes so defiantly IMAM will be winner…

  • puja

    Imam is the best while other house mates are playin dirty politics imam imam is not bothered by them. He is the real human being.

  • Naaz

    Imam we love u plz vote for imam

  • sumi

    imam should be the winner of bigg boss season 6 .others are greedy more money and very selfish but imam has noble cause so that he can make school for underprivelged.evict rajiv and urvashi, hypocrites, double faces,time servers, good for nothing lazy bums

  • Vinay

    Imam currently he is having greatest fan following than others if he is not becoming winner than there are no value for the votes and entertainment

  • lalji kumar

    i am big frd of bigboos this sesion my fevrit imam
    imam wery entenar and i like

  • kav

    People find pleasure in such sadistic and cheap tricks in India. That’s why they are voting for someone like Imam. If Imam wins, it will only be a reflection of the people of the country, where creeps like Imam are voted and made to win. That is why Indian face crimes such a s, murders and corruption everyday

  • kav

    y do we always feel bigg boss 6 is fixed..immam ,nik or urvasi wil b top 3…nikethan winner becoz of his likely friendship wid salman…

  • shabnamyamin

    imam is should bewinner

  • shabnamyamin

    you are to good is imam is winner

  • Ajay

    Imam is winner big boss 6

  • krishan

    Imam is the best while other house mates are playin dirty politics imam imam is not bothered by them. He is the real human being

    • bappaditya

      u r a stupid…mad like imam

      • jay

        u r mad who can not understand people imam is da real winner sana,rajeev,niketan&urvashi are all losers

  • jolly

    Imam ur the winner

  • jay prakash singh(raj)

    Imam you are good just carry on.picture abhi baki hai mere dost.sana dhongi hai.rajiv bekar hai.

  • dictator

    Imam u r a perfect entertainer..

  • Abhishek

    Shut up…Imam is real winner..whether you agree or not..all 3 days of finals, he is been outstanding entertainer when compared to other 5 contestants.They all are suffering from snake bite and foot in mouth. On name of entertainment, they do not do anything more than bad mouthing and back biting. Very cheap to see these TV actors see fighting like dogs. Imam is the only star of the show!

  • pardeep verma

    imam u r great nd best entertainer,i like ur nature

  • Angel

    Imam is so irritating… He is a sick person… He is not worth being called as human… He needs to stay in jungle with animals…. I pray someone else wins this show… Our prayers are only with Niketan, Urvashi, Sana and Rajev.

    • rahul


    • nisha

      time out ur irritating

  • Cash

    Imam is a looser….. Biggggggg looser… Everyone hates you Imam… Get lost Imam….

  • princess

    Imam is a big an a super duper mad person seeing him on d show is tremendously irritating

  • ruby

    Imam is the true winner among rest of donkeys .. imam u really rocks man..

  • ruby

    Imam ur the best the true winner of bigg boss6

  • r0a0h0u0l


  • majid abdul

    i am totally aggread with r0a0h0u01,ruby,priness,rahul,pradep varma,abhishek,dictator,jay prakas,jolly,krishna bec the population off india can c how person can behave as urvashi is a drama queen now ve can c all how evey1 in big boss house r jealous to imam bec evey1 was sure that no 1 will like imam so i think and the person how r watching bis boss how they react if they see the voting line in the tv screen but i seen imam dosent react but in the 1 day evey1 was socked after seen the voting in tv that population is likeing imama

  • Parul

    Imaam is a true WINNER!!!!

  • Ashlesha

    If there would be any Winner its ought to be IMAAAAMMMM

  • priyanka

    love you Imam!

  • rony bangladesh

    I like imam,imam is alag6 imam is winner,,,,,

  • rany bangladesh

    Imam is a so sweet and he is ture winnar your dilok time out is alag 6

    • Zareen

      I think dalnaz is GooD Person
      wo jeete BiGg bOSs 6

  • hena

    Imam jo bat bat may boltahay taime out ,,,fantaastik jakas I love imam,,,,,

  • Zareen saeed

    Sana ur So swEet LoVE U And raJev
    ur are thE BeSt