Bigg Boss 6, Day 94 synopsis: Imam Siddique fools all contestants into obeying his orders

Bigg Boss 6, Day 94 synopsis: Imam Siddique fools all contestants into obeying his orders

Tonight the style addict has an awesome trick hidden up his sleeve. And do you know how he plans to pull it off?

The upcoming day in the house of Bigg Boss 6 will see all the contestants trying to defy orders of Imam Siddique, the new Maharaja. And Imam makes it a point to drive each and every contestant up the wall by spilling hot water all over the kitchen floor and platform.

All other inmates – Rajev Paul, Urvashi Dholakia, Niketan Madhok, Sana Khan and Delnaaz Irani – are expected to clean the mess created by Mr Maharaja. But everyone refuses to give in to such demands. So, Imam walks into the store room and emerges with a tablet that supposedly has a message from the Bigg Boss.

And do you know what the message reads? “All contestants are expected to follow Imam Siddique’s orders and if anyone fails to do so, then they should get ready to face the punishment that Imam thinks is befitting for them.” On hearing this message, the appalled contestants grudgingly get up and make an effort to follow the ‘weird’ orders.

Just then, Niketan smells something fishy. So he sneaks into the store room and takes a look at the tablet from which Imam had read the instructions. And do you know what he finds? To his utter shock, Niketan discovers that there is NO MESSAGE at all! Hehehe!

It’s totally entertaining to see how the contestants react to Imam’s trick. Rajev, as always, starts lecturing Imam and informs him that the world is seeing his antics. To that we would say – yes, dear Rajev, and we’re totally loving it!

What’s more, Imam has been constantly topping the charts as far as viewers’ votes are concerned. All this makes us wonder if Imam Siddique can actually win Bigg Boss 6. Can he? What do you think, readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • m s baig

    In Arabi imam means leader,SO HEEEEE IS

    • Sahana jagadish

      Imam is so fun to watch, IMAM should be the winner as an audience I feel. Hope Salman does not favor anybody and spoil the chances for IMAM….VERY TALENTED PERSON….



  • zaid


  • JarganJ

    Imam is really entertaining … Rajiv is really oops…..

  • Samira

    Good delnas is out,,, she was there to just supporting Rajiv to stand,,, if she would have been given choice between sana and rajiv to save she would have definitely saved Rajiv,,, Iman is playing alone and others are a group,,, 3 cheers for imam

  • Joshi

    Rajiv is over confident saying by dignity and grace Kay Naam par but he is a real fool….
    Sana is also very dumb to support Rajiv all the time,,,,,
    Imam and sapna is great

  • ranti

    imam is the real winner….3 cheers for imam…vote for imam

  • Aman

    imam is on top but he needs to hide his victory so that other contestents will not plot against him.urvashi is so mean and takes advantage of imams position same is niketan.but imam withstands all circumstances and always comes out as a alag che personality.7 cheers for imam

  • huma

    Imam should win coz he is ZindaDIL human

    • Naitik

      Ri8 HuMa,,,,,,,,mast hai yaar Imam

  • Suraj/Suku

    Imam is a truthfull person. good heart n trying to keep every person happy in the world by his any act. he must be winner.

  • Bulbul

    Imam is full on entertaintment!!! He should be the winnner

  • lokesh

    imam rocks!!

  • hamza

    imam you r superb yr itni ideas kahan se aati hai

  • hamza

    urvashi tum do baccho ki ammi ho niketan tumara beta nahi pati ki umar ka hai dur raho usse verna bb6 se jaogi aur baccho se bhi jaogi tmare bacche andhey nahi hai

  • Nik

    I hope & pray that all of Imam ‘s followers get a person like him in your life

  • Farah Khan

    We are so happy for Imaam, who has worked very hard to keep bigg Boss 6 worth watching. Entertainment!Entertainment! Entertainment! Thanks to only one person Imaam. He was not as vulgar as Dolly nor he is as violent as Rajiv, who always was ready to threaten to hit. I wonder how Delnaz put up with this abnoxiuos character.
    I pray Imaam wins

  • Sophia Khalid

    Imaam is alag chae for Big Boss alag che. Imaam should be the winner

  • H.K.Medhi

    Imaam is the most talented contestant in Big Boss 6.I feel he is a good philosopher too.He deserves to be winner .

  • jack



  • rohan

    imaam is the winner for the audience,rest all contestant are too bore..urvashi as looking gud at the start but no she is shoing her real colours she is fake n bad too,niketan doesnt deserve at all to in..rajiv n sana are not even noticeable…IMAAM IS REALLY DESERVING CONTESTANT

  • rohan

    imaam is the winner for the audience,rest all contestantS are too bore..urvashi Was looking gud DURING the start but noW she is shoWing her real colours she is fake n bad too,niketan doesnt deserve at all to Win..rajiv n sana are not even noticeable…IMAAM IS REALLY DESERVING CONTESTANT

  • Carlo Devi

    Imam is such a great and sweet entertainer we fel in love with his down to earth and humble personality > Weldone Imam u made it a real ALAG 6

  • Sanjay

    I – I
    M – Am
    A – A
    M – Maniac

    I love this guy!!! Full of entertainment… Winner should be awarded at least double

  • Shaik

    Bigg Boss 6 should pay double to
    Imam…He has shown lot of great talent as well always entertaining in the house with his grt ideas
    ….He is the Winner!!

  • Dia

    Imam is the winner of all the big boss seasons till now. Only person because of whom people are watching BB. If Imam is not the winner BB should never be aired again.

  • kusum

    Imam u rock, because of you i watch big boss 6. May u come out as the winner. God bless take care.

  • kusum

    because of u i watch big boss and for me u r already a winner. take care God bless.

    • ejaz

      inshallah iemam win

  • Varun

    Imam Should Win, as he is the one who is entertaining everyone . Rest of all are busy doing their regular work..

  • Santhosh

    Big boss would have been boring without Imam… He is playing his part nicely and certainly a winner for the viewer.. I don’t care whatever he is, but for me he is really entertainer of this show…and we are loving it

  • hina

    imam s should me winner … offourse he is tough to bear for those who is living with him but he is entertaining for us

  • Vikas

    Its not good that all housemates gangup against Imam. When Urvshi & Rajiv were maharaja Imam make them feel so but when it was Imam’s turn all insulted him.

    • sofi

      ya absolutely…dey all jeleous of imam and also feel very insecure becoz imam is a very strong contestant…all d best imam,….u r d real winner…

  • Rattan


  • Raaz

    I think all the house mates are insecure coz of imam.he is really very entertaing.nd he deserve to win this big boss season is alagh cheh nd winner will be also alag cheh.what u think guyz.

  • Ruchi Dubey

    I feel sorry for Imam he sleeps on the floor and eats sitting in the corner,other housemates dont even allow him to sleep and eat with them.My vote is with Imam for WINNER……

  • Ch Raheem

    all the housemates exciting but imam is very great really i love him i like him and i vote for him his like a different…………………………………..

  • Abdul siddiqui

    Imam Is very genuine Guy!!
    Winner of Big Boss 6 INshallah

  • surendram

    dear imam siddiqui you are real winner of big boss

  • rajesh ranshur

    i think mr. imam is real winner of big boss because all another housemates zealsy with imam


    imam is real hero of big boss 6 ! no one can take his place imam win the big boss 6 best of luck

  • raghu

    nik is winner

  • raghuveer

    nik is winner

    • AT

      Niketan is a scaredy cat. To be honest they all are. Imam has been through A LOT. The person who gave Imam a bad image is Ashka, because she kept crying and making a big deal for no reason.

      Imam only wanted to show that Niketan isn’t all ‘quiet’ and ‘nice’ he too gets angry and this was the perfect time to show it! IMAM FOREVER!

  • Rock

    Imam shall win this season.
    Currently most talented person in house. And not boring as other co-contestant.
    Keep voting to IMAM to win this season. He make us laugh and entertained better then any other boring contestant.

    It’s entertainment entertainment and entertainment with Imam at Big house. Keep voting guys..

  • Farhat

    Imam is really a soft hear ted,genuine & hard working man.In my opinion Imam should win,and he will win.

  • javed from dubai

    whatever imam personality is from outside he is the same from inside being quite natural this is what one shold be and after being isolated from all family members he still survies in the house it is very difficult to do in real life keep up imam good show we all love you.

  • naveen

    great job imam
    if i am ignored and humilated in the house for one moment i really could have felt bad and left the house second moment mr imam has all the guts to face and bear the insult with all the family members and stil keep everybody smiling and keeping the show live
    hats off to you imam
    winning and loosing is part of life tnks for making everybody active and show alive.

  • yasmin

    imam always feels good for all family members when they are honoured always find him clapping with standing ovation and smile on his face caring for all of them ofering water and tissues always leaving greeting people with respect after being in isolation and always ignored by all family members.
    tnks for making us all smile and active to watch the show my family enjoys your presence on the screen.
    good luck for coming 2days we will all pray for you.

  • Philospher

    Sabhi log ja ke bigbosss e site par liko and facebook me ja ke like karo Imam ke liye warna wo nahi jeetne wala .

    He is already a bigboss winner alag che winner but … be carefull before 12th of jaunary come on and vote

    i have alredy given 30 votes…..

  • Wasim

    I am challenging that nobody can defeat Imam if it is a game…He is a real player…!!!!!

    I love his game…but I felt very bad when he said time out to salman khan because I am fan of Salman khan…!!!!

  • aditya

    Imam must win..most entertaining :-)

  • Kanbupa

    Be aware of dirty woman like Urvashi.

  • sadeque



    Imam should be slapped by Niketan(b’coz, no other housemate is able to do this). I wonder how Imam is a celebrity with such a cheap mentality. He is definitely a mental.

    • punam kesari

      No, I don’t agree . Imam is really good entertainer and he has no. Double face like urbasi, niketan. I will pray god to win imam to win this bb6

      • kamala

        What does make Urvashi double faced ? She is the most truthful contestant in the house.Even Imam agrees. Imam is the biggest fake, several times he threw food on the show, after eating full stomach he threw every body else’s food on floor, including rotis and then he does big drama about throwing rotis. Even yesterday in Mr India task, he put a full pan of food outside.That is not only wasting food but putting the poor birds in danger by feeding them mirch masala wala meat. Now that is what you call TWO FACED.

    • ray

      Niketan ya kisi aur ko isko slap karne ki zaroorat nahin hai.Yeh khud apna dushman hai. Isko thappar zindagi maregi, per yeh phir bhi nahin badlega.

  • Deepak

    Imam is a real entertainer and he is just doing to get the reaction out of others so that all have something to do or argue for.. He is good one and should win..

    • S Sharma



    people only can see how Imam is reacting to others but why can’t u can’t what others are doing with Imam . All the members of Big Boss are so disrespectful to Imam. I will definitely vote for Imam. Because he ain’t fake like other contestants for example not like Niketan, Rajiv nd Urvashi because one day the talk something and other day they are something else two faces people. GO IMAM GO IMAM U CAN DO IT , U WILL DO IT !!!

    • kamala

      If some body insults you 24/7, how on earth you expect respect from them.Imam says nasty things about every ones personal lives and then says sorry. When did insulting people became entertainment.

  • /majid abdul

    nikatan is a fool bro imam is playing with him and imam wins

  • Dibu

    Imam is doing very well,he is playing it like a game and to win only.So lets vote for Imam.

  • Saumya

    I wonder Imaam would have been dealed by all the contestants if Navjot Singh Siddhu would have been there in Big boss house.. Would the things be different as today.I wish for one last siddhu ji could hv joined the big boss house :)
    I am a great fan of Big Boss

  • Saumya

    Imaam the entertainer and Siddhuji the entertainer…along with all the remaining contestants must stay together in big boss house for the last day… :)

  • Rajvinder Singh

    Imaam Imaam Imaam Imaam… Its all over imaam, if he wouldn’t have been part of big boss then the viewer percentage would have quaterof what it is today. He is the entertainer, he understands the meaning of being actor on screen, so without doubt he should win win win win win…. Imaam is real hero. I like him being actual on camera. Vote for him plssssssssssssssss.

    • kamala

      If Imam wins this show, it will be an insult to decency, tolerances and grace in society.He attacks people’s personal space and violates women. What he said about Ashka,Sana and Urvashi on national TV, if he had said similar things to women of your family, you would not have wished him to win.

  • Saumya

    Although Imaam does what he want and speak out whatever he wants to but still he does these things just to provoke the contestants and most funny part is he tells the camera this is what m going to do just watch out the reaction :) this shows he just do it with the intention of being the show’s entertainer and not finding out person grudges to anyone.

  • Saumya

    Niketan is sharp minded person..he was the one to recognize that urvashi has been given some secret task thats y she is behaving differently and he was the one who asked big boss to give the permission as they want to go through the tab once again which imaam had read .. :) Rajeev not at all deserve to win…

  • Tariq Ahmed

    Yes Imam Siddiqui has been an entertainer par excellence throughout this session of BB. He has displayed his talents extraordinarily well and left the other contestants far behind. He deserves to win.