Bigg Boss 6, Day 95 synopsis: Will Niketan Madhok be kicked out for getting violent with Imam Siddique?

Bigg Boss 6, Day 95 synopsis: Will Niketan Madhok be kicked out for getting violent with Imam Siddique?

The usually calm model shows his violent side as he pushes his fellow housemate in a fit of rage

The inevitable will happen tonight in Bigg Boss 6 as it nears its finale. The housemates, who were restraining themselves from getting physical and were making do with threats instead, will give up as Niketan Madhok will be shown turning violent towards Imam Siddique as he pushes the model coordinator.

In the episode that will be aired tonight, popular RJ, Malishka, will be talking to the housemates and discussing what their problems have been in the last few days in the house of Bigg Boss. The housemates – Urvashi Dholakia, Niketan Madhok, Rajev Paul and Imam Siddique, will be sitting in the living room and talking to Maliskha over the speaker phone. And while they are sharing their issues, Imam interferes as each contestant tries speak their heart out. Niketan tells Imam to shut up. Following suit are Urvashi Dholakia and Rajev Paul, who tell the catty Imam to shut up and let them speak, to which Imam takes offense and walks out of the living room.

Later, Imam is shown going through Niketan’s drawer and his clothes, as an angry Niketan is seen repeatedly telling Imam to stop doing whatever he is doing. And when Imam does not cease to plunder Niketan’s drawer, he lashes out and pushes away Imam rather rudely, as the former loudly accuses Niketan of turning violent.

Now what remains to be seen is whether Bigg Boss will decide to eliminate one of Salman Khan’s favourite contestants or not! So, what say BollywoodLifers, will Niketan Madhok be eliminated for turning violent towards Imam Siddique tonight?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Afsar husain

    In Bigg Boss 6 ,Niketan need to be kicked out for being physical with Imam. Let remaining contestants be considered.

    • salim khan

      yes agree with my friend there shold be no physical violence thi is a reality show , if there is such a performr omeing then it wrong bigboss should trow niketan out of hose

      • Indian

        Well, Bigg Boss has moulded the rules just to cover this freak Niketan. He has absolute not right to get physical-it is in the contract, add to that Imam was doing his job. Well then the biggest culprit is Bigg boss team to cover this under the carpet.

      • Maso

        Yes nikitan out of house imam is winner…

        • Julie

          Niketan should be disqualify. He got no right to get physical towards Imam. Imaam is the only one who kept the show very interesting.Look at Sana revolveing round Rajiv all day.last but not least Urvashi thinks she is something and I’m the only one to deserve to win, but she only knows how to shout gala fahdke , she is nothing but big vamp. I wonder how she behave with her own sons. Mother, & brother.
          What upsetting is they let Immam sit on his own outkside to eat, shame on everybody, how can you be selfish towards human being. They all are ignorant, Mean & childish.I hope salman khan can see the real winner of the show who kept the show going.

          • bigbosss6

            I know you love Imam. But please do the daring act and spend some days with him. If Imam wins this show, only psycho’s should come for the next one.

          • jennifer

            I agree with u hope imaam wins! But obv Niketan will cos he is a
            Friend of Salman khan…. :(

  • kwalder

    Yes he has no right to physically push IMAM in such a violent manner.. Imam should report him to the police.. or big BOSS better disqualify him !! who is Niketan to touch IMAM or anyone.. This is not his backyard. !!

  • falisha

    bigg boss reality show iz such reality of persons whuz we ddnt knw i like this show so much

  • Muskan mukherje

    My vote is my favrate niketan .Ilove you nik

  • Reshm mirza

    Are yaar kya imam imam laga rakha hai.Pagal humein dekhne mein maza aaraha hai par sucho woh log use kaise jheal rahe hai wohi jane.Niketan ne day1 se sab ko bardast kiya har koi niketan ko sunata hi raha imam ne to hadh par kar di .Kya karta woh pather thodi hai woh insan hi hai kab tak imam ko ignor karta.Hamari nazar mein niketan hero kya super star hai iwish ke wohi winner ho

  • Muskan khan mumbai

    Write reshm sach kaha pather thodi hai niketan woh bhi insaan hai..Imam pagal hamesha niketan ke peche pada rehta hai..Niketan ilove u my favrate ihope niketan hi winner ho

  • Heena khan

    Ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove ynu ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you my super hero niketan

  • Suman khanna mumbai

    Niketan hi winner ho. Im big fan niketan

  • Ridhima

    Jitne cool aur smart ho os se kai zayada handsam cute ho.Smile so sweet .Hum bb6 niketan ki wajah se hi dekhte hai .Niketan ko hi win hona chaiye naki saas bhu wali wamp aur na ki budhe dil pakh aur na ki talaq shuda ki mashuq aur na ki pagal ilove you niketan tum ko hi winner hona chaiye

  • Sania

    Love you Niketan…I really hope he wins <3

  • majid abdul

    big boss i think imam is good my heart and intertaning to so i think imam is winner my vote gose to imam

  • s.singh

    It seems that Imaam is being asked to create all this nonsense in the show just to increase the level of the TRP. If Imaam win’s then it will really advisable not to watch this show in future were a character of this low level win’s. He wanted to leave the show but now he wants tge money for donation’s. His level shows that he can’t even give anything to his family and he is talking of donations. I,really feel sick. The show should be made entertaining by adding better and interesting task’s and not by adding people like Imaam who have no self respect. Shame for Big Boss. The winner should be Niketan or Rajev.

    • Jennifer

      IMAAM is a true person atleast nd not fake like d others!
      It is a great thing that he wants to give donations… It is entertaining enough already! How much more u want? Niketan the snake?! No way!!! He is an evil creature!!! Rajeev?? Lol! D attention seeker of course! Imaam is good at heart nd he should be d winner! Please dont watch d show den…

  • Hayati

    Niketen and Urvashi TOP LOSER and a TOTAL MISNA. I really hate urvashi. She back stabbed everyone. If she or niketan wins then junta should stop watching bigg boss in future. I love u Salman Khan but u are playing favourite so that really irritates your fans. So Niketen and Urvashi timed out vamp. Dry super model? Yucks!

  • Cyan

    I hate urvashi? Vamp vamp vamp vamp vamp? Niketan yuck no looked to even be a gutka model? He don’t looked good at all? Indians wake up! He is ugly

  • sandy

    big boss is been biased niketan should be kicked out of the house as a rule. big boss clearly mentioned before no physical contact but no such action was taken to niketan’s violent behaviour. imam is the only entertainer in the house may be big boss doesnt want imam to win, he didnt take action because niketan is salman’s friend. vote for imam guys he is innocent, talented and humble person he is the only person who deserves to win the show.

    • preeti

      Even i think the same bigg boss himself doesnt wants imam to win wtever other contestant misbehave with imam he doesnt takes action,rajeev made fun abt his gender,he abused on his mom,all hit on his statue with shoes or stick then also,rest all r jealous of IMAM especially urvashi & rajeev and sana doesnt have brain at all.

  • Nazma

    Niketan has to be thrown out for breaking the rule and getting physical with Imam. If BB is not being partial, he needs to evict Niktan.

    • Tazio

      Nobody deserve to be a good winner in BB6 however amongst the blind one eyed man is the king and among all the loser I think Iman should win just because he has been permanently bullied

  • himanshu

    imam is god and rajiv is wast

  • Renu burman

    Why is imam in this show,he is an abnormal person,I think he has made the bigg boss house a pagalkhana,bigg boss show is for normal persons

    • Jennifer

      Lol dont u think dat even before he came it was a pagalkhana …hope he wins… He is a true person atleast nd not fake like d others!

  • Nida