Bigg Boss 6, Day 96 synopsis: Urvashi Dholakia hits Imam Siddique’s statue with a shoe

Bigg Boss 6, Day 96 synopsis: Urvashi Dholakia hits Imam Siddique’s statue with a shoe

The last day in the glass-walled house will be the one where aggressive emotions will reach their peak. But how will it all affect the ‘style addict’? Read on…

Recently, you saw the way Imam Siddique unleashed the demon within him, thanks to Bigg Boss’ task. Now, on their last day in the Bigg Boss 6 house, all contestants (except Imam, of course) will be given a chance to show their disgust and anger towards Imam (his statue, actually).

So while Rajev Paul takes the help of a stick to beat up the hanging putla and vents out all the anger that he has held against Imam, Urvashi Dholakia picks up a pair of shoes and starts striking blows at Imam’s statue. Imam, we notice, is peeking out and watching it all from a distance. While till now his expression reveals nothing of what’s going on in his mind or heart, wethinks a sob-a-thon might be lurking just around the corner.

The negativity that our ‘entertaining’ style addict has been experiencing might just find a let-out by way of tears. Or maybe not. But the way in which Imam chooses to react will seal his fate in this sixth season of Bigg Boss, perhaps.

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  • kamala

    Are women of Imam’s family proud of the way he treats other people’s daughters and calls it entertainment….shame on him :(

    • ash

      He didn’t misbehave with any ladies in big boss…

      • kamala

        Yes he misbehaved with every one of them.

    • raja

      if u see… people have given maa ki gaali. … n constantly he is called pagal n Wat not. they gang up against him n when he react. .. we call him evil. this is not fair…. he was pushed n hit n abused. i see every one thought they will command him but he is much more smart than these dum contestants.

      • puja

        imam has a very good heart…. u love him he will b extra ordinary nice too u. like salman bhai even mentioned k Jo b hai imam insaan acha hai….just like salman bhai anger is know n he does every thing to its extrem if he is cornered… just like that when they try to corner him or gang up against imam.. he reacts…but he is lot more smarter n have ability to make every one in the house dance on his finger tips. however salman b is hera from his heart.

        • rani

          imam should win this season as they call it alag-chey…otherwise we have to think the show is have to respect peoples choice…so imam is the biggboss6 winner..

          • shan

            Only IMAM

      • ray

        Imam calls every one tucha, tattu. He called sapna hajjam, called nirahua gatiya khandan ka tucha richshaw wala. Look where that rickshawwalah has reached with his hard work and where is Imam.

    • Faiz

      He hasnt done any thing that shud ashame them,,, cu on grow up

      , as if evry1 else ve set examples of discipline n respect . he has been kind caring and mannered in comparison 2 odrs..

  • yahoo

    On the name of entertainment Imam is promoting ,evil is entertaining and the youth of society is impressed and start acting like him. What is this promotion ? Be so loud, misbehave and you will get away with any thing . Thats very very wrong. Sorry.

    • Faiz

      This is naita giri bhashan bro, he has not done any thing wrong see how nikaten has been physical to him n rajeev tried to get fotage by showting on him they all sorrounded him like dogs n he remained stood alone like lion.

  • JarganJrasaily

    Yes imam should win

    • fan of truth

      yes he should win.

  • john

    imam should b the winner.

  • jamal

    Imam is the only deserving winner of big boss6. All others are idiots and have no personality at all. Imam stands out with his antics. It is a game well played by Imam and he should win.

  • sandeep bharti

    imam is winner.

  • shoaib

    U win imam

  • ash

    Urvashi…this is reality show..
    Not ur daily soap…

  • Saleem

    Ye Rajeev kaun tha

  • Saleem

    Imam is winner
    Sana is so worse
    Urvashi showed her hiding face
    Neketean is Khalnayak

  • Lapmid

    Imam Is Big Boss 6 Winner

  • Akshay

    Congrats IMAM…… A Man with Real Heart…

    And SHAme on u Urvashi…… Dayan.. chudail/…

    • ishrath


  • Deepak

    Imam is a real Hero…,,,, He is a winner

  • IM@MFan

    Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam Imam

  • IM@MFan

    imam imam imam imam imam imam imam imam WINNER

  • Chandni

    How disgraceful, Urvashi beat the hell out of Immam with the shoes.
    Now you can see the true colour of pure Demo, Moster.
    They do not deserve to win. In fact they are in a Holiday Camp at Salman khans cost .
    Only Immam is *star* of then show. Sana khan is the waste of space.
    Niketan violent ,raj paul deserve to get nominated.
    Next should be Urvashi .

  • Armani

    IMAM SIDDIQUE is the winner of BIGGBOSS 6 ….. 200%

  • gomes peter

    my vote goes to Imam siddique he was truely a entertainer… rest all contestants were dumb after he entered bb … it was very interesting to watch … i will miss him ….


  • Faiz ulla.s

    imam is the winner of big boss season. 6 .

  • zainy

    ofcourse imam is the winner .vote for him

  • ali

    imam did nothing wrong to any one .he just try to make fun & did task seariously.but shame on all other house mates who have no respect for him, they dnt like to talk & eat with him.& urvashi showd what she is in real ,they way she beat his mask is disgusting.wt kind of woman she is .she just portrayed herself strong,she is so rude,

  • sabiha

    Yes ofcourse IMAM should win.he is been insulted but yet he shows his manners towards these cowards contestents.He is a true human being with a big heart and of course sab ki fati especially urvashi ki that he reached in finals.InshaAllah IMAM will win

  • Hussain

    Yes imam should win

  • Richard


  • Stephen Charles

    Imam Siddiqui should win BB6 He’s the true entertainer,since he entered BB house he started entertaning us,I just watch BB Just for Imam, just wanna say time out to Rajeev,Urvashi,Sana&Niketan, IMAM SIDDIQUI SHOULD WIN BB6 so plz vote for him he deserve it type IMA & send it to 56882

  • Jahnvi

    Truly speaking Immam is the star*****of the Big Boss 6 Alage che.
    Without Immam the show would have been flop. he was the only one who kept the show going and more interesting to watch very day.
    Truly speaking rest of the house mate they are having Holiday for good time. Sana khan loves her self, everybody except Immam.
    “Urvashi ” thinks she the winner being single parent & foul mouth Come on there are so many single parent in this world, but they do not behave like she does on the show.
    Surly Janta can see.

    • pooja

      Indias janta will never see that. I bet urvashi will win when imams the real winner.

      • Jhanvi

        Poja u r right, India ki Janta will never see the real winner, they only like banavti log.

    • royston

      yes ur right jahnvi,, imam is a real super star,,\

  • pooja

    IMAM ALL THE WAY!!! Urvashi is insecure. You can see shes happy that delnaaz is out. Now shes ganging up on imam as shes scared he might win. The other day she made up with him but as soon as shegk got rid of delnaaz she focused herself on imam. Imam hasnt mistreated any woman. He is mad but a great man. All of them are bullys yet he treats them with respect even if in a mad way. Urvashi did very wrong. Shes trying to show india tht shes standing up for woman by beating imams pics n blackmailing India into thinking shes stwbding up for woman. Yeeaaaah right bitc

  • Gordhan Dhankani

    Mere khayaal se Imam hi asli haqdar hai biggboss 6 ka winner banne ka.

  • s.singh

    If Imam wins the show it means that these shows are not made for viewing of decent people. Atleast I don’t know anybody who liked Imam in the game. Niketan is the best in the show but the Big Boss will declare Imam as the winner. They are bent upon making him the winner. People cannot vote for this type of show by Imam and that too on the national TV. This show has degraded Colors too.

  • royston

    yes imam deserves to win the show,,,

  • rakesh

    Its how many unforgettable moment one has in life, that makes the journey special, unlike being a boring “not so existent” character! …………….IMAM ALL THE WAY FOR BB6!!!

  • rakesh

    …………….IMAM ALL THE WAY FOR BB6!!!……………


  • ramesh

    yes——————- imaam is the real hero & winner in BB6

  • GK Tyagi

    In my opinion urvashi must win

  • jaspal

    Imam Siddique winner of bigg boss
    yes he really deserves to win the show

  • Mohonchanda

    i know imam didnt behave well when he first came but now he deserves to win cause he is coming on everyone straight,not like the others
    but he should win now,others are also good but imam should win this,bigg boss 6 is really alag che

  • karan

    yes imam should win this season he was the real entertainer and obviously the entertainer should be the winner

  • kuldeep yadav

    imam bhai insah alla aap hi big boss 6 ke winner hai isme koi sak nhi hai amin.

  • vipin singh

    imam bhai big boss 6 ke winner ap hi hai

  • Ataur Nomani

    Imam Bhai….thanks for the entertainment…….your are the real winner of Big Boss6…..

    You are the real hero for this season.even if you don’t win the Game

  • aarti

    Imam is the best.. Urvashi is fake and does not deserve to win.. i wonder how can be people be so blind to like urvashi

    • Maria

      yes right, Imam have to be winner

  • Maria

    Urvahi is not going good she was very happy when delnaaz evicted and last night when salman took imam in confession room Urvashi gave congratulations to co contestants, so these all not fair now its the race for money
    so in my opinion Imaam have to b a Winner of Big Boss 6

  • asad

    imam is best best best

  • asad

    imam is winner

    • surendra kumar sharma

      imam is real player of big boss 6 ! he is really winner of big boss 6

  • asad

    100% imam is winner

  • asad

    imam sab ka dil jeet liya

    • asad

      bigg boss hiro imam


    yes imam should win this bb6,i like imam, his dress up and his way special when he was bashshah, pure hearted man, rajiv he is galli ka kutta, ladi k pichi pade sanha she is also good in making guys fool, so rajiv is a big fool.

  • Chandni

    Immam my vote goes to you. I hope Salman khan makes you the winner of the Big Boss 6, otherwise it will be a shame on” Season 6 Alag che”.
    You r a Big Star***of the BB Show.

  • swati

    No,bt one thing I want to say, guess, par sanyam rakhta to woh big boss ka winner hota…big bosske ghar mein acchee accho ki band baj jati hai….salman khan hi tussi bade entertainer ho

  • swati

    No,bt one thing I want to say, gusse par sanyam rakhta to woh big boss ka winner hota…big bosske ghar mein acchee accho ki band baj jati hai….salman khan hi tussi bade entertainer ho

  • Humaira

    Yes..Imam deserved to be the winner..but I knew bb will not make him..atleast they should have given Imam some money for entertaining the is only becoz of Imam that bb6 was a success. Other contestants acted as school kids, if asked to do homework..they do it..and then sleep or rest for the whole day..very bad..imam we love u..u r the winner..

    • hashmina samreen

      imam i love the fact that you are so strong minded person with nerves of steel…u have won my heart..u were the only contestant i liked on BB6…your such a talented person, ur manners were superb and the best thing u r a very pure hearted person…the only thing i hate is that ur gay…urvashi is a loser in my eyes